Concert photos


Taking photos at concerts is a bit double for me. Should I do it or should I put all my focus into enjoying the concert and put the phone away? I love taking photos at concerts, because you often get that smoke and cool light, like the photo above. But at the same time, when you’re at the concert your primary thing should be to listen to the music. I’m sure musician wants you to stay focused at what they do on stage than have your face planted at the phone screen to get a good shoot.

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Happy brithday, Bruce! A compilations of ten great songs

Yesterday Bruce Springsteen turned 64 years old. For those who knows me, know that Springsteen is my favourite musician ever. He is really up there alone, being awesome and amazing! (You can read about my fascination here. I wrote a blog piece about it years ago.)

To honor him on his birthday, I wanted to make a compilations of his ten best best songs.  Making a compilation meant searching on Youtube for songs / videos which make me listen to a lot of great Springsteen song / see lots of great videos. That was also a reason for making a compilation.

So, what is his ten best songs? That’s almost impossible to say. He has so many great songs and which I like depends on my mood or what situation I’m in. You can’t really say that for instance Born to Run is better than Badlands or vica verca. They are equally good.

Well, I’m not ending up with a list of his ten best songs, but then awesome song that might be his best at some point.

Drive All Night (from the River)

Tougher Than The Rest (from Tunnel of Love)

Thunder Road (from Born to Run)

Badlands (from Darkness on the Edge of Town)

Downbound Train (from Born In the USA)

Born to Run (from Born to Run)

Jungleland (from Born to Run)

the River (from the River)

Atlantic City (Nebraska)

Racing in the Street (Darkness on the Edge of Town)

I <3 Bruce

                                            There is no secret I love Bruce, is it?


I’m sitting here with my headphones on, playing the CD Working On A Dream out loud. It’s late and I don’t wanna wake up the neighbours.

It’s quite surreal. Tonight Bruce has held his second concert in Bergen and I haven’t seen any of them. Bruce has been to Norway and I haven’t seen him! Knowing that I have seen him the 8 last times he’s been here since ’93, it’s strange to not see him while he’s here.

He has rocked his ass off twice in Bergen and it makes me a bit sad to think about the fact that I haven’t been a part of it. Sigh. Bruce is so special to me, more than some people might think, so my heart aches a bit.

I’m so gratefull for Pinkpop and the almighty Chantie who got me tickets to see him in  the Netherlands!

Now that he’s here, you can’t really avoide thinking / hearing about him. Not even if you wanted either. Not that I want that. It would be impossible. Norway loves Bruce and when he’s here, the media is crazy about him. You’re bound to read about him in the new-spapers! There are pictures, interviews, videos, reviews etc. It seems like people can’t get enough of this american guy! I know I can’t!

There was a documentary about Bruce and his new album on TV today. I thought it would be new, but I’ve seen it before. It came with the new CD. I had seen it before, but it was nice to see it again. This time I paid more attention to what he was saying. Bruce is a wise man. And funny. And almost everything in between!  

Seeing that documentary made me put on the latest CD. I haven’t heard that in a long time. I’ve mostly listened to the old records; either a record from start to finish or a mix of all sorts of songs. I’ve sort of forgotten how good the last album is! I think I’ll be listening to this album for some while now.

I will be listening to Bruce and wait for the next time he comes. He’s said something like he would like to take a break from the E-Street Band and do something on his own again. He’s also said he would like to take break and spend time with his family and kids. But he let us know he won’t be away for a long time, because he loves being on the road! Good to know.

And if Bruce likes Bergen so much that he decides to come back there and not visit Oslo next time, there is always other options. I’ve heard that it’s quite easy to get flight tickets to the Netherlands… ;)

Pinkpop: the music

I’m now back from the Netherlands and I survived the Pinkpop festival. It was awesome and I wanna write about it. I have lots to write about and quite some pictures to share. I wanna go to bed quite early tonight so I won’t be able to write about all the stuff now. So I’m dividing it up in two posts. The festival in general and the music. Here is what me and Chantie saw and pictures of the artists.

