Gray weather: cleaning out closet

Today has been quite gray;  cloudy and minimal with rain. It has been a perfect day for cleaning out my closet. And oh boy, did I need that!

When I’ve been looking in my closet and drawer, I have seen a lot of clothes. But even seeing it every day, I didn’t really realise it was that much! Now and then, in the mornings, I’ve had trouble finding something to wear. I have felt like I wear the same clothes over and over. Knowing this, I knew there had to be some clothes that could be tossed away. Beucause why would I get that feeling with my closet so full of clothes.

Over the two last days (yesterday and today) I’ve done some cleaning. Yesterday I attached the pile of tank tops and t-shirts. There were so many tshirts I have held on to for the wrong reasons. Like my old Robbie Williams t-shirts. I adored them once. Now they are too small, not white but sort of yellow and Mr. Williams is not that hip anymore. Well, maybe that will change now, since he’s reuniting with Take That for a year. Anyways, it’s been silly to keep them, even if they’re in the ‘band/music category’ and I’m very attached to t-shirts like that. I’m making a new rule; if the t-shirt won’t be worn, toss it. (No rule without an exception; all Springsteen T’s will be saved, no matter what!)

Today I’ve dug out all my old skirts. Oh my! I didn’t know I had that many. I remember years ago (around 5)  I was in a skirt phase. Lots of these skirts is from that period. The skirts on the picture above is not all my skirts, it’s only the one is I’m tossing. I’m too embarrased to tell how many it is. If you want to know, you have to count them yourself. haha.

I thought I was good at throwing out things I don’t use anymore, but clearly I’m not! I’ll have two full plastic bags full with clothes I won’t/ don’t wear. Knowing this, I need to change my routine.

Another thing I’ve discovered while cleaning out my closet, is that I buy more clothes than I think. I like to see myself as someone who doesn’t buy that much clothes. I don’t feel like I do at least.

I’ve always complained at my mum for buying too many clothes. She can have 5 white t-shirts and buy another one just because. Now I see that I’m not so unlike her after all… I guess that, in some areas, I’m much more like my mum than I up to now,  have thought.

Some of my clothes I’m tossing because I don’t like them anymore. But most of my clothes I toss because they don’t fit.

Over the past year (or a little less), I’ve seen my self gain weight. It’s happened gratuately and not over night. Lots of the clothes I wore a few years a go, I won’t fit anymore. I’ve never been big and my waist has always been small. But the last year things have changed. I’m not making a huge deal about it; it’s just how things have become. I am not what you can call overweight; my weight is normal. But even though I don’t make a huge deal about it, it’s not like I don’t care at all. To be careless, is one step in the wrong direction. I have no intention to get bigger than I am today. But I also realise that at age 31, I will probably not weight under 60 kg again. And that is not my goal either. If I could lose 2 kg. and stay there, I would be very happy.

How I’m going to do that? That question will requier another 600 words (yep, I counted them) and definitely a new blog post.

PS. All clothes that I toss, I’m not really tossing them. I give them to the Salvation Army. Everyone who get rid of clothes, should donate them to the Salvation Army or some similar organisation.

A monday evening

I bought these on saturday. They are so lovely and cheerfull. I can’t wait to use them. I would really like to use them right away, but it’s less than a week since I made cupcakes. So I should wait a little. My fat belly can’t handle more now! And I have a bowl full of waffle-batter which contains a lot of cream, so NO cupcakes in eons of time.

I’ve just downloaded a an old episode of CSI. I’m gonna start watching season 4 now. Haha. Talk about doing things backwards. First season 6, then 5 and now 4. Oh well. I don’t mind.

I would really like to watch that episode right now, but I’ve told myself I have to wait until later. I have things I need to do before that. Such as tidy up in the apartment. I just saw that I had a Christmas ornament up still. Whops. It’s a cone-shaped light that is red with tiny lightbulbs on it. I haven’t lit it since Christmas, but still… a bit stupid to still have it up. It’s pretty and not so über-christmas-ish so I didn’t see it.

To keep me company I got John Mayer (what a surprise!?) blasting through the stereo – my beloved 17 year old Technics stereo! God lord, it’s already 17 years old. Still going strong! I’m always worried I play too loud when I use it. I like to play music real loud, but I got neighbours you know. On both sides and under me. So I better behave.

Taking about old stuff. The reason I’m cleaning so much today, on a monday of all days, is that I’m getting a new TV tomorrow. If it only had been to put it on the TV bench I wouldn’t have to clean so much, but it’s going up on the wall. So a TV-guy (let’s hope he’s not as annoying as the Cable-guy, huh? lol) is coming over tomorrow to fix it. I want things to be in order when he comes.

The new TV is a 32″ Samsung from the 6 serie with full HD and everything. Apparently that’s the thing you need now. I know nothing about TV’s, so it’s my dad who has picked it out. When I told him that I might buy a new TV, he got all crazy. He nagged about this TV all the time so I just let him pick one out, to make him happy. To me, it’s not a big deal. I’ve had my TV for 12 years and it’s done its job. I might not have bought a new one if it wasn’t for my dad going crazy when I told him I might get a new. LOL!

When I said I maybe would spend my money on other things, he said he would buy me one! Crazy huh? I’m not letting him pay for the whole shabang (TV, arm so I can turn the TV to each side and cost of getting it installed), because I wouldn’t feel OK about that. On saturday we acutally argued about how much I should pay. He said nothing, I said half. He refused, so I lowered my offer a bit. We both agreed on 3000 NOK. Weird, huh? I have a wonderful, but crazy dad. Hah.

It’s good that I’m cleaning and tidying up abit, since I’m also getting a visit wednesday. Ellen is coming over for dinner then. She knows it can be messy here, but it’s not necceserry to show her that again. I’m going to make fish balls, something I loooove to eat. Yum!

Talking about food. Makes me wanna go make some waffles. Like right now! But that will also have to wait. First finish blogging, then clean for a little while. And then CSI and waffles before I go to bed. Sounds like a good plan.

Let’s hope it will be an early night. I need sleep. This week is going to be busy. In addition to said things, I’m babysitting my nephew on thursday. Hanne & Geir are going to a concert. They’re seeing Rammstein. Yikes. I think I babysitting is more fun than Rammstein. You know I love music, but Rammstein… not my cup of tea.

And this weekend, I might go out of town to see a friend. More spesific, my friend Bjørg. We were going to see each other some weeks ago, but one of her kids were sick so we postponed the meeting. Nothing is decided yet, I have to talk to her first.

Well, if I’m going to get all my things done and still watch an ep. of CSI and eat waffles, I better stop this rambling and get my ass going! So that is what I’m going to do now!

*geting my ass going*

No more posts.