A Streetcat Named Bob

120813- 027sLast saturday I went downtown in the afternoon to run some errands. After doing what I had planned I ended up outside a book outlet. They had childrens book on sale and I found a book for my youngest nephew. When I went inside I browsed the books they had. That’s when I saw the book ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’ by James Bowen. I’ve briefly heard about this story before. I saw a clip on the news quite some months ago. After reading the back of the book I decided to read it. I had a feeling this could be a really good book.

For the ten past years James (34) has been a busker in London and therefore he’s been living from hand to mouth. One day Bob sneaks into his life. James feels that taking care of a cat and having an additional mouth to feed, isn’t very ideal or what he needs. He is completely wrong. Bob is exactly what James need and it doesn’t take long before the cat is about to change James’ life. We get to follow James and Bob, who establish a remarkable friendship, over a two year period. That period includes appointments to the vet, Bob joining James while he’s out singing, trouble in the streets and policematters, Christmas celebration and more. We also get a insight in his ubringing, his relations to his family and what led to the life he’s been living since he was young.

I started rearding the book on the bus and continued when I got home. Instantly I got hooked. By the time I was supposed to go to bed I had read well over 150 pages. I landed on 177 pages 1,5 hour past midnight. The only thing stopping me from reading more was my sleepy eyes. By noon the next day, I had finished all the 285 pages.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I’ve never read a sweeter story than this one. What a remarkable cat and hey -James is pretty amazing too. It is a heart-warming story which made me laugh and cry. I know animals and cats can be special, but I’ve never read about a more special cat that Bob. Me being a catlover, of course made the story extra special, but I’m sure people who doesn’t love cats will love this story anyway. Just picturing James and Bob riding the bus together and Bob sittin on James’ shoulder, to get to his spot in Covent Garden where he played, makes me smile.

You can read about James and Bob here:

I rarely writes about books I’ve read (or amazing movies, music releases, concerts etc), but this book was so awesome and it left me in such a happy state of mind, that I just had to share this.

There is a new book out about James and Bob, named ‘The World According To Bob’. I’ve already ordered it online and is expecting it to arrived early next week. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and will probably devour it like it was a gigant delicious piece of yummy chocolate cake! That means very fast.

I’m recommending the book everyone I know and also recommend all my readers to read it too. It’s a must!

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Where does the photos end up?

In 365 days there is a lot of time to take a lot of photographes and I take a lot. I usually bring my camera with me where ever I go, because I wouldn’t miss a big photo opportunety.

So what happens with my photos after I’ve taken them?

I  upload all my photos to my laptop. They are devided into dated folders. I go through all my photos and delete the worste. Some I don’t touch but some are good enough to be processed. After I’ve done my post processing, I move the photo into a new folder called ‘the real deal’.  Photos that turns up in that folder either get posted on my blog or uploaded to flickr. A few of my photographes get printed and hung up on my wall.

But what happenes with the photos after that?


After I’ve uploaded the best photos to my flickr account and put them on my blog, they kind of get forgotten. I never print photographes and put them in albums anymore. Recently I looked at my photo albums and I think the last photos are from 2002 or 2003. I know I have a quite a huge batch of photos that’s not in any album; they’re just collecting dust in a drawer. Putting photos in albums are such a boring job and that’s why the batch of photos now is collecting dust. That is also why I haven’t printed any photos to put in albums after 2003.

The fact that all my photos only can be found on my computer or somewhere on the www, is sad. It doesn’t do my photos justice. I’ve spent so many hours photographing and I don’t do anything with them. Of course they serve their purpose on flickr; people can see them and comment on them. I share my photos with the entire world so to speak. But after they’ve been posted, theyget forgotten in a way. The end up like one of many photos in a line.

Last week I came across the blog of a flickr-contact called Cindy. She blogged about making a yearbook; a book containg photos taken a spesfic year. What a brilliant idea.  Instantly I wanted to make one myself. I found her blog during a five  minute break I had at the officed and got so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home and could start on the book. It took a while before my mind could stop thinking about the book and focus on my job again.

Now I’ve started on making a book containing photos taken in 2011. I’m printing my book at blurb.com; they are good. There are a lot of photos to choose from, so only deciding what photos to pick is a huge task. Then there is the arrangement of the photos. In which order to put them. Not to make complete mess, I’ve decided to put them in categories like food, animals, Oslo in b&w, Oslo in color, bikes etc.

