Birthdaycake for the win

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. A few weeks ago I texted her, telling she needed to throw a party because I had planned to bake her a cake. For a while now, I’ve been craving cake. But I can’t make a cake just for me, that’s not right. Even if I made one and treated my friends with some pieces, it would be a lot of cake on me, because the chocolate cake I bake isn’t small; it’s big.

Hanne invted me for her birthday and did what I had promised; I made chocolate cake. I couldn’t, of course, resist take some photographes while baking. Here are some photos from the baking:

To the left you can see my new, awesome sifter – all retro-looking. As you can see of the top photo, the cake contains a lot of butter (300 grams, and that is only the bottom, no icing including). I’m pretty sure that one thing that make the cake so friggen yummy.

I made the cake look like the letter H, since my sister’s name is Hanne. But I also did it because then I could keep some cake for myself. Clever, ay? I’m eating cake as we speak.

If the cake looks yummy and you want to try bake it, here is the recipi:

Chocolate cake in a roasting tin.

4 eggs
4 cups of sugar
2 cups of milk
4 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
5 1/3 cups of flour
300 gram butter (melted)
4 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1. Stir eggs and sugar “white”
2. Pour in the melted butter.
3. Mix the dry stuff in a bowl.
4. Pour in the dry stuff and the milk in turns.
5. Put the batter in a roasting tin.
6. Bake the cake in the oven at 180 degrees celcius in about 45 minutes.


6.6 decilitre of icing sugar
130 gram butter (NOT melted, but should be out of the fridge to get soft, easier to work with then)
4 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
7-8 tablespoons of warm coffee
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1. Mix the dry stuff.
2. Cut the butter in pieces and toss it in.
3. Put the warm coffee.
4. Stir until there’s no pieces of butter left and the icing is smooth.
5. Put it on top of the cake

On top of the icing you can decorate it with for instance smarties.


Summer sighs and mmmm’s

It’s 25 degrees outside, sunny and warm. Still I sigh!

I was supposed to meet my friend Linda today for a Bruce-evening at her parents house. Her brother lives there and he as a cool projector where we can get Bruce up in high-resolution. That’s not gonna happen. She has totally forgotten about the date we had. In stead she’s in fucking Åmål (Sweden) with a friend. Tonje’s parents, they have an apartment there and that’s where they are. They will be home tomorrow I think.

And how did I find out this? Well… let me tell me. I found out an hour ago I wanted to make a chocolate cake. I thought I could bring some to the Bruce-evening. So I started to find all the ingredience I needed. Soon I found out I didn’t have enough flour. And since I’m stuck in nowhere-land (aka Lierfoss),  without a car, I needed to be creative. I took my bike and biked up to my uncle. It’s a two minutes ride. He wasn’t home! Argh. So then I biked back home again. Then I went to see Linda’s mum, Vigdis, who lives like 200 meters away.

She had just enough flour for me. I emptied her jar though. hihi. I sat there for a little whille talking about this and that. Vigdis said Linda was in Åmål. I was like oh, she’s there… I didn’t say anything to it. There wasn’t any necceserry to let her know Linda totally had forgotten about me. So, a little annoyed, I went home to start on my cake.

Back home, I turned on Bruce so I could have something to cheer me up a bit. Suddenly it hit me. For the cake I need four eggs, not two like I had thought. I know the recepie by heart, but today my mind failed for some odd reason. And guess who only had two eggs? Correct – me!

I thought about going back to Vigdis again, but felt stupid to go back. She was on her way out of the house anyway… So I didn’t go back. In stead I called mum to make her bring some eggs home. She and dad, they are helping Hanne & Geir painting in their new apartment. It might take forever before they’re back. *sigh* I tried to ask them about eta, but she couldn’t give me any!

So now I’m stuck here wihtout a Bruce evening, so far no cake and slightly bad mood. Great ay? Jippi ka-hey :)

Oh god, just whining… I can’t have a whole entry about just me whining!! There is a few good things around here too.

  1. Icecream in the fridge.
  2. My Håkan Nesser book; Münster’s case.
  3. The sun outside.
  4. Bruce loud from the speakers.
  5. My canon EOS 400D that’s right beside me.
  6. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  7. Hotdogs with cheese in them. YUM!
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