the awesome bug

For a long time I’ve wanted a machine that can out different shapes. I knew that would open a lot of new door for me when it comes to making cards. On thursday I went to my favourit scrapping store Bikuben; I had finally decided to buy such a  machine. After a little help from my colleague Sigrund, I decided to buy a Cuttlebug. It was a small investment, since the machine alone costed 890 NOK and you need extra stuff and dies that costs a lot. But I knew it would pay off; in form of more fancy cards and a happy me.

In addition to the machine itself, I bought two packages of dies. The packages came with 12 and 16d dies. Both shapes of the dies is very pretty. I saw lots of cool shapes and it was hard to choose what to buy. I now know what will be on my future wishlists (like for Christmas) for the next years. *wink*

The machine is magical. There isn’t really much more to say about it.

Now that the machine is in the house, I’ve regained some inspiration to make new cards. That was really needed! I have lots of cards to make; three birthday cards (two birthday cards for friends of mine and one order for a friend), a fathers day card and 22 Christmas cards! Eeek.

So far I’ve made these cards:

What do you think?

Here a set with blue cards. The cards says Merry Christmas.

And here is a set with cards in green and red tones.

And to end it, a cute mouse. I like the other shape better than the one you get here.

I must say that the Cuttlebug is just awesome! Why didn’t I buy it earlier?!

It’s that time a year again…

It’s that time a year again; scrapping fair and the start of this years Christmas card production. The card production started about a month ago. I made five cards, where I used the pattern paper, rubber stamps etc I already had. It was fun to start again and go over all my stuff. There were a lot of familiar stuff, but also some stuff I had forgotten I had.

Going through my things, I found out that there were a few things I needed more of, like pattern paper, foam letters and some accesories. With a fair coming up I knew I had a chance to get some shopping done. I could of course not be sure to get all I wanted because previous fairs has shown lack of Christmas things, especially pattern paper.

Yesterday I went to the fair with my colleague Sigrund. We where there when they opened, because it’s important to be there early. There is less people and there is less chance to miss a good bargin / things are sold out.

The picture above shows all the things I bought. I got a whole lot of foam letters which I are in love with! They are so easy to use and they enhance a card enormously. I also got a lot of paper, both single color paper and pattern paper. This year I felt they had quite some nice Christmas pattern paper.

New this year, was two Swedish companies. Both Stampelkallen and Bildmålarna came and I was curious on what they would have to offer. I’ve been busy, so I hadn’t time to check them out before the fair. It didn’t matter, because they became a pleasent surprise. I loved them both and I’m pretty sure I will stop by their online shops to buy some more stuff in the future.

After I came home on saturday, I’ve been making Christmas cards. It’s important to start early when you got orders. This year, I so far have one order of 20 cards from mum and one order of 5 cards from my friend Linda. And I would need about 10 cards myself. Depends on how fast I work, I might take some more orders if someone is interested.

Here is what I did yesterday and today:

I’ve almost only used my new stuff on these cards. The round and square cardboard are plain coasters. I think they were meant to be used as that, but when I saw them I instantly thought I could use them this way. I’ve very happy with the way they turned out. I wish I had more of those coasters. Too bad I don’t remember which store who had them.

If I work in this speed, the cards will be finished in no time. But I doubt it. It takes time to make a card and I might not have a whole sunday to make cards. Well, we will see how it goes. I’m excited to continue with making the cards at least. Getting new stuff, always gives me a push; it makes me motivated and sparks my creativity. Now I got so many rubber stamps, it’s a bit hard to find what to use. There are so many nice ones, it gets hard to decide.

Stay tuned for more cards!

Christmas cards for Cisca

I have a Dutch friend name Cisca. Last year I made some Christmas cards for her. She requested ten. This year I asked her if she wanted ten this year too. She did. Here are the cards I made for her.

Cisca is friends with Chantie. That’s how I came in touch with her. Chantie has bought me most of the pattern paper used in these cards. I find that a bit funny. I only have one ‘merry christmas’ rubber stamp. Here in Norway you don’t find many rubber stamps with english words. So you have to look in online craftstores in other countries or buy something on ebay. I didn’t do that this year. In stead I found some paper various Christmas messages where written in English.

I’ve kept the cards very simple like I always do. I’m not good at making card stuffed with thing. I really like them simple too, so it doesn’t really matter.

So far I’ve made like 45 cards or something. Not many left now. I have to sit down and figure out which one to send a card. After that I’ll know how many I got left.