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. Photos I’ve already forgot, is popping up. It is fun looking at this years photos. I know it will be fun to stack it in my bookshelf too. Or maybe I should leave on my sofa table? Everyone visiting me will be able to see it then.

What are you doing with the photos you are taken? Are they hidden somewhere in a hard disk, hanging on a wall or have you done something else with them? I would love to know.

New chair & books

I bought this colorful chair today. I needed something to sit in while reading out in the sun on my balcony. The original chair I wanted, was sold out at IKEA. That’s what I get for being so late! This chair, which I bought at Åhlens, is second best. I could get it in light blue with flowers on, but I fell for the stripy one.The blue table is a bucket turned up side down. It was all I could find that would fit as a table to my low chair. Creative, huh? I could place a glass of cold water there. Or maybe some cava? mmmm.

Here are the chair in full size. It will be perfect for hot summer days when I want to spend hours in the sun reading.

All I need now is some good weather and I’m ready! Today it’s been raining a lot. When I picked up the groceries for the office, it rained so much. The umbrella I had, hardly worked. My shoes were soaked and my pants were wet. So was part of my left arm too. Gosh! I walked around barefoot in the office the rest of the day. haha.

I’m taking good care of my flowers as you can see. When I was processing the flower shot, I recogniced that it had the same colors as my chair; green, red/pink, blue and green.  And a bit of white too. I instantly knew I had to make a diptych out of it.

I bought two books of Mankell yesterday. YAY! I had to stop by a few book stores before I found what I was looking for. All of them had Mankell, but not all had the ones I was looking for. I could’ve bought several more, but I thought two would have to do for now.

I haven’t started reading them yet. I need to catch up on some sleep and then I can’t be reading… I’ll probably start this weekend. Tomorrow Ellen is coming over after work and we’re headed out for a little bbq on the lawn outside my apartment. On friday I’m going to her; to help dye her hair. No time to read either of those days.

Good things comes for those who waits. It’s a saying that goes like that, if I’m not mistaken. And a great Mankell book is waiting for me.

Linda, IKEA, shopping and gift


Tuesday I met Linda at IKEA. We had a whole evening with shopping ahead of us. So we started of with dinner at IKEA. I came straight from work and was hungry. As usual I ate the swedish meatballs. Yum!

We strolled around at the first floor for quite some time. We skipped the second floor where all the furniture is. I was looking for some black square frames I’d seen they have online and some tea-lights. The black frames, they didn’t have. They did have some, but they were too deep for my liking. You could create a 3-D picture with it and is not what I’m gonna do. So I ended up with some aluminium-frames. Same type as I have now, but only square.

I also found the pack with the 100 tea-lights which were sold out last time I was at IKEA. As a last thing, I bought a new plant for 5 NOK. My last one has, the same as I bought, died recently and I got another one half dead too. I didn’t take the time to read on the label who to treat this plant – something I should’ve. If I had, I wouldn’t have bought the plant – not even though it was very cheap. I managed to buy a very sensitive plant who needs lots of care. It said: check the soil every day, it can’t get dry. Lord, every day? How am I supposed to remember that?! *shakes head* I’m sure I will kill this plant too.

After IKEA we went to this mall called Metro. Inside the parking lot, in the car, I gave Linda the gifts. I wondered if she should open them or wait. I told her I wanted her to open them. It’s always more fun to see them open the presents you’ve bought than just to hear about it. She saved the book to the last.

She loooved the book. She almost got some tears just to see the cover.  We stayed in the car for over half an hour looking in the book. She just had to look throug it. We laughed a lot and commened a lot on different stories or pictures. She told me this was the best present she’d gotten. Ever! That meant a lot to me. It’s of course nice to know someone like the things you’ve done and I appreciate the nice things being said about me, but the main thing is that Linda liked it.

So after Linda had digested the book, we went inside. I had nothing special in mind that I was looking for. Linda was looking for a new dress she could wear at her birthday party the 4th of April. We went to all the stores we could think would have something and Linda tried on many dresses! Eventually she found a cool one! It took a while.

We went to a different mall too. I’m not sure what we exactly was looking for there… oh wait, it was shoes. Linda wanted some pink pumps to match her dress. Sadly we didn’t find any. Last year I saw lots of pink pumps. This year… no one to be found. Sigh.

