A Streetcat Named Bob

120813- 027sLast saturday I went downtown in the afternoon to run some errands. After doing what I had planned I ended up outside a book outlet. They had childrens book on sale and I found a book for my youngest nephew. When I went inside I browsed the books they had. That’s when I saw the book ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’ by James Bowen. I’ve briefly heard about this story before. I saw a clip on the news quite some months ago. After reading the back of the book I decided to read it. I had a feeling this could be a really good book.

For the ten past years James (34) has been a busker in London and therefore he’s been living from hand to mouth. One day Bob sneaks into his life. James feels that taking care of a cat and having an additional mouth to feed, isn’t very ideal or what he needs. He is completely wrong. Bob is exactly what James need and it doesn’t take long before the cat is about to change James’ life. We get to follow James and Bob, who establish a remarkable friendship, over a two year period. That period includes appointments to the vet, Bob joining James while he’s out singing, trouble in the streets and policematters, Christmas celebration and more. We also get a insight in his ubringing, his relations to his family and what led to the life he’s been living since he was young.

I started rearding the book on the bus and continued when I got home. Instantly I got hooked. By the time I was supposed to go to bed I had read well over 150 pages. I landed on 177 pages 1,5 hour past midnight. The only thing stopping me from reading more was my sleepy eyes. By noon the next day, I had finished all the 285 pages.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I’ve never read a sweeter story than this one. What a remarkable cat and hey -James is pretty amazing too. It is a heart-warming story which made me laugh and cry. I know animals and cats can be special, but I’ve never read about a more special cat that Bob. Me being a catlover, of course made the story extra special, but I’m sure people who doesn’t love cats will love this story anyway. Just picturing James and Bob riding the bus together and Bob sittin on James’ shoulder, to get to his spot in Covent Garden where he played, makes me smile.

You can read about James and Bob here:

I rarely writes about books I’ve read (or amazing movies, music releases, concerts etc), but this book was so awesome and it left me in such a happy state of mind, that I just had to share this.

There is a new book out about James and Bob, named ‘The World According To Bob’. I’ve already ordered it online and is expecting it to arrived early next week. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and will probably devour it like it was a gigant delicious piece of yummy chocolate cake! That means very fast.

I’m recommending the book everyone I know and also recommend all my readers to read it too. It’s a must!

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Things that makes me happy: kittens

Look at those eyes!

There is no secret I love cats. This one above is my sisters cat. He is a kitty named Mikki. It was my oldest nephew, now 3,5 years, who named him Mikki. I’m not sure, but it might have something to do with Micky Mouse, because he likes Micky Mouse.

One of the fav parts of the cat, is the paws. They are just so friggen cute. Oh I love them. I could cuddle with them all day long.

As much as I love cat paws, it seems like Mikki likes the remote control just as much. He was in charge of the TV that evening. I just had to watch whatever he chose. Thank god, it was a very good Brittish crime show he wanted to see. Brittish crime shows are good, very good.

Vacation in pictures – cat edition

There is no surprise that I love cats. Chantie happens to love cats too and she owns two cute cats; Kees and Tinus. I photographed them both.

I only got one picture of Kees. The reason for that is that she is unable to sit still for more than 4 seconds. She is usally walking around talking ( or whining as we said). In this picture she looks kinda bored. She has this ‘come-on-take-this-picture-already-look’.

Tinus on the other hand; he likes to lay in the sun and relax. Therefor an easy cat to take photos of.

Sleeping in the sun. Mmmmmm.

He looks angry here, but he’s really not. He’s just in the middle of a yawn.

Standing on the windowsill catching some sun.

This cat is living at the same floor as Chantie. He (I’m not sure, but I like to think it’s a he) was sitting in the windowsill watching us as we came walking. I could not resist taking photos of her. She has a beautiful face.

Posting all these cat pictures, makes me want a cat myself. I only have one at my parents house. It’s really their cat, but I like to think it’s sort of mine too.

But living like the way I do, then it’s not practical to have a cat. I live in an 50 m2 apartment at the 5th floor. It would have to have been an indoor cat. And I’m not fan of that. I want the cats to have the abillity to go out. There is cats living here that are outside in the street, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with letting it out. I would worry my ass off.

So… I will have to wait until I live some place where it’s more suitable with cats. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy Samson when I’m home visiting my parents or friends.

Sigh, sigh and more sigh!


Today something happened that I wasn’t really prepared for. I went to the post-office around 10 o’clock and when I came back to the office, I saw two missed calls on my cellphone from dad. I got instantly worried. Why would he call me twice in the middle of a work day if it wasn’t something serious? I immideately called him back. He was quiet in phone and asked him straight out if something had happened. Yes, he said with a meek voice. Instantly I thought it was something todo with mum. But when he said he was in class, but still wanted to tell me, I understand it wasn’t mum. I know he wouldn’t be still teaching if it was mum.

