5 AM day two

210714- 010 dip After being out at 5 AM yesterday photographing and seeing that lovely morning light in my photos, I wanted to do it again–but this time, walking a little bit to photograph other things. So I set the alarm for 04.35. Five minutes before the alarm went off, I woke up all by myself. My head was not with me, still sleeping. When I peeked through the curtains and didn’t see any sun, I instantly thought it was cloudy and I didn’t want to photograph if there wasn’t any beautiful light outside.  So I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

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5 AM

200714- 171My three-week vacation started on friday. After spending yesterday at a pool with my sister and her family and having dinner at their place, I went home to my parents place. They are on holiday (in Nice, France) and I needed to take care of Samson (our cat) for a few days. My uncle did it until I came home. I woke up twice last night. First at 04.00 because Samson was sitting outside my bedroom door screaming–he wanted to get out. After letting him out, I went back to bed and fell asleep instantly. Almost an hour later I woke up again. I have a mild form of restless legs syndrome. It is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. Mostly it occurs in my legs, but sometimes my arms is affected. That happened yesterday. To make it go away, I need to focus my brain on other things than the restless arms. Doing things with your arms helps.

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Back in bizz: more bikes!

Oh boy! It’s been a long time since I blogged. Way too long! I am not surprised, because my blogging is like a yo-yo. Sometimes I blog a lot and then there are periods where I hardly blog at all. I put my lack of blogging on my ‘being-uninspred’ account this time. I hope I can, with this post, slowly come back and blog more regularly again.

Quite often I feel like I’ve captured what there is to capture of Oslo. I know that’s not true, because there are still parts of Oslo I haven’t photographed. There are still things to see that my eyes haven’t catched yet. Knowing this, still I’ve felt a bit uninspired. One of the reason is that there isn’t anything new and grandiose to photograph. It’s the same old things. There isn’t any Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate, Brookly Bridge, La Familia Sagrada, Spanish Steps etc in Oslo.

What I seek is something new, something spectacular to photograph.

I think that will change this summer! Last fall I had a ten years anniversary at my office. That resulted in a 5000 NOK gift certificate from a travel agency that needed to be used within a year from mid September. I could’ve spend all of it on one trip somewhere far away, but I chose to do it differently. In stead I’ve spent it on two trips:

  • The Netherlands: 6 days trip to Holland visiting my friend and going see Springsteen! Woot! Will spend a few days in Alkmaar where Chantal lives and then a few days in Nijmegen.
  • 4 days trip to London with my friend Bjørg. We will stay in a apartment hotel in Notting Hill. It’s been like 12 years or so since I was in London last time. It will be great visiting London again!

In addition to that I’m going on a 3 day trip to Stockholm to see a band called Gyllne Tider with my friend Linda and a bunch of other people. Chantal is also coming to Norway and then we’re going to go to Gothenburg and spend some days there.

I migth go to Krakow in a months with some people from my office. It’s not decided yet, we will decide tomorrow. I’ve never been to Poland and Krakow. If we go, it will be very interesting!

So I think I will have lots of opportuneties to photograph new stuff this summer. I’m so looking forward to it.

Well, I’m none of those places right now. I’m in Oslo. To get my inspiration back, I turned to what I love – bikes! Bikes always makes me smile and cheer me up. Seeing an beautiful, old bike makes me giddy. No kidding!

So here they are, today’s bikes. Enjoy!

210413- 294s 210413- 242s 210413- 236s 210413- 223s dip 210413- 213s 210413- 207s 210413- 202s day  210413- 172s 210413- 152s 210413- 126s 210413- 124s

Let’s start the year with bikes

060113- 149s

I ended 2012 and started 2013 photographing some of the things I love the most; bikes! It wasn’t planned by me, it just happened. Well, the photo trips were planned, but not that bikes would be my focus. It’s not a big surprise though, since I love bikes. I’m thinking that I have to make a book full of bike photographes some time. Well, I have that thought about many things, ‘that needs to become a book’. So far not many ideas has turned into books.

Maybe these photos one day will end  up in a photo book. In the meantime, you’ll just have to watch them here.

060113- 190s 060113- 189s 060113- 186s 060113- 154s 060113- 148s 060113- 077s 060113- 072s 060113- 071s 060113- 042s 060113- 040s 060113- 033s
This is the first post of 2013. Lets hope there will be many more in the year to come. That is my plan at least.

My next plan, photo wise, is to finish my book with 2012 photos. I started on it right after I finished the book of 2011 photos. Sadly I didn’t take that many photos the last months of 2012, so there won’t be that much to add. Anyways, it has to be finished and sent off to be produced. I make my books over at Blurb.com. I can highly recommend it! The quality of the books you get is very high. My uncle got a book with photos from Christmas and he loved it.

