Wishlist for Christmas


December is here and Christmas is around the corner. I’ve had people asking me what I want for Christmas. This year it has been a bit difficult to come up with things to put on my wishlist. I do have lots of stuff, and there is just so much one need. My closet is full of clothes and my kitchen cabinets is filled and I got most things I need to operate the kitchen. I got lots of books I haven’t read, so I don’t really need any new ones at the moment (have still put a few titles up on the list though). When I listen to music, I use Spotify–I haven’t bought a CD in ages.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here. I have to say I haven’t been using my camera much lately. There has been other things that have been more important. I’ve made lot of handmade Christmas cards and gift tags. I think I’ve made 40 Christmas cards and maybe 30 gift tags. That has taken a lot of time. There has also gone by quite some time buying Christmas gifts.

I haven’t completely forgotten about my camera. A few photograph has been made with a wintery/Christmassy theme. So here is a selection of random shots.

I have planned to go on a photowalk next saturday, if the weather allowes it. I might take my camera out one of the next days, since I’m off work and have lots of free time.

Next year I’m planning to be back, stronger than ever. Hopefully I’ll update more often than I’ve done these past months. Until next time: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Photo trip: Christmas edition

When I got up this morning, the sun was shining and the weather looked so good. I knew I had to put on my boots and go on a photo trip. Christmas is just around the corner and there is still some Christmas gifts to be bought. Normally the shops are not open on sundays, but the three sundays before Christmas all stores are normally open between 14.00 and 18.00. I had one gift I wanted to buy today. I also wanted to buy some Christmas cake.

I went downtown around noon. That let me have some time before the shops opened to go around the city photograph. I wanted to take advantage of the lovely light outside; that’s why I left two hours before the shops opened. As you can see on the photo above, the light was oh so lovely.

This phototrip is Christmas inspired. It’s December and soon the 24th, so there is no way around it. I can’t get away from the bicycles though; they are here and there and I can’t not photograph them, especially not the pretty old ones. You’ll see some in this post as well. The bikes I found today had all beautiful colors. Two of them where green, which is my favorite color, and one had this beautiful blue color.

As you can see, I captured a little bit of everything. I even got a photo of Tawakkul Karman from Yemen, who is one of the winner of this years Nobel’s Piece Prize. She, the two other winners came out of the Parliament Building when I passed it.

Walking around the city hunting for scenes/things to photograph is really fun. Getting home, connecting your camera to the laptop, transfer the photos and take the first look, is also really fun. It’s also quite exciting. Some photos you thought would be great might not be it and some photos surprise you by being great. I really like the post processing. It is fun to take an ok photo and make it great just by doing some post prosessing. Or doing some magic like my sister said, when she asked me to process the phots they’re using for this years Christmas card.

More Christmas cards

I’ve had three days off this week. My dear friend Chantal from Alkmaar (Holland) came to visit me. She’s very fond of scrapping, but doesn’t have any scrapping equipment herself, so when she’s visiting me, we have to craft. We make cards. I was more than happy to spend time scrapping since it’s late november and I had lots of Christmas cards left to finish.

Within the six days she was staying at my place, we spent a lot of time scrapping and I made ten new cards. That is toally awesome. Now I only got eight cards left to make. Those last eight cards I will try to finish this week.

Here are some of the cards I made. I’m totally into making blue Christmas cards these days. And I’m also in love with my Cuttlebug and the shapes it can cut (like the one you see in the two bottom cards).  I keep my cards quite simple, that’s how I like them.

I can’t make just blue Christmas cards so I’ve made some brown and green ones too. Again, they are quite simple.

It’s always nice to have Chantie around when I’m scrapping. She always starts to organize my stuff and tidy up. My livingroom table is not so messy now, thanks to her.

We both had a lot of fun sitting at the table making cards. One thing was especially funny. Chantie was in need of a green color and with my 7 different kinds of green, she pointed out that I didn’t have the green color she was looking for. She is just as picky as I am with the colors and that’s why I have over 60 different ProMarker pens. As a result of her remark, I’m going to buy more pens. Not long ago I did order some pens, but that was not enough. Now I’m going to buy pens in the shades of green, red and yellow. I’m thinking I won’t stop buying pens until I got all of them.

Christmas is just around the corner; just little over a month left now! I’ve been asked by family and friends to come up with a wishlist for Christmas. So far I’ve only come up with a few things I want. I still haven’t sat down and made a list of scrapping things I want, but I know as soon as I make time for it, my list will be very long. It’s not always nice to have a hobby that cost so much money, because there is a endless list of things you can use/buy, but when the gift-exchange season comes up, it’s more than welcome.