310501-1 pp

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Bruce and the band was great as usual. He has a way with interacting with the audience which I love! The setlist was not top notch, but good. There was a few songs he could’ve skipped (Trapped, Land of Hopes and Dreams, Lonesome Day), not because they’re no good, but a bit boring at a concert. But on the other hand, he played Raise Your Hand and I’m On Fire!!! Great songs which I don’t think I’ve heard live before. We were in the pit and had good spots! Thanks Chantie!!

310509-2 pp

Maria Mena: Super, super show! She is so sweet and cool and what not. Her show was at the 3FM stage (second largest stage) and had a great performans.

2009-05-31 pinkpop 010

The Killers: They were just as great as expected. Too bad we were so far away from the stage. They sang lots of great songs like Human, Read my Mind, I Got Soul, but I’m Not A Solidar among others. The singer Brandon Flower, he actually entered the stage later too – to sing a song with Bruce. They sang Thunder Road together. Brandon was so starstruck and his eye twinkled. So fun!

310509-5 pp

Amy Macdonald: She had died her hair (blond) and it was much shorter, so I hardly recognized her. She delivered and gave us many of the great songs she’s written in her bedroom five years ago! I think her performance would’ve been better if she had been in the tent or 3FM stage instead of the main stage.

310509-6 pp

Keane: Good concert with lots of their hits. Always nice to see them live.  Tom Chaplin was in color for a change. He always wear dark colors, as Chantie pointed to me.

310509-3 pp

The All American Rejects: The biggest surprise of the festival. I had only heard one song by them (once) so I didn’t know what to expect. neither did Chantie.  When we saw them come up on stage we were a bit unsure of how it would be. The guitarplayer had some funny shorts on and long hair and beard. I know you can’t jugde the music by how they look, but it can give you hints at least.  TAAR rocked the tent! Awesome show! I really loved their performance!

Milow: Dutch guy. Nice music and fun to watch. He would also have benefitted by performing on a smaller stage I think.

310509-4 pp

Katy Perry: She’s a crazy girl with a fun stage containing blown up cats and strawberries among other things. She was performing in the tent. We heard most of her songs, including Hot ‘n Cold, which I happen to think is as cool song. It was so hot inside the tent that we decided to leave before the show was over and we missed her mega-hit I Kissed A Girl, which was fine by me, because I’m so FED UP with that song. Ugh, I don’t like it.

Krezip: Dutch band who had their last concert ever. They’re splitting up after being a band for almost ten years. They got discovered at Pinkpop. What I saw was ok. Nothing I went completely crazy over, but they weren’t bad.

White  Lies: we tried to get into the tent to see White Lies, but we were too late. It was already full when we arrived. So we stood outside the tent, listening and not seeing anything. I think their debut album is good and got to hear two of their best songs. Too bad I couldn’t see them. I think they should’ve been at the 3FM stage. I guess the ones who decided where the bands should play, thought they would have that big audience.

Novastar: A dutch guy playing the piano. We saw parts of his show while we were waiting inside the pit for Amy Macdonald. I don’t remember much of him, but he wasn’t bad.

A big letdown was that Depeche Mode had to cancel. They were supposed to be the headliners on the sunday. But the lead singer, Dave Gahan, had just removed a tumor (somewhere in his belly or lower down I think) so he had to rest. I understand that. But I would have loved to see them again. They are great!

We also saw some of Franz  Ferdinand (while walking around eating I think), Anouk, Rowwen Hèze (puke! we only got a climps of them because we were heading for the shoarma)  and Madness. I didn’t know who Madness was, but I recognized two songs while we were standing and chatting with one of Chanties colleagues, Misha. And I remember I thought to myself that I had to check out that band, because they sounded very funky and cool!

Ahem… should I mention the music that was somwhere on or around Camping C where we stayed? It was so loud that it felt like it came from right outside the tent. It was some DJ’s who played until 3 o’clock in the morning. I think it was DJ Nothing But Funk the last day. It was a bit annoying I must say. But it wasn’t as annoying as the campers next to us who kept Chantie awake all sunday night. I’ll tell more about that next time!

Signs, videos and music

It’s wednesday and it’s late, past midnight. But today it doesn’t care, because I got tomorrow of.  It’s a holiday. Not sure of the name in english and I’m too lazy too look it up, but it’s the day when Jesus took a ride to heaven. Some skills that Jesus had, ay? ;)

I’ve just finished two games of rummy with Cisca. It was fun! We won one game each. Fair and square.