Vintage Christmas cards

When I went to Bikuben (scrapping store) last time I found some sheets with pretty vintage pictures. I instantly fell in love and had to buy a few. I thought I could try to make some cards with a vintage look. So that’s what I’ve tried here. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not % satisfied with everyone. But most of them are fine and ok to send out / give away.

I’m going to try to make a few  more, since I still need more cards. Hopefully I’ll have time and inspiration later this week.

The candy cane is very American. The ‘god jul’ rubber stamp is awesome! I’m so, so, happy I found it!

Isn’t the cat cute? Adorable. The pine cone is very Chritmassy and I found them at Panduro. I bought the pine cone rubber stamp with the gift certificate my sister game me.  The cat-picture is supposed to be a polaroid photo.

Another polaroid-card. Finally I got to use the mistletoe accesories.

Yet another card with tilted picture. The white dots in the background makes me think of showflakes.

This is not a vintage card, but I photographed it, so it’s here. The background is pretty! I love the foam-letters with one sticky side. So easy to use and it makes for such a great result. I want more of those, in various colors and sizes.

So what do you think of my cards? Anyone  special you like?

Christmas cards and fair

I love sundays. Yesterday I sat by my dining table making Christmas cards for about 9 hours. I managed to make five cards. Why only five, you might wonder. Well, I was multitasking! In addition to make cards, I watched old episodes of CSI NY. 11.5 episodes to be exact. I know, it’s a lot. But hey, that’s why we got sundays. Sundays are created for CSI marathons. It’s also created for waffles for breakfast. Yes, waffles for breakfast. Nom, nom, nom.

I reap what I sow. All the cards I made yesterday was made by things I bought at the scrapping fair yesterday. Or the papers I bought at Panduro downtown; which I bought right after I came home from the fair.

We had three hours at the fair. By the three hours had ended, I had spend about 1100 NOK (180$). When we left, I had a feeling I hadn’t been able to look at eveything. A feeling I could’ve found more. I wanted some wedding- and friends themed stamps, but I didn’t get that many. When I came home and got a look at what I’d got, the feeling vanished. I had lots of cool things.

I’m in the middle of the process of making Christmas cards and I got lots of cute rubber stamps. What I need more of is Christmas themed pattern papper. None of the stores had many of that. It’s too early for that, Sigrund told me. You know, it’s only the start of September. So far I managed to use what I already got and some of the new I bought.

In stead of take a photo of all the things I bought, I’m in stead going to show you the cards I’ve made the two last days; they will present what I’ve bought.

So what do you think? Anyone you would like to get in the mail?

Christmas cards take one

I had a Christmas card bonanza this weekend. Managed to make 9 cards in two days. Not all of them are very creative, some are quite simple, and some almost look alike, but at least they are unike.

All though I got quite a few things to make cards out of, I wish I had more. And I’m really looking forward to the big scrapping fair in the beginning of September. I’ve already started to make a list of what I want to look for. I’m afraid that list will be looooong.

Here are the cards I’ve made so far.

This is very simple. Maybe too simple? Not all card can be super creative.

I made a card or two like this last season. I really liked the layout, so I thought I should use it this year too.

Two cards that are almost the same. When you’re doing 50 cards, you can allow yourself to repeat a card or two

It says Merry Christmas.

It says Merry Christmas this one too.

Here we have two with a Christmas cookie recepie.

Isn’t that mouse cute?

I will for sure be more creative as I progress. When I started on saturday all I ever wanted was to get started. It doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the outcome, it’s just that I knew I could be satisfied with some simple cards as well; and I did.

What do you think about them? Which one do you like the most?

Christmas in July?!

A online scrapbooking store recently sent me a newsletter, saying it wasn’t too early to think about Christmas. They had sale on rubber stamps with a Christmas theme. So my head started to spin; yesterday I bought a few items (rubber stamps) and a bunch of envolopes thinking I should start early this year.

You may say it’s a bit early to think about Christmas cards as early as June. And part of me would agree. It’s ideal to think about them a little nearer Christmas, so the spirit of Christmas can make its way into the cards. But when you’re making as many cards as I do, it’s better to start early.

I know for a fact that I’m making at least 10 for myself (if not more). And mum needs 20. I’m also pretty sure that Linda would want 10 this year too. And who knows? Maybe Cisca, who ordered 10 last year, want the same amount this year?