Christmas preparations

It’s less than a week until Christmas and there is a lot of preparations to be done. This weekend started off with gift wrapping. I bought some special paper at a craftstore. And to go with the gifts, I made gift tags. The tags were bought at the same craftstore as the wrapping. I used rubber stamps on all of the gift tags. The all ended up like this:

And this is how it turns out when the gift is wrapped.

It was a lot of fun making these gift tags. I wish I could make a lot more. But you only need so many gift tags. I’ve given some to my mum, because she wanted some. I think I have to make a few more, but that means I have to buy some more. I’ll do that tomorrow after work.

I went home to my parents house yesterday. My friend Linda’s boyfriend celebrated his birthday and I was there. Today I’ve spent a lot of the day making Christmas cookies for mum/dad and Linda. First I made a christmas cookie called serinakaker and the other one is called berlinerkranser. I have no idea what they might be called in english. The recipies can be found here and here.

No baking without taking photos. Because there’s no blogging without photos; that’s dull! And I intended to blog about these Christmas preparations.

The A-Team: Almonds and Albumen!

The cookies. Serinakaker and berlinerkranser.

Pretty cookie box. I had forgotten about this gem from IKEA!

I’m not done with baking. My plan is to bake something that is actually called Christmaskcake. It’s a cake with raisins in it. You can eat it with butter and cheese; preferably a unique Norwegian cheese called Gudbrandsdalsost (or more casual brown cheese).  I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it though. Tuesday I’m busy visiting my newphew and sister; gonna drop off some gifts, collect my earnings (a box of dark chocolate!) from making woven Christmas  hearts for them and spend some qualitytime with Emil. On wednesday I’m meeting Ellen for a gift-swap. Thursday I’m going home; home for Christmas. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Or at the end of the week.

About going home for Christmas. Norwegian singer Maria Mena is released a new song called Home for Christmas. It’s beautiful and you should listen to it. Couldn’t find it on youtube, but you’ll def. find it at Spotify.


Christmas cards for Cisca

I have a Dutch friend name Cisca. Last year I made some Christmas cards for her. She requested ten. This year I asked her if she wanted ten this year too. She did. Here are the cards I made for her.

Cisca is friends with Chantie. That’s how I came in touch with her. Chantie has bought me most of the pattern paper used in these cards. I find that a bit funny. I only have one ‘merry christmas’ rubber stamp. Here in Norway you don’t find many rubber stamps with english words. So you have to look in online craftstores in other countries or buy something on ebay. I didn’t do that this year. In stead I found some paper various Christmas messages where written in English.

I’ve kept the cards very simple like I always do. I’m not good at making card stuffed with thing. I really like them simple too, so it doesn’t really matter.

So far I’ve made like 45 cards or something. Not many left now. I have to sit down and figure out which one to send a card. After that I’ll know how many I got left.

Vintage Christmas cards

When I went to Bikuben (scrapping store) last time I found some sheets with pretty vintage pictures. I instantly fell in love and had to buy a few. I thought I could try to make some cards with a vintage look. So that’s what I’ve tried here. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not % satisfied with everyone. But most of them are fine and ok to send out / give away.

I’m going to try to make a few  more, since I still need more cards. Hopefully I’ll have time and inspiration later this week.

The candy cane is very American. The ‘god jul’ rubber stamp is awesome! I’m so, so, happy I found it!

Isn’t the cat cute? Adorable. The pine cone is very Chritmassy and I found them at Panduro. I bought the pine cone rubber stamp with the gift certificate my sister game me.  The cat-picture is supposed to be a polaroid photo.

Another polaroid-card. Finally I got to use the mistletoe accesories.

Yet another card with tilted picture. The white dots in the background makes me think of showflakes.

This is not a vintage card, but I photographed it, so it’s here. The background is pretty! I love the foam-letters with one sticky side. So easy to use and it makes for such a great result. I want more of those, in various colors and sizes.

So what do you think of my cards? Anyone  special you like?

Christmas cards take one

I had a Christmas card bonanza this weekend. Managed to make 9 cards in two days. Not all of them are very creative, some are quite simple, and some almost look alike, but at least they are unike.

All though I got quite a few things to make cards out of, I wish I had more. And I’m really looking forward to the big scrapping fair in the beginning of September. I’ve already started to make a list of what I want to look for. I’m afraid that list will be looooong.

Here are the cards I’ve made so far.

This is very simple. Maybe too simple? Not all card can be super creative.

I made a card or two like this last season. I really liked the layout, so I thought I should use it this year too.

Two cards that are almost the same. When you’re doing 50 cards, you can allow yourself to repeat a card or two

It says Merry Christmas.