Springsteen is playing in the background. Somehow I got a kick out of Bruce today. I saw some Springsteen-thing on facebook, that lead to me go on youtube to listen to a song, that led to a Bruce-website, which led to me relising I need a sign / banner with a song-request for the concert and that led me into the livingroom to look at some cd’s. There I found ‘the ties that bind’ and i didn’t remember how it went (!!!) So I had to open iTunes and find that song. And since then I’ve been listening to Bruce!

The song-request is real tricky! I have two choises:

  • to pick the song I want to hear the most, but I doubt he will pick and play because he really never plays it. That is ‘Thougher Than the Test’.
  • to pick a song that is more likely to be picked. That could be ‘Downbound Train’.

I went thru the setlists for the concerts he’s held in May and neither ‘Thougher Than the Rest’ or Downbound Train is played. I think I’ll land on Downbound Train.

I don’t really think it matters which song I choose actually, because what’s the chance he’s gonna pick MY sign? Will I even be in the front row? Or the second? or the third? I hope so, but I don’t have high hopes.

Anyway, Im gonna make a cool sign worth looking at. Something special.

I just ordered tickets to see a movie tomorrow; Corlaline and the secret door. It’s the 3D version. Didn’t think I would have to pay more for it since it’s 3D, but oh boy I did. One ticket is 120 nok! It’s like 90 nok for a regular ticket. Oh well… it will be supercool to watch it in 3D!

The movie starts at 15.30. I’ll meet Ellen at 14.45. After the movie we’ll go eating at Burger King.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some usefull stuff before the movie. I had a plan to wash some windows… blargh. It’s superboring and I’m so not good at it. But it should be done. I never really do it, so it’s about time! Another thing that I should do is to ship some stuff down in the basement.

You know, here the other day went through all my old vhs-tapes. Since I don’t have a VCR anymore and I doubt I’ll get one actually, I can get rid of them. I’m not tossing them away, not yet. First they’ll go down in the basement for some time and if I haven’t found myself a VCR in a year or so, I guess I can toss them. Where the hell do you get a VCR nowadays?


I have a lot of videos! I guess there is about 70 in total. There is a lot of goodies in those piles, like: Man On the Moon, Pulp Fiction, Mifunes Last Song, Philladelphia and the Green Mile. The video I will miss the most is Waterdance. Great movie with Eric Stoltz, Helen Hunt, Wesley Snipes and William Forsyth. Seen it at least ten times, maybe even more. I’ve lost count!  

I’ve tried to find this movie as a DVD, but it’s impossible to find. And if I find it, it’s with a region my dvd-player can’t handle. Sigh, sigh and more sigh!


 What else am I going to do tomorrow? Hmmm… Not sure. I better not write down a too big to-do-list, because then I’ll just be disappointed when I go to bed and find out didn’t do half of what was on the list. But I can’t write down nothing either, because then I’ll be disappointed too. Oh… whatever!

Talking about lists. I’ve made a list of new music I want. It’s not short!

  • Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
  • Eminem – Relapse
  • Moneybrother – Real Control
  • Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe (Deluxe Box Set Edition 3CD+DVD)
  • Melody Club – Goodbuy To Romance
  • Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • Leonard Cohen – Live In London (CD + DVD)
  • Manic Street Pretchers – Journal For Plague Lovers
  • Lisa Ekdahl – Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

That sure is a lot of music! And I’m not sure I’ve covered it all. This is what i can think of at least.

Writing this list I found a great gift for mum. I think I’m gonna buy her the DVD with Leonard Cohen in London. That will be a great gift. I remember we went  to see him when he played in Oslo last year. We had a great evening and Cohen was super. I’ll add that to the biscuts I’m making, the cantucini’s. So, I need to buy that dvd and buy a box/jar I have put the cantucini’s in. There is about 3 weeks until her birthday, so I don’t have a rush. Oh and I have make a card for her, must not forget that.

I’m eyeing the watch in the corner of this screen. It says 01:42. I know I’m not going to work tomorrow, but still…. I don’t have to go crazy with the bedtime. I think it’s time to end now and get my sorry ass into bed.