I thought about putting out a word on facebook that I took orderes. But after carefully thinking it over, I’ve decided not to. It’s not that I think all my friends would come running and I would have 500 cards to make. Only 20 more cards would be a lot to me.

I wish I could make cards for everyone I know. But I’m afraid I would get tired of it sooner than later. And it would take up too much time. Making cards are quite time consuming.

I think I’m gonna start slowly this week. Maybe I’ll make a few cards today even? If I make two or three cards a week,  I won’t get tired and I will have enough cards read before Christmas.

I went through my scrapping things and found all my Christmas things; cardboard, pattern paper, rubber stamps, tree- and snowflake-brads etc. I expected it to be more actually. I don’t really need that much more, but I would sure like it. There is always a cute rubber stamp that you fall in love with. And it’s pretty hard to say no.

There is a another scrapping fair in September. Sigrund and I are going again. We just have to… I have to save up some money for that one! It’s gonna be a huge fair like the last year. There is two fairs a year; one huge and one tiny one. Like last year I’m going to buy Christmas themed things.

What I need right now is a way to store my Christmas things. I need a binder for all my rubber stamps. I do have one, but it’s almost full. It was quite expensive, so I’m not sure I want to buy another one. I better sit down and work out some storrage cheaper ideas.

Next time I blog, maybe you’ll see a Christmas card!

Christmas cards (again)

The christmas card making is at its end. I only got a few more to make. Three or four I think. Depends a bit on how many I’m gonna send. Not decided that yet.

So, here are the latest.

Even though the christmas card making is at its end, it doesn’t mean that I’m finished making cards this year. I’m going to make a set with birthday cards for two friends for christmas. I haven’t thought about how they are going to look yet. I have to start thinking about that this week. I need some ready for the 4th of december.

Oh that reminds me… Linda needs a birthday card soon. I’ll see her on sunday and needs to bring it then. God, I had almost forgot! Thank god, I remembered.

Christmas cards vol. 7


This is how my dining table looks like right now. It’s a huge mess. It gets messy when I make cards. I tidy up once in a while, but just after a little while it’s like this again. I can’t seem to put things back together right after I’ve used it. I need a clean-up soon. Maybe tomorrow?

My salery came today. Guess where I ended up after I left work? At a scrapbook- store (Steffens AS). It was so not planned. I was downtown doing some errands and also looking for todays door. I ended up in the same street as the scrapbook-store and I thought ‘what the heck?!’ So I went inside. My main goal was to look for something on sale I could buy for a christmas present. As if anything is on sale now, right in front of Christmas… I didn’t find anything on sale, but I couldn’t leave without buying something.  Ahem. I found some beautiful paper I just had to get.


Those gingerbread papers I bought because I had an idea on a special card. The rest was just so beautiful and I knew I could make some great cards out of them.

I think I have enough christmas paper, but I got tired of what I already have. And to be honest, I didn’t have that much red paper. And I wanted to make some christmas cards with a red theme.

So this evening I’ve made two christmas cards.


In the last card, there is a recipi on gingerbread.

What I should’ve done today was to make that birthday card to Ellen and the fathersday card for dad. Ellen’s birthday isn’t until sunday, but I’m seeing her on friday. It needs to be ready by then and I’m busy on thursday. Dad’s card has to be ready on thursday, because I’m seeing him then. That means I have two cards to make tomorrow.



I came across, now wait… it was actually my friend Linda who found it.. anyway, it was a magazine with a tip on how to use beads on a christmas cards. I immediately thought the idea they presented was a great one and thought I had to give it a try myself.

So on saturday when Linda and I went shopping, I went looking for beads. I ended up buying at Panduro. No surprise there. I bought one bag with red beads and one bag with white. And the ‘plates’ I bought was one heart-shaped one and a square one.

Yesterday I tried out the beads. It brought back memories from my childhood. I used to love these kind of beads. I remember in kindergarten. One day we had fun with these beads. I was ready to get my beads ironed, so they stick together. I remember being very satisfied with my work. On my way to the lady who had the iron, clumsy me tripped and all my beads flew up in the air and everything was distroied. haha.

You need a lot of patience with the beads, because it takes a long time to get them all into place! When the beads are on place on the plate, you need to make them stick together. For that I use an iron. You put some baking paper over the beads, so you won’t ruin the the iron. Then  iron a littel bit over it to the top of the beads until they have melted together. It doesn’t take long. Wait a few seconds to it has cooled down and take the beads of the plate.

Here is the result of the beads. Two pretty cool christmascards if I may say it myself.



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