Christmascards: five more is done

October has started and so far I have managed to make 31 cards so far. So I have 19 cards left; 10 that have to be finished at the beginning of December and 9 that needs to be finished a week or two earlier. They are being shipped to the Netherlands. My friend Cisca wanted 10 cards this year as well. I made her 10 cards last year. I’ve so far made her one card. I think I’m going to start on the rest of her cards soon.

Until they are done, I can show you what I’ve made since last time I uploaded some Christmas cards. Here are the five latest cards.

The candy cane is oh so cute!

Pretty snowflakes paper!

Cute mice sitting on a candy cane.

Cute trees and pretty golden/green stripy paper!

I really like this vintage looking card. The angel is pretty. I think I already know who’s getting this card!

Chantie and I making cards

Chantie visited me last week; she came on wednesday night and left on sunday. Whenever we meet each other, we have gifts for each other. One of the gifts she gave me was a set with pattern paper, christmas style. It was beautiful! I couldn’t wait to try it out. And that happened sooner than I could’ve hoped for.

Chantie told me she wanted to have a look at all my scrapping things and try make a card. I was happy. More than happy actually to show her my scrapping world. So we took out all my stuff; placed some on my dining table and some on the floor. It was funny to see her reaction as everything got placed in my livingroom. She was quite surprised by all the things I had; something I can understand. I have a lot of things. Of course not as much as some people, but if you’re a newbie, you’ll find what I have a lot.

First we went through all my things. She asked questions about how things worked and I answered her. Then she wanted to make a few cards for herself. First she started with two Christmas cards; one for her mum and one for her dad (if my memory isn’t playing with me).

She also made a card her friend Dennis, who took care of her cats while she was here.

This is a really cute card. I love the colors and the cute cats. For being the first time she’s been doing this, she did great! She also made a card which she gave me.

It says: Friends, today, tomorrow, always. Such a cute one! It’s goin up on my fridge.

I managed to try out the pattern paper Chantie gave me. I didn’t use any other pattern paper than the set she gave me. It had several beautiful patterns! And they came in size 15 x 15 cm; the prefect size!

Pretty show pattern. Fell in love with that one!

The snowflakes pattern is beautiful. I love the hint of silver.

One of my new rubber stamps.

The candy canes are ├╝ber-cute! I just love them!

Some more snowy paper <3 And some new rubber stamps.

I had a blast making cards with Chantie. I had never thought she would enjoy it. As I told her, I thought she would be too impatient and get bored after 15 minutes. But she didn’t. Woot, woot! She really loved it!

Im looking forward to use the rest of the pattern papers I got. It will be so much fun making cards now!

Christmas cards vol. II

So here is two christmas cards from the new stuff I bought yesterday:



And here is some from some old stuff I got:




I’m very happy with them all. It’s so much fun making these cards. I believe I could do this full time! heh. Right now I have 20 orders from mum and five from Linda.

Another friend, Ellen, said she would like some cards too. But in the next sentence she said no, I’m gonna buy them myself. I guess she thought I had enough to do. Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m gonna offer my sevices for her. It’s a nice way to earn a small amount of money. It would help me pay the costs I have. Cos it costs a lot. Not sure how much I’m gonna charge yet. Have to figure out that first…

Christmas-card factory

Talked to my mum earlier today. I emailed her some of the cards I’ve made two days ago and I was just wondering if she’d looked at them. She had and she really liked them. I said I could make her some if she needed any. She said YES right away. She needs about 20 cards!

Oh boy! 20 cards. That will take some time. But it will be superfun. I can’t wait to start on them. I got three left for myself and then I’m gonna start on hers.

The deal is that she’s gonna pay for the equipment I need, like paper and other things I use for the cards. Making twenty cards will be expensive, but it will be so much better than buying them.

This is fun!! :)

What’s not so fun is that the clock is now 23.01 and I’m half an hour late. Siiiigh. Thank god, I’ve eaten fruit, walked and are on my way to brush my teeth. Going to bed on time, is the toughest goal it seems. Tomorrow and thursday will be ruined because I got late activities. Tomorrow I’m visiting Gro and she lives a little bit outside town. It takes forever to get home and I doubt I’ll be in bed on time. On thursday, Terje and I, we’re going to see Amy MacDonald at Rockefeller. Then I will be home late too.

Oh well, I’ve completed three out of four goals. It’s not that bad!

No more posts.