Bah. I wish I had the stereo in my bedroom. Then I could’ve fallen alseep to Bruce and some Tunnel of Love songs (put it on a timer). Well, I’m pretty much dead, so I think I actually will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. No need for music then!

Pinkpop, pinkpop yeah yeah yeah!

It looks like Pinkpop will happen after all. Things turned 360 degrees and now we’re back in the game!

The boxing glows are on! Uhm… more like the dancing shoes, actually!

Chantie and I, we’ve been planing Pinkpop this evening over msn. When you got a long-distance friendship, msn is everything. There is nothing that can’t be decided over msn. We also had our webcameras on for a short while. Funny how she first just had sound and no picture. Then she did some adjustments and then she had picture but no sound. haha. Well, it’s better with picture than sound.  

So far we’ve figured out when I’m coming, how go get there, where to sleep, how to get home and when I’m leaving. I’ll come on the 28th of May. It’s cheaper to fly on thursday, than friday. We’ll take an early bus the 30th which will arrive around 11.00. The same bus will take us back to Alkmaar 00.15 on monday, technically tuesday 2nd of June actually. About an hour after the last concert.

We’ll be staying at the camp in a tent which is not bought yet. What kind of tent this is gonna be I have no clue of. Chantie is in charge there. All I know is that it’s gonna be small and cheap. As long as we both fit in there, I’m fine!

So far, I’ve calculated to spend around 5000 NOK on this trip. Most costs are fixed, but some is hard to calculate. Food and drinks are one of them. I’m sure the food inside the festival area will be expensive. And outside the festival area… I’m not sure there are anything to eat there. Landgraaf is in the middle of nowhere and just a big field to arrange festivals according to Chantie. hihi. A Godsforsaken place, I assume.

I checked to see what artists they’ve booked so far. Oh dear! They’ve got some great artists coming:

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Depeche Mode
  • the Killers
  • Keane
  • Anouk
  • Amy MacDonald
  • Maria Mena
  • White Lies

I’ll get a great-live-music overload those days. heh! It will be crazy and not like anything I’ve experienced before. Never been to a sleep-over festival before. Only the one-day festivals.

The fact that  I’m gonna see Bruce again this year, is beyond my wildest dream. The other artists are just a bonus.

The only downside of it all, is that I can’t bring my camera. It’s too risky. I won’t have my camera stolen or getting lost somehow. And I bet I can’t bring it inside either. So we have to use the old camera, that I gave to Chantie for for home-made pizza and a bottle of wine. Taking pictures with the tiny Canon Ixus 500 will be interesting! Well, the Ixus can film. My DSLR can’t that. So props to the Ixus ;)

What’s new?

I haven’t written anything since what seems like forever. But it’s only two weeks. So what has happened since the 29th?

First of all, there has snowed a shitload of snow. Last weeekend… oh my! I snowed all saturday. I like it when it’s a lot of snow outside, but that is partly because I don’t owe a car and don’t need to worry about parking and getting my car snowed down. I’ve seen several people digging out there car before they head to work. When I see that I smile to myself and become happy that I’m taking the bus :) I saw a car yesterday. Uhm… it was mostly one of the side mirrors that I saw, the whole car was hidden under snow. Tomorrow, if it’s still there, I’m gonna take a picture of it!


Not sure if I told about the plans I have for my best friend Linda’s birthday? I started on a gift before christmas. I needed help from her friends, so I emailed them via facebook and asked for help. At first no one responded, so I sort of gave up. A few weeks ago, I got a reply from our friend Tina. After spending some time in bed thinking one night, I decided to give it another try. I emailed everybody once more, said I was disappointed in them and hoped they could help. I played with their pontensial guilt. It worked.  Now I have about 10 contributors to my gift and I maybe some more.

I can’t tell what I’m doing, since she might come across this blog. I’ve been working so hard with this gift. It takes a lot of time, creativity and I spend some hours after I come home from work to do this. But I’m sure it will be a kick-ass gift, which she will love, so it’s all worth it!

My stool is finished and looking cool. I haven’t taken a picture of it. And I’m too lasy to do it now, so you have to wait to see the end result. Sorry.

