Up in the air

190513- 001stextWhen I’m out flying, the worst thing is to be placed in the middle seat. Especially if I’m flying solo. I always hope for the window seat so I can watch the sky, clouds and earth as the airplane flies from one destination to another. I never pay extra to reserve seats in advance though. It costs too much in my opinion and it’s not worth the money. When I get my boardingcard it’s always a bit exciting to see what seats I’ve got.

If the weather is good, I always bring out my camera and take some photos. I love the cotten-like clouds, even more when the sun shines on them.

On my travellings this year I’ve been blessed with the window seat a couple of times. There has also been sunny weather. That has resulted in the photos below. New this year, is that I’ve also managed to photograph the ground (fields, islands, houses, lakes etc). The three last photos is from the Norwegian coastline, the east coast.

210513-2 dip 070613- 417s 070613- 423s 210513-1 dip 070613- 437s 070613- 438s 070613- 439s




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