Christmas cards (again)

The christmas card making is at its end. I only got a few more to make. Three or four I think. Depends a bit on how many I’m gonna send. Not decided that yet.

So, here are the latest.

Even though the christmas card making is at its end, it doesn’t mean that I’m finished making cards this year. I’m going to make a set with birthday cards for two friends for christmas. I haven’t thought about how they are going to look yet. I have to start thinking about that this week. I need some ready for the 4th of december.

Oh that reminds me… Linda needs a birthday card soon. I’ll see her on sunday and needs to bring it then. God, I had almost forgot! Thank god, I remembered.

Christmas cards vol. 7


This is how my dining table looks like right now. It’s a huge mess. It gets messy when I make cards. I tidy up once in a while, but just after a little while it’s like this again. I can’t seem to put things back together right after I’ve used it. I need a clean-up soon. Maybe tomorrow?

My salery came today. Guess where I ended up after I left work? At a scrapbook- store (Steffens AS). It was so not planned. I was downtown doing some errands and also looking for todays door. I ended up in the same street as the scrapbook-store and I thought ‘what the heck?!’ So I went inside. My main goal was to look for something on sale I could buy for a christmas present. As if anything is on sale now, right in front of Christmas… I didn’t find anything on sale, but I couldn’t leave without buying something.  Ahem. I found some beautiful paper I just had to get.


Those gingerbread papers I bought because I had an idea on a special card. The rest was just so beautiful and I knew I could make some great cards out of them.

I think I have enough christmas paper, but I got tired of what I already have. And to be honest, I didn’t have that much red paper. And I wanted to make some christmas cards with a red theme.

So this evening I’ve made two christmas cards.


In the last card, there is a recipi on gingerbread.

What I should’ve done today was to make that birthday card to Ellen and the fathersday card for dad. Ellen’s birthday isn’t until sunday, but I’m seeing her on friday. It needs to be ready by then and I’m busy on thursday. Dad’s card has to be ready on thursday, because I’m seeing him then. That means I have two cards to make tomorrow.



I came across, now wait… it was actually my friend Linda who found it.. anyway, it was a magazine with a tip on how to use beads on a christmas cards. I immediately thought the idea they presented was a great one and thought I had to give it a try myself.

So on saturday when Linda and I went shopping, I went looking for beads. I ended up buying at Panduro. No surprise there. I bought one bag with red beads and one bag with white. And the ‘plates’ I bought was one heart-shaped one and a square one.

Yesterday I tried out the beads. It brought back memories from my childhood. I used to love these kind of beads. I remember in kindergarten. One day we had fun with these beads. I was ready to get my beads ironed, so they stick together. I remember being very satisfied with my work. On my way to the lady who had the iron, clumsy me tripped and all my beads flew up in the air and everything was distroied. haha.

You need a lot of patience with the beads, because it takes a long time to get them all into place! When the beads are on place on the plate, you need to make them stick together. For that I use an iron. You put some baking paper over the beads, so you won’t ruin the the iron. Then  iron a littel bit over it to the top of the beads until they have melted together. It doesn’t take long. Wait a few seconds to it has cooled down and take the beads of the plate.

Here is the result of the beads. Two pretty cool christmascards if I may say it myself.



Christmas cards vol. 5

I’ve made some new christmas crads the last days. It’s less than two months until Christmas arrives and it feels good to have made as many as I have.

Cisca’s cards are ready and will be shipped this week. Linda is visiting me on friday (and will stay until saturday). She will be picking her ten cards then. The rest is for me and mum. I’ll let her pick what she wants. And I’ll take the rest. Or I’ll ask Ellen if she wants any. I haven’t asked her yet, if she wants me to make her some cards. I need to make sure I will finish the ones I have planned first.

Anyway. Here is the newest cards.



jul30Here I used the rubber stamp I got for my birthday. Gift from mum. I love, love, love it. It’s very pretty.



New order (Christmas cards)

It’s been a while since I updated now. I know I should be better at this. I’ll try in the future.

I wonder if I should start a business with this christmas-card making… A while ago Cisca, my other Dutch (South-African) friend asked me how much I charged for a Christmas card. When I gave her the price for each card and shipping, she immideately requested 10 cards!

Nowing I had to make 10 cards, I instantly knew I had to buy more stuff. What I needed the most was a rubber stamp saying ‘merry christmas’.  It would’ve been stupid to use my norwegian rubber stamps on cards sent to the Netherlands.

I searched online (ebay and  scrapping stores) and after a while I found a beautiful rubber stamp that wasn’t too expensive. You can see the use of it in the cards further down.

I’ve now finished Cisca’s cards. I got a little worried that I would’nt be able to make them and the rest of the cards I’m making in time.  So I had to step up the game and get more productive.











I have about 20 cards left to make. Not bad. I’m over half way. I’m still concidering making some for Ellen too. Since I did make 10 for Cisca, I should definitely make some for Ellen too. She hinted about me making some for her before Cisca ordered.

I know I at least have two events when I can make cards. Lisbeth is hosting her annual christmas-craft-get-together and Sissel and I, we decided to meet up for some scrapping.

Christmas Cards vol. IV

A new batch of cards is now ready. It’s going forward which I like a lot. I guess my mum and Linda will have to fight for the cards. I guess they both want to pick first. Hmm… I have to find a way to solve that. Anyways, here is the new ones.



Ahem. This card is pictured the wrong way. Just tild your head…






Christmas cards vol. III

Two new cards has been produced today. Well, one of them was formed out yesteday. Just had to glue things together today. The other was hard to make, because I was so indecicive. But I managed to be satisfied in the end.


It says ‘god jul’ (merry Christmas) in the middle round piece.


Linda emailed me today. I sent her pictures of my first cards to let her know how they can turn out. She can pick the cards she want. She said she liked them a lot. I happy she likes them. And she said she wanted 10! So now I have to make five more.

Knowing this, I’m gonna hold back my offer to Ellen a little bit. Just to see how things are going. Maybe I’ll get supertired of making these cards in a while. It’s a good thing I got over two months to make them all.

No more posts.