I haven’t made any cards lately. There hasn’t been anyone to make either. It’s sort of ‘off season’ for the cards. hey, wait! I made a card for mothers day.


It’s a simple card which says ‘worlds best mum’. I have her that along with some fresh Ceylon Breakfast Tea. She was happy.

Mum went to the library here the other day and got me  book about card-making. Nice! There is so many cool ideas I have to note down. It’s even a chapter about how to make envelopes! How cool isn’t that?

My sister had her birthday on the 5th. I had asked her if there was something she wanted, but she couldn’t think of anything, so I just had to find her something I thought she would like. I found out that I would make her a calendar like mum got for christmas. I hit the jackpot with that calendar. She loved it! She even said that she was looking forward to some of the months because of the picture on that particular month! That made me happy.

Mum has asked me if I could make her  another one too, so she can have one at home. She needs one in the kitchen, she says. I haven’t selected the pictures yet, because I don’t know what size the calendar will be in.  I’m not sure what’s left ‘out there’. Mum will buy something and then I’ll decide what pictures to put in.

Yesterday me and Ellen went to see the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomey. Here the other day I got two free tickets via The moive was great, both me and Ellen loved it. And the ‘end-song’ the Wrestler which is written by Springsteen is a lovely song. I can recommend anyone to see this film. Even if you don’t like wrestling that much, you like the movie!

Talking about Springsteen. I’ve finally gotten his album. Well… I’ve had it for some time now. It’s great. There is so many great songs. The best right now I think is Outlaw Pete. There is only one song I don’t like that much and that is Good Eye. I’m listening to it while I’m at work.

While we’re on the subject of music… I’ve bought tickets to two new concerts. First we have Per Gessle. He’s coming in April. Me and Ellen is going. And in July I will see Madonna live. Woho! That concert, I will see with Sissel and her husband Rolf. Sissel said not long ago that the only artist she hadn’t seen which she wanted to see, was Madonna. And then she comes.  The tickets sale was a big chaos, like it always is when big artists come. I was lucky to be able to purchase two tickets before the ordinary sale started. I pays off to be a member of! :)

I haven’t bought the the September When tickets yet. I should do that now, while I got some money.

Money… blargh! My money has wings. They fly away quite easily. I’ve used some of my savings to get the ends to meet. I’ve spent the money on things I don’t really need. Like the concerts I’m going too. It’s not neccessery to survive.  But it’s something I really want to spend it on.  Still, I hate it when I have to use my savings.

Thank god, that the interest on my morgage is not longer as high as it was. Now I pay like 1200 NOK less a month than I did in october. That’s great!

Today I went to the dentist. I hate dentists. They are expensive and they do painfull stuff to me. Today was quite ok. It was just a check-up. Took like 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I got a hole. So I’m heading back next tuesday at 15.15. Blah.

I’ve been extremely tired the last weeks. And I know what the reason for that are. Lack of sleep. But I’m not doing anything about it, so I’m not really allowed to complain. I’m stupid, but I can’t seem to be able to fix my stupidness… so I don’t know what to do.

My system is slowly shutting down. I’m yawning like a crazy and my eyes keep closing. It’s time to go to bed.

Hopefully, it won’t be two weeks until next update.

The Bruce Springsteen Story

It was in ’85 it all started. I was turning seven and Bruce had released Born in the USA. I don’t remember much from being seven, but I remember I loved the song Born in the USA.

My sister was hooked on Bruce and she influenced me. She loved Bruce and I took up on that. When I was eleven or twelve I got a mixtape filled with Bruce song for my birthday. My sister gave me this. I listened to that tape over and over and over.

1993 was a special year for me. It was the year of my first Springsteen concert. I remember the news on the front page of a huge Norwegian newspaper. I went screaming and running around the house. Then I called my best friend Linda who also loves Bruce as much as me. We went crazy together.

That summer in 93, I didn’t listen to other music than Bruce. He was constantly in my new cd-player for three months. Every time I turned off his music, I said out loud: Sorry Bruce, but I have to turn off now.

