A Streetcat Named Bob

120813- 027sLast saturday I went downtown in the afternoon to run some errands. After doing what I had planned I ended up outside a book outlet. They had childrens book on sale and I found a book for my youngest nephew. When I went inside I browsed the books they had. That’s when I saw the book ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’ by James Bowen. I’ve briefly heard about this story before. I saw a clip on the news quite some months ago. After reading the back of the book I decided to read it. I had a feeling this could be a really good book.

For the ten past years James (34) has been a busker in London and therefore he’s been living from hand to mouth. One day Bob sneaks into his life. James feels that taking care of a cat and having an additional mouth to feed, isn’t very ideal or what he needs. He is completely wrong. Bob is exactly what James need and it doesn’t take long before the cat is about to change James’ life. We get to follow James and Bob, who establish a remarkable friendship, over a two year period. That period includes appointments to the vet, Bob joining James while he’s out singing, trouble in the streets and policematters, Christmas celebration and more. We also get a insight in his ubringing, his relations to his family and what led to the life he’s been living since he was young.

I started rearding the book on the bus and continued when I got home. Instantly I got hooked. By the time I was supposed to go to bed I had read well over 150 pages. I landed on 177 pages 1,5 hour past midnight. The only thing stopping me from reading more was my sleepy eyes. By noon the next day, I had finished all the 285 pages.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I’ve never read a sweeter story than this one. What a remarkable cat and hey -James is pretty amazing too. It is a heart-warming story which made me laugh and cry. I know animals and cats can be special, but I’ve never read about a more special cat that Bob. Me being a catlover, of course made the story extra special, but I’m sure people who doesn’t love cats will love this story anyway. Just picturing James and Bob riding the bus together and Bob sittin on James’ shoulder, to get to his spot in Covent Garden where he played, makes me smile.

You can read about James and Bob here:

I rarely writes about books I’ve read (or amazing movies, music releases, concerts etc), but this book was so awesome and it left me in such a happy state of mind, that I just had to share this.

There is a new book out about James and Bob, named ‘The World According To Bob’. I’ve already ordered it online and is expecting it to arrived early next week. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and will probably devour it like it was a gigant delicious piece of yummy chocolate cake! That means very fast.

I’m recommending the book everyone I know and also recommend all my readers to read it too. It’s a must!

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New chair & books

I bought this colorful chair today. I needed something to sit in while reading out in the sun on my balcony. The original chair I wanted, was sold out at IKEA. That’s what I get for being so late! This chair, which I bought at Åhlens, is second best. I could get it in light blue with flowers on, but I fell for the stripy one.The blue table is a bucket turned up side down. It was all I could find that would fit as a table to my low chair. Creative, huh? I could place a glass of cold water there. Or maybe some cava? mmmm.

Here are the chair in full size. It will be perfect for hot summer days when I want to spend hours in the sun reading.

All I need now is some good weather and I’m ready! Today it’s been raining a lot. When I picked up the groceries for the office, it rained so much. The umbrella I had, hardly worked. My shoes were soaked and my pants were wet. So was part of my left arm too. Gosh! I walked around barefoot in the office the rest of the day. haha.

I’m taking good care of my flowers as you can see. When I was processing the flower shot, I recogniced that it had the same colors as my chair; green, red/pink, blue and green.  And a bit of white too. I instantly knew I had to make a diptych out of it.

I bought two books of Mankell yesterday. YAY! I had to stop by a few book stores before I found what I was looking for. All of them had Mankell, but not all had the ones I was looking for. I could’ve bought several more, but I thought two would have to do for now.

I haven’t started reading them yet. I need to catch up on some sleep and then I can’t be reading… I’ll probably start this weekend. Tomorrow Ellen is coming over after work and we’re headed out for a little bbq on the lawn outside my apartment. On friday I’m going to her; to help dye her hair. No time to read either of those days.

Good things comes for those who waits. It’s a saying that goes like that, if I’m not mistaken. And a great Mankell book is waiting for me.


I have really been a bookworm lately. A friend got me into reading again. I’m a very on/off bookworm. It can go months between me reading. But when I start reading, I read all the time. That’s how it is now. I read on my way to the office, I read during lunch and I read on my way home.

I’ve started to read Before the frost by Henning Mankell. He’s one of my all time fave writers. He has a serie, crime novels, about a police man called Kurt Wallander. I love it! I started on book number 1 some years ago and my intention was to read them in numeric order. But… when I wanted to read a Wallander story now, I didn’t have the next in line, but another book. And I didn’t wanna wait until I got the right one, so I just started on the one I had.

I’ve been looking at the other books in a bookstore and online.  I hoped they would be cheaper to buy online, sometimes they are. I saw they were a bit cheaper, but if you include the shipping it will be aprox the same. I rather go downtown buy them myself, than have to go to the post office to pick them up.

I recon I’ll buy a few new books tomorrow. I’m meeting mum for a little summer shopping downtown, so it’s a perfect opportunenty to buy some books.

Looking at the photo above, I get reminded of when I was a kid. Me and my friend Linda, we spent lots of summers reading books about the Bobbsey Twins. I loved that serie and I read a lot of books about the twins. I even remember their name; Bert, Nan, Freddie and Flossy.

