Brithdaycards vol. I

I’m making a set with ten birhtday cards for someone. I’m not gonna tell who, even though I’m pretty sure that person isn’t reading this blog.

I started on saturday, did some yesterday and finished two cards today.  Some of my lovely new pattern paper have been used. And finally I got to use some of those ladybugs I bought months ago. They are so utterly cute!

Up: outside. Down: inside.

Up: outside. Down: inside.

So what do you think?

That paper-pattern inside the last card is so pretty and I thought I might wanna use that pattern later. Then a clever little idea popped into my mind; lets make a sample of it. So I found a paper and and draw around the lines. Now I just have to cut it out and store it some place safe.

Seeing these cards and other cards I’ve made, tells me I got a certain way to make my card. I have my own style. I’m not filling my cards with lots of different papers, flowers, brads, ribbons, rubber stamps etc. like I see others do. I keep it quite simple.

One reason for that is because I do simple best. I don’t know how to “do” cards that are not simple. I can not visualize them in my head and I would have a hard time trying.

So I do what I can best. I make it simple.

Birthday cards as presents

I’ve decided to make some birthday cards and give away as Christmas presents. I have two friends that are getting five cards each. In lack of ideas of what to buy them, I thought this might be a good idea. Brithday cards is something you always will need and it’s good to have some in store.

So yesterday and today I’ve made some cards. Today I even went down to Steffens to buy some new pattern paper. I needed to go there and buy a Christmas gift anyway, so why not buy some paper too?

I’ve managed to make eight cards in two days. Not bad. The two friends who are getting them, is not online that much and they surly doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe when I post them.

The three last ones I made today with the new pattern paper. I’m really satisfied with them.  I don’t really wanna part with them, haha. But I have to. It will make nice gifts.

I have two more cards to make, which will be made sometime this week I think.

New order (Christmas cards)

It’s been a while since I updated now. I know I should be better at this. I’ll try in the future.

I wonder if I should start a business with this christmas-card making… A while ago Cisca, my other Dutch (South-African) friend asked me how much I charged for a Christmas card. When I gave her the price for each card and shipping, she immideately requested 10 cards!

Nowing I had to make 10 cards, I instantly knew I had to buy more stuff. What I needed the most was a rubber stamp saying ‘merry christmas’.  It would’ve been stupid to use my norwegian rubber stamps on cards sent to the Netherlands.

I searched online (ebay and  scrapping stores) and after a while I found a beautiful rubber stamp that wasn’t too expensive. You can see the use of it in the cards further down.

I’ve now finished Cisca’s cards. I got a little worried that I would’nt be able to make them and the rest of the cards I’m making in time.  So I had to step up the game and get more productive.











I have about 20 cards left to make. Not bad. I’m over half way. I’m still concidering making some for Ellen too. Since I did make 10 for Cisca, I should definitely make some for Ellen too. She hinted about me making some for her before Cisca ordered.

I know I at least have two events when I can make cards. Lisbeth is hosting her annual christmas-craft-get-together and Sissel and I, we decided to meet up for some scrapping.

Christmas Cards vol. IV

A new batch of cards is now ready. It’s going forward which I like a lot. I guess my mum and Linda will have to fight for the cards. I guess they both want to pick first. Hmm… I have to find a way to solve that. Anyways, here is the new ones.



Ahem. This card is pictured the wrong way. Just tild your head…






Christmas cards vol. III

Two new cards has been produced today. Well, one of them was formed out yesteday. Just had to glue things together today. The other was hard to make, because I was so indecicive. But I managed to be satisfied in the end.


It says ‘god jul’ (merry Christmas) in the middle round piece.


Linda emailed me today. I sent her pictures of my first cards to let her know how they can turn out. She can pick the cards she want. She said she liked them a lot. I happy she likes them. And she said she wanted 10! So now I have to make five more.

Knowing this, I’m gonna hold back my offer to Ellen a little bit. Just to see how things are going. Maybe I’ll get supertired of making these cards in a while. It’s a good thing I got over two months to make them all.

Christmas cards vol. II

So here is two christmas cards from the new stuff I bought yesterday:



And here is some from some old stuff I got:




I’m very happy with them all. It’s so much fun making these cards. I believe I could do this full time! heh. Right now I have 20 orders from mum and five from Linda.

Another friend, Ellen, said she would like some cards too. But in the next sentence she said no, I’m gonna buy them myself. I guess she thought I had enough to do. Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m gonna offer my sevices for her. It’s a nice way to earn a small amount of money. It would help me pay the costs I have. Cos it costs a lot. Not sure how much I’m gonna charge yet. Have to figure out that first…

Card created by…


Just a quick update.

I got an e-mail from that guy I bought the rubber stamp from today. He had already made the stamp and would send it on monday. The shipping would take about two weeks since he’s located in Malaysia.

This is how the rubber stamp turned out. I’m so, so, so happy about it. It’s very cute! I can’t wait to get it. It will be fun to get this in the mail. Nice to something else than bills for a change! Because bills sucks.


I’m having fun with cards again now. It’s been a while.


You would not believe what crossed my mind today. I went to Bikuben today; a crafts and scrapbooking store. I was looking for some rubber stamps. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I found other stamps. When I walked into the two floor store, I knew I wanted a new rubber stamp or two. It was really hard to choose, because they got so many! It’s all sorts of rubber stamps with all kinds of motifs.

I ended up with some christmas rubber stamps. It was a set with nine stamps and they were all so very cute.

I got the urge to make christmas cards! In late August. Believe it or not. It’s a little bit early, don’t you think? On my way from the store I started to count how many cards I’m gonna make this year. I guess around 13 for myself.

When I met mum I said to her: “I’m gonna make you christmas-cards this year too, right?” And she was like “yeah, I guess so”. “Guess so? I have to” I replied. haha.

I have so many ideas in my head regarding christmas-cards, you wouldn’t know! The new rubber stamps opens a whole new world. Last year I didn’t use any rubber stamps at all! This year I will use it a lot and I’m already looking forward to it.


I also found this really cute birthday rubber stamp. It just screamed pick me, pick me! 


How cute isn’t it? It’s on the top end of the cuteness scale. That right cat looks so satisfied! I can’t wait to use this either. Don’t know anyone who has a birthday until early november though… so it might take a while to get to use it! Oh hey, I have a friend who had her birthday on thursday. We’re not that close that we send each other gifts, but I could send her a card. It would be a bit late though. My dad has his birthday in October, but I’ve already started on his card.


The cards says happy birthday master chef. It’s not done yet. The letters need to be clued on and some adjustments has to be made. I might start over with a new card. Well, it’s gonna be the same but i think i want the chef to be drawn again, since the painting job I didn’t wasn’t the best. Oh, we’ll see. I got lots of time though, his birthday isn’t until 29th of October.

I also bought another set of stamps. It’s like the one I posted in the last post (the boys rubber stamps), but this is girls. Don’t have any pics of it and I’m too lazy to make it. Maybe some oher time…

I’m sitting now with the Panduro Hobby catalogue for 2009/2010 in front of me. I’m gonna have a look and single out all the stuff I want. I’m sure it will be a lot. And then I’m gonna put everything up on my birthday wishlist :)

No more posts.