From that year, I started to collect things about Bruce. I cut out things about him from newspapers. Every little thing I could come over that included Bruce were safely cut out and stored in a plastic bag. I’ve bought a huge flag, calendars, buttons, t-shirts from concerts etc. My bedroom was filled with a huge Springsteen poster and pictures. Everything that I saw on TV was recorded.

Me and my friend Linda, we decided that when we died, we were going to take a picture of Bruce with us in the coffin. And they were going to play ‘the River’ at the funeral, because that was one of our fave songs at the time. Crazy, huh?

Quite early I decided I needed all his music on CD. It wasn’t enough with just a few mix-tapes. My first CD ever was Bruce Springsteen (un)plugged. My sister gave that CD and a Norwegian music magazine called Beat (with a huge Bruce interview) when I got confirmed. I think that, and the stereo my parents gave me, was the best gift I got for my confirmation.

Now that I got every official CD release, I’ve turned to LP’s. I love the sound of the LP and what better is there than Springsteen on LP? I collect old, used Springsteen LP’s and some rare un-official live recordings. I don’t have much, just a few, but the collection will grow.

I also got some books about Bruce and the E Street Band. I love reading about them.

This is the latest. A new LP (Greetings from Asbury Park), a new old magazine and various clippings from this weeks newspapers.

Now, almost 20 years after the madness started, I still collect clippings about Bruce and the E Street Band. It’s just something I can’t stop doing. I think it would feel unnatural to not cut out pieces about him, for some odd reason. I have a huge map with all sorts of things stored.

After the concert in ’93 I thought this would be the last time I would be able to see him. I said that in ’96 and ’99 too, when he played in Oslo. When he came in ’03 I stopped saying it. I knew then that it was impossible to predict what would be the last concert. After ’03, I’ve seen him twice in ’05 (with the Seeger Session Band), twice in ’07 (once in Oslo and once with my friend Chantal in Arnhem / Netherlands) and now two days a row, Monday and Tuesday, in Oslo. On Tuesday I had my 10th concert anniversary when I think about it :)

My best Bruce memory? That’s easy. It was in May 2005. Bruce was in town and he always stays at Grand Hotel. I was downtown doing some errands after work. Then mum called me. She’d heard on the radio that Bruce might be coming out of the hotel. I walked over to the hotel to see if there was anyone there. I saw some other people waiting and decided to stick around for a while. I ended up staying there for two hours – two long hours. But it was so worth it. Bruce came out. I had my camera ready and took a shot of him. He was walking right by me. It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing your idol one meter way from you.
The picture I took, turned out all blurry, but that doesn’t matter. I know it’s him :) I was so happy and ecstatic after he’d left half a minute later. My legs were like spaghetti and my hands were shaking. First I called my mum and thanked her for the lead on where Bruce was. Then I called my friend Linda and then my sister.

So what is it about this man that appeals so much to me? It’s a combination of lots of things.

His music, they way he writes, what he writes about… everybody can recognize something familiar in what he writes. He’s the everyday man who writes about universal things that everyone can relate to.

Bruce is a very down-to-earth man. He’s the man in the street and doesn’t want to be something else. Being famous hasn’t turned him crazy like other turn out. An example of that is this story I read in the newspaper thursday morning.

Bruce went for a walk in the Vigeland-park in Oslo wednesday night (around 22.00). He sees a small group of people (in their early twenties I think) sitting and drinking bear and having a good time. He walks over, sits down and has a chat. The group offers him a beer, he accepts. For half an hour he sits there, talking sharing stories etc. He said that doing things like that brings him closer to people and its fun and giving to feel the reaction this leads to. You got to love a man like that!

It’s not a downside that he’s quite charming and handsome too. His great smile and laughter; can anyone resist that? ;)

My fave Springsteen album and song? It’s hard to say. Album… it all depends on the mood I guess. It might be Darkness on the Edge of Town. Born in the USA is a great album too, with lots of fantastic songs.  When it comes to songs, I think I have to say Thunder Road from Born to Run. It’s a fantastic song and after I once heard him explain the song, tell us what it meant, how it’s built etc, I just loved it even more!

As a last thing, I have to say I’m blessed to have a friend I can share my Bruce-mania with. It’s nice to be two in all the madness!

No more posts.