It was one of the cats… Pondus, he had been hit by a car and did not survive. I nearly started to cry, but managed to hold it back. After all I was at work and it would feel a bit akward to cry! I felt this enourmous sadness wash over me. We ended the call quite quickly. Dad went back to his class and went back to my desk. I had to control myself not to cry.

For the next hour I had trouble concentrating on work. I didn’t tell anybody at work, because there wasn’t really anyone I felt like sharing it with. Gøril, who would’ve been the one to share it with, was not working (sick). Instead I texted Linda and wrote a few emails telling about the sad news. I felt like sharing it so I could get some uplifting words back.

After working for a while I emailed mum and tried my best to comfort her. I know she loved that cat dearly. After emailing her I started to write a poem about Pondus. I’ve always done that when I cat has died. It started with Kasper, my sisters first cat. And I wrote one for her second cat who died last year too. Now it was Pondus’ time.

I’m gonna share it, even if it’s in Norwegian. I just want it written down, so I can remeber it.

Ode til Pondus

Pondus var hans navn.
Han var super katt.
Han var jo helt klart
noe av det best man har hatt.

Da Pondus kom til oss
var han en liten pus
som gjemte seg litt bort
i vårt store hus.

Men fort så var han framme
og lusket rundt omkring
han hoppet hit og dit
og snuste på alle ting.

Hans kjære bror Samson
var hans beste venn.
Samme voktet de huset
som ble deres kjære hjem.

Når vintern var på hell,
og sola tittet frem.
Da var det kjedelig inne,
de ville ut av hus og hjem.

De løp rundt i gresset
og snuste på alt.
Og ville ikke inn
før det ble kaldt.

Å fange søte mus
ble gjort i stor stil.
At han synes det var gøy
ja, det var ikke tvil.

Den store stygge veien
var ikke Pondus’ venn.
Han lusket bort dit
og kom dessverre ikke hjem.

Så sover kjære Ponde
i himmelen – sitt nye hjem.
Og tenker nok på alle
som var snille og ble hans venn.

Mange varme tanker,
går til Samson hans bror.
Og håper de sees igjen
når Samson er blitt stor.

En ekstra stor tanke
går til mamma Helen og pappa Kjell.
som ga uendelig masse kjærlighet
både morgen og kveld.

I cried when I came home; twice. And I also feel like crying now too, since I’m writing about it. I have to block the episode out now that I’m going to bed!

The sadest part of this is that Pondus’ brother, Samson, now will be all alone! It almost breaks my heart to think of that. They were so close. Best buddies and brothers.

My parents let Samson see Pondus before they burried him. I think that was a good idea. If they hadn’t, I’m sure Samson would’ve spent a lot of time wondering where he went and why he’s not around anymore. Dad said that Samons had sniffled a little bit on him, before he ran away further into the house he was laying.

My parents burried him in a white blanket with some roses aside. It might seem weird to do that with a cat, but it’s not! A cat becomes  a family member!

Pondus only got one year and three months…. sigh!

new cats and funny names

My sister called my parents yesterday. Dad put her on the speaker so everybody could hear. She and her boyfriend had been thinking. And my sister said there had to be some cats at home. My parents couldn’t have a home without any cats.

So she thought that they should get some new -and not just one, but two. And they should be male and brothers. Then they could play with each other and they wouldn’t fight that much.

My parents sort of agreed that it was a good idea. But they said they had to wait until they had had their summer vacation – which is a good plan.

And while my sister and Geir had been thinking, they had been doodling over names for the cats – funny names. Here are the ones I remember:

– Klabb and Babb
– Snipp and Snapp (the two squirrels from Walt Disney)
– Hokus and Pokus
– Tommy and Tiger’n (as in Calvin and Hobbes)

I’ve been thinking myself on names myself. If they’re going to have matching names / names that are related to each other my ideas are:

– Tor and Odin (from Northern mythology)
– Knoll and Tott (the Katzenjammer kids)
– Smitt og Smule (names of two hands from childrens TV when I was young)

If they were having one male and a female cat, I think these would be fun names:

– Adam and Eva
– Ask and Embla (Northern mythology) 

I will surly come up with other names too, but I can’t think of any right now.

Oh. As a last thing I’ll do regarding Pelle, is to write him an ode – like I’ve done with Kasper and Balder. He deserves an ode too. It will be hard since I’ve already written two and there is only so much to write about when it comes to the cats and words that rhymes.

No more posts.