We laid in the grass, on some blankets, with sunglasses on; swallowing books like kids eat icecream on a hot summer day.It’s a fond memory.

I am the same today.

I have a habit and that’s to read in bed. It’s not very smart, because it’s not easy to stop. Before I know it, it’s already way past my bedtime. Last night it was almost midnight before I could put my book down.

Chantie texted me yesterday. She had been reading Mankell too. It was the last book.  She said Mankell wasn’t gonna write anymore books about Wallander and she was sad about that.  I was like WTF? No more books?! Sigh! I wish he would write more books, because I love his crime novels. I guess everything has to come to and end…

I’m glad I have lots of more of him to reard before it’s over. I’ll be reading some tonight too, after NCIS LA is over and I’m going to bed.

Oh, on the end of this post. Everyone should check out the Read & Review blog by Karin Elizabeth. She reviews books and adds a funny self portrait on all reviews. Great site for bookworms!

Music & books

I’m not much of a reader. I love to read, but I don’t read nearly as many books as I would like to. If I read, I mostly read crime books, esp. from writers like Jo Nesbø, Henning Mankell and Håkan Nesser. I love crime novels.

What I also l love to read is books about muscisians I like. Years ago I read a book about Robbie Williams. I’ve alos read books about Springsteen. Right now I have at least three unfinished books; one about U2, a Springsteen book and a E Street Band Book. The great thing about these books is that you can put it away for months and pick it up again wihthout having to read it all over again, because you’ve forgot half of the plot.

Now I’ve started on a new book as of today. Clarence (from the E Street Band) and his long-time friend Don Reo has written about Clarence. The book got the name Big Man, which is Clarenc’s nickname. Because he is a big man; in more than one way.

I ordered the book on play.com before Easter, but didn’t think it would arrive until Easter was over. It took way longer than expected. I don’t know what, but something happened with my order, so I didn’t get a notification to pick it up at the post office before monday.

I took the notification paper with me on tuesday to pick it up. After work ended I went to the post office to send a package, but I forgot to pick up the book. And I didn’t realise that before I had bought groceries and was on my way home. I was too tired to go down there again, so I had to wait another day.

Yesterday I picked it up, but didn’t get the chance to start read it before today. I brought it to work and read on the bus this morning. It’s only when I bring a good book on the bus, I wish my busride to work would take longer. Seven minutes is not enough. You only get to start reading before you have to hop off.

Luckily I could read while I had my lunchbreak today. Normally I play cards with my colleague Gøril during lunch, but she couldn’t have lunch with me to day. Normally I would be bummed, but today I actually was happy about it.

I’ve only read like twenty pages, but it’s great so far! I’ve had many laughs. It will be fun & interesting to know this man a little better. Because I don’t know much about him. He is the most awesome sax player I know.

The nickname Big Man suits him very well. Not only because he’s very tall and strong / robust. He is big in whole other way too. He’s big when it comes to play the sax and his interaction with Springsteen. There is no one quite like him!

I was talking to Linda earlier this year about concerts. She was hungry for a concert, because it had been so long since last time. I was feeling the same. With a sigh I had to tell her that I had checked my music sources and there wasn’t any great concert in sight; neither small or big. I was a little bit afraid it would be a year with not so much concerts.

Things have changed!

Not long ago I found out Leonard Cohen is coming back to Oslo in Augsust. That man is awesome and taken his age in cosideration, he might not tour for much longer. Linda hadn’t seen him before; last time he came, she didn’t go. So I ordered tickets for us.

A few days later we ordered tickets to see A-HA. It’s the start on their farewell tour. I have my doubts that they really are pulling out the plugs and are saying goodbye for good, but that doesn’t really matter. I had to see them anyway! This will be my 4th time seeing them.

They’ll be playing, outdoor, in August. In fact, they are playing at the same day as Lars Winnerbäck is playing at the roof of the Opera-house! Big disappointment! I really wanted to see Winnerbäck!

That is not all. I’m also going on a festival this summer; Stavernfestivalen. Been there once before and it was very fun. This time it will be even better because we’re not staying in a hotel, but we’ve rented two cabins to sleep in. We’re four girls going.

The festival has Norwegian music profile. Mostly acts come from Norway, but they also have international bands. The programme is not set yet, but I know Simple Minds are coming. And for the Norwegian band, we’ll be able to see Dum Dum Boys, Jon Olav Nilsen og Gjengen, Åge Aleksandersen, Hellbillies, Thom Hell and the rapper Lars Vaular.

First I said no to the festival. I had planned to spend my money on other things. Linda, who I’m going with, first said ok and that she was going to find someone else to share the cabin with. After a little while, she begged me to come along. She was so convincing I couldn’t say no. Oh boy was she happy when I finally said yes. It made me very happy when she said there should be more people like me in the world. Words like that makes you smile.

Not long ago I found out that the Gaslight Anthem is playing at a festival in Oslo. I really, really, really wanna go see them, but I’m not sure I’ll have anyone who will go with me. And they play on a day when I work, so if I buy a ticket for that festival day, I will miss out some of the bands. I have yet to decide what to do. Last year when they were in Norway, they were also playing a festival. Why can’t they play  a stand-alone  concert? Gah!

Oh well, you can’t win them all. Isn’t that what they say?

No more posts.