Around 21.00 we agreed it was time to head home. We were both tired and Linda had to clean her house when she came home, because she expected dinner-guests on her birthday. I’m glad I only could go home and sleep! Linda drove me to the train station and I took the speedy train home. In less than 45 minutes I was home. I didn’t have to wait  long for the train, and the subway came right away. I actually had to run a bit to catch it.

It was a fun afternoon. Linda is always fun to shop with. We click shopwise. We’re were alike there. We’re not like our friend Tonje who gets tired after a few stores and then have to go sit at a cafe and drink latte!

The book and the sun arrived!

Last friday I got an email from blurb.com that the book had been shipped. I archived the email and didn’t think anymore about it. When I opened my mailbox today, what do I see? To my big surprise, the book!!


The book has arrived. I could not wait to get inside my apartment so I could have a look at it. I tore up the package and smiled widely when I saw the cover.


I was a bit worried there would be typos in the book. I did spellcheck it twice, but sometimes you just turn blind. Maybe I should’ve let a friend look over it? Of course I saw some typos. I’ve spotted a few. The worst one that was I’ve said she’s born in ’78! Doh! It’s ’79! That’a bit annoying, but what can I do?

Apart from the few typos, the book is great. I love it. I hope Linda will love it too. I’m so eager to give it to her, I could go home tomorrow and deliver it. But I have to wait. Her birthday isn’t until next week (wednesday).

The book is not the only thing that arrived today. So did the sun! Horray for that! I went out on a stroll after work, taking some pictures. It was nice to finally be able to catch some sun / light in my photos again. It seems like such a long time since I’ve been able to do that!


This is one of the shots I took. The colors are a bit unusual for me, but that’s one thing that I like with this shot. This will be found at flickr, but not today. I’m too tired to upload it. And I’ve already uploaded one  picture today.

I’m planning to create a new set on lukcytown.no. Well, it’s two actually when I come think of it.

  1. A black and white set. I got inspired by a flickr-buddy named Alice. The takes only black and white pictures. I find pictures in black and white beautiful. If you have a dull colored picture, you can easily make it better by turning it into black and white. I’m not going to call this set black and white, because that’s so ordinary and boring and far from what I am ;) I’m gonna call it ‘not color’.
  2. A set with the cards I’ve created. I always show you here what cards I’ve made. I think it’s time to put them on my webiste.

It will take some time to organize this.  The boring part is to downsize them to the right size; one set with 600 x 400 pixels and one set with thumbnails that are 75 x 75 pixels. Maybe I’ll start the process tomorrow. We’ll see how the day turns out.

The calendar is finished and so is soon the book too :)


After work today, I went downtown to pick up the pictures to the calendar. I could’ve piced them up yesterday, but I worked until 17.00 and I was tired/hungry/grumpy so I went straight home instead.

The calendar looks great. Each pace have a color and the color match with the picture in most of the months. That was not intentionally, it was more pure luck. Well… the colors change as the seasons change and my pictures are carefully picked to match the season. So I guess it’s not just luck after all.

Tomorrow my parents come to pick it up. I called mum earlier today and invited them on coffee. I’m thinking of making some waffles. That would be nice and a surprise I think. Then I need to buy some full cream. Waffles without full cream, isn’t real waffles. hah. ;)

I can’t wait until friday. It will be so much fun to go see Winnerbäck again. Linda found out that it would be best if we drove a little early on friday, so she called me and suggested I should get an hour off at work on friday. I agreed and asked my boss about it. It was ok by her, so Linda is then picking me up at 15.00. It will be so great to leave at 15.00, becuase friday after lunch is always so dreaful.  I have to remember to bring some Winnerbäck cd’s we can listen to in the car.

I was online yesterday to find out where this place he’s helding the concert is. We need a map so which I found on the yellow pages. I also had to find their phone numer, just in case. When I was on their webiste, it stated that tickets had be picked up, the latest, 8 days after you’d purchased the tickets. I got worried instantly, because my confirmation said something totally different. I called them and the calmed me down. Tickets need to be picked up 45 mins. before the concert starts. Phew!

The book to Linda is almost finished. I just need to adjust the cover and the back of the book. It’s become 74 pages! I have two friends who hasn’t returned anything, but I’m not gonna nag at them. They knew the due-date and I’m a bit tired of nagging. They were not close friends, so they weren’t that important. I’m gonna send the book to printing tomorrow. Woho!