It says Merry Christmas this one too.

Here we have two with a Christmas cookie recepie.

Isn’t that mouse cute?

I will for sure be more creative as I progress. When I started on saturday all I ever wanted was to get started. It doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the outcome, it’s just that I knew I could be satisfied with some simple cards as well; and I did.

What do you think about them? Which one do you like the most?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s past midnight and everybody has gone to bed but me. I should be going to bed myself, but I wanted to blog  a bit before I close my eyes.

The Christmas holiday is finally here.  Everybody is home for Christmas; me, my sister, her husband and my nephew.  And Samson (the cat) is around. It’s happy times. The tree is decorated. In fact, the whole house is decorated. Every little santa or angel is carefully put on its place. We try to put the ornaments at the same plasce as last year, but if we don’t remember, we just find a new place.

Tomorrow, or today actually since it’s past midnight, is the ‘big day’. I’m really looking forward to it. Things will be a bit different this year since Emil is here. But that’s ok. We will still do the same things, it will just be at different times. We will open some of Emil’s presents before he’s gone to bed. It will be around 15.00. the plan is to have the Christmas dinner after Emil is put to bed, so I guess it will be around 19.00, 19.30. After dinner and desert we will open our presents.

This year I might not go to church which is a bit sad. I’m not a Christian, but I like to go to church at Christmas Eve; just to see people you know and sing traditional Christmas songs. Linda is working, and she used to be my partner in crime. Dad said he could go, but if we’re gonna open presents around that time, we won’t be able to go to curch as well.  Oh… I’ll live.

I’m getting sleepier and sleepier. My face is a constant yawn. I think someone is telling me it’s time for bed. I better listen!

Merry Christmas reader(s)! ;)

Oh ps. I’m concidering changing the layout on this blog again… ahem… I know. But I have some ideas of what to do. Not sure if they will work though. I have to check if I can find a layout that appeals to me. It’s not many, let me tell you. *sigh*


Tuesday thoughts

All evening I’ve been wanting to blog. Now it’s 23.20 and I have some time and what happen? I don’t know what to blog about! The only thing I have is the picture above which I wanted to use. I made that diptych today. The ornament at the bottom I bought on sale today. It’s a bit too glittery & too big for me. I wouldn’t put it on a tree, but it works well just to photograph. And that’s why I bought it!

It’s no news I buy things just to photograh them, is there? This thing were 50% off. That’s my defense. Case closed.

I sit here smiling because the holiday kicks in very soon. Only one more day to work. A piece of cake. It’s always nice to work the last day before the a holiday sets in. Well…. unless you have shitload of things to do then. I don’t. I have things that need to be done and some things I would like to have done beofore I leave tomorrow, so it will be far from a lazy day. But it won’t be superhectic at least.

My bag is packed and all the Christmas gifts that are going to Lierfoss is collected in three plastic bags. I think I have managed to bring all the stuff I need for some days at Lierfoss. The most important stuff is my photo equipment and my cellphone charger. If I got that, I’m saved!

Of course I think I brought too much clothes. No news there! I always do that. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Earlier this evening, when I was planning what to put into that bag, I thought about how long I was going to stay. My thoughts started to swirl around my mind and it hit me that I have a lot of free time I have no idea what to do with it or where to be.

I know I’ll be home until sunday at least. Maybe  I’ll stay home until tuesday morning too. While I’m home there is one thing I have to do and that’s visit Linda. Other than that, I have no plans. I’m not sure when she’s avaliable.

On sunday I think my sister and Geir is having a dinner party I’m attending. I’m not sure yet, but I think so. If so, that’s in Oslo. If I’ve already seen Linda before that, I think I’ll just stay in Oslo after that the dinner is finished. I do have some things to do here too.

I need to prepare New Years. My apartment needs a cleanup. And I need to test out that starter I talked about yesterday.

Ellen and I, we talked about get together one day too. Or at least one evening, since she working in between Christmas and New Year. Maybe we can go see a movie? I would really like to see It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I have to say, I sort of hate Steve Martin and his movies, but I’ve seen the trailer to this movie and I laughed. And I’ve seen the movieposter and seeing Alec Baldwin and his content smile, makes me wanna see it even more. Yes, it sounds weird that Baldwin’s smile makes me wanna see the movie even more, but it does…

It’s getting late and I know I should’ve been in bed long time ago. But I’m sort of in a ‘i-dont-care-about-the-time-mood’, which can be a bit scary.

I better end this, because I just come to think of the fact that I should upload todays door. And I haven’t figured out which picture to use either.

Hasta la Vista baby. I’ll be back!

No more posts.