I was acutally ready to go to bed at 21.30 tonight, but look at the clock! 23.08 already. Whoops…. Tic, toc! Tic, toc!

[anything goes here] sluts

Me and my friend Chantie, started once to call each other sluts. I don’t know exactly when or why, but we did. And by sluts, we’ve never meant anything bad. We use it like other people use chicks. We don’t use just the word slut, but very often we attach decribing word in front of it; like tired sluts, lazy slyts, office sluts etc…

Some time in 2008, I thought about making a book about us. I don’t know eactly when here either. My memory is on some areas veeery bad, you see. But anyway, I wanted to make a book, covering us sluts from A – Z. The plan was to write something on each letter in the alphabet.

I came across someone on Flickr who mentioned blurb.com as a perfect place to make books. You make the book online and then send it off for printing. You can choose between different sizes or if you want hard- or softcover. The site is indeed great!

Sor for a long time now, I’ve been working on this book. Some letters were easy to cover. Like B (Burger King sluts) I (internet-sluts), O (Oprah-sluts) and T (tired sluts). You know, we LOVE Burger King and Oprah. We spent a lot of time on the internet and we’re often tired. I write a little bit about each subject and includes pictures.

Yesterday I finished the book. I read through all of it and corrected all the typos. There were a few of those… I purchased two copies of the book and it will take about two weeks before they arrive I guess. I can’t wait to see it!

This whole thing might seem very odd to other people. Calling each other sluts, writing about about it… I see the point, but I don’t really care. We find it funny. And this book connects us together. It is something we can look back on when we get old. hihi ;)

Ida’s Dance

Radiumhospitalets Venner (the Radiumhospitals Friends) held a concert in Oslo Spektrum last Thursday. The organisation is new and the reason for the concert was to make publicity about the organisation. The organisation itself is created to contribute to strengthen the hospitals identity and the role as a national and international cancer-center, and to get means to patient-directed actions at the hospital.  

Jan Fredrik Karlsen and Liv Ulmann were hosts. There were lots of Norwegian artists that contributed for free – like Kurt Nilsen, Arve Tellefsen, Madcon, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Espen Lind etc. In between the hosts talked to various people – people who had cancer, some who had beaten cancer, experts etc.  

One woman got stuck on my mind. It was a mother of a child who died of leukaemia. She had written a book about it. The name was Idas dans (Ida’s Dance). ‘ I don’t know exactly why, but I got the urge to read that book. So the next day, last Friday, I went downtown to find that book. I found it in paperback and only paid 99 NOK for it.  

I knew in advance that this book was a book I would find myself crying over – a lot. I cry easily over sad things. And this book, where I knew from the start that she was going to die, I knew it would be hard to read. Still I bought it and read it.

By the afternoon was over on Saturday, I was finished. Through out the book I cried many tears. At some times, my vision was so blurry I had to stop reading. What a sad story! My friend Chantal asked me if it was worth it – reading the sad story.  


I got an insight in how brutally life can be, how fast it can change and what family really means. I got to experience something through this book that I otherwise wouldn’t have known much about.  

After reading the book, I have questions.  

How can someone be as strong as the mother who wrote this book? She portrait herself almost like a superwoman in my eyes. I guess when you are in the middle of something like that, you get strength from a place deep, deep down, somewhere hidden.  

And how can you, when you’re 19, prepare yourself for death? I can not in my wildest dream imagine how you can. How do you live the weeks, days and minutes before you know it’s all over?  

There were two moments in the book that really caught me. The first was when Ida for the first time expressed to her mother that she was afraid – afraid of dieing. It was heartbreaking to read. The second was when she at the end say goodbye to every close family member (father, sisters, brother). She took time for every one of them. It was painful to read, but also so beautiful at the same time.  

I’m glad I read this book. It opened my eyes a bit.  

On to something totally else at the end. I bought this book downtown at Tanum Bookstore. It’s huge and I had trouble find the book. So I asked a woman if she knew where I could find it. I only had the title, not the author. That was enough. Without searching on her computer she told me it was under the section ‘grief’ in the area where health and psychology were. Wow. That woman was amazing. It felt like I could come with any title and she would know where it was.     

No more posts.