A weekend in Larvik

I am one week into my vacation. So far it’s been good. I’ve done quite some things around the apartment, like painting doors and floor skirtings, changing door handles, half in changing my floor in the food cabinet etc. It is nice to get things like this done. I’ve also done some scrapping, which I plan to write about later. I have not just worked the last week. On friday I went to Larvik, a city south in Norway, two and a half hours bus drive from Oslo. My friend Ellen’s parents is living there and Ellen was there caking care of their house as her parents is on vacation. I came on a weekend visit to keep her company.

Going go see her in Larvik, seemed like a great oportunety to bring my camera and go for a photo walk. I do love to walk around Oslo, but some times I wish I could visit other cities and explore them. See new things, photograph new things and places. I got a chance to do that this weekend.

Larvik is a small city by the sea and has a little over 24.000 people living there. The city has ferry connections with Denmark. Read more at wiki if you’re interested.

Things don’t always go as planned. The weather cast for this weekend wasn’t good, it was quite bad. A lot of rain was coming. It said it wouldn’t rain on friday afternoon/evening but a lot on saturday. So we decided to go out on our photo trip friday evening. We prepared ourself, but as we stepped outside, the rain came. There was nothing else to do than to go inside again and do somethinge else. It rained SO much that night. I’m pretty sure it could fill a small sized pool with water.

Luckily, it didn’t rain that much on saturday. The weather was grey, misty and only a few drizzles during the day. We took our photo trip that day instead. I could’ve wished for some sun, but one can’t control the weather, only take what one got.

I took a lot of photos this weekend, too many to share all of them in one post. So I will have to do what I usually does, divide the photos int two posts. First you’ll get the photos taken down by the fjord, later you’ll get the misc. photos.


Spring has sprung (visiting the Botanical Garden)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything now. It’s the story of my blog life, sadly. I either forget to blog or don’t have anything to blog about. Yesterday I knew the weather would be nice, so I decided to take my camarea out for a walk. I need to take more photos with my lovely D7, in stead of just play around with my phone and Instagram.

Spring is here and wanted to capture it. It so beautiful to see things come to life; trees starts to get green / blossom, flowers pop up and the world looks brighter. I decided to go to the Botanical Garden. I’ve been there before this time a year, and it’s beautiful there!

I left for the Botanical Garden right after work ended. Since I’ve recently decided to become more ‘sporty’ I walked all the way. It’s not far and I thought I could take some photographes on my way. This is what I captured:

These are the photographes from the Botanical Garden:

I’m still getting used to my new camera. I try, I fail and I learn. It hasn’t really sunk in how big my photos are now (in pixels and MB) – not until yesterday at least. While photographing, I suddenly get a message saying that my memory card is full. My memory card isn’t the biggest, I know that (1 GB), but with my other camera I could take a lot more photos than I can now. Now it takes less than 200 photos to fill up my card. I was like ‘but, but, but… I’m not finished here! aarrrghhh!!!’ I had to go through my photos and delete the ones I thought wouldn’t make the cut, based on the tiny LCD screen on my camera, to make room for a few new ones. Not ideal. I was pretty annoyed and

As I left the Botanical Garden I made two promises to myself: 1) Buy a bigger memory card 2) Go back to the Botanical Garden and shoot more.

I haven’t bought a new memory card yet. My plan is to do that this weekend. I do have been back at the Botanical Garden, I went there today too. Today I’d brought an extra memory card, just in case.

There is too many photos to fit them all into one blog post. So todays photos, you’ll get them later.

Stay tuned!

Photo trip: bikes

Earlier this week I read a blog post from Jasmine and it made me want to explore Oslo this weekend; bring my trusted camera, some lenses and shoot whatever I found interesting. Last weekend I visted my friend Bjørg in Elverum; two hours outside Oslo. On my way home that sunday, when I came back to Oslo, I spotted a area from the bus that I wanted to explore.

So today I got up early to go downtown with my camera. The fog was quite thick when I saw outside the livingroom window. It was grey and rain in the air. But that didn’t stop me. I knew it would be grey outside, so that was no surprise. The fog was a plus, since I haven’t had many opportuneties to photograph when it’s foggy outside.

Hours later, with tired feet and back, I had 280 photos with me back home. My three main subjects was the central train station, the opera house and bikes. I got too many photos to post them all in one go, so I will devide them into two posts. This post will be dedicated to bikes.

An old and lonely bike. A bit rusty, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty.

Another bike seat from Prima Norsk. I’ve photographed many of them.

An old bike. Love the blue color and the orange/read coat thingy.

I saw this bike close to the opera house. I only managed to take two (bad) photos of it before the owner came. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to take a photo of it. I smiled back, politely said no and put down my camera. I shyed out. Of course I wanted to capture this pretty bike. The woman told me the bike is from the 1930’s. I complemented it; said it was pretty and walked away.

Later, after I’d spent some time on the roof of the oprea house and bought a bus/tram ticket for a friend of mine who’s visiting me in a week, I spotted the bike again. It leaned against a lightning pole outside a pizza restaurant. Man I was happy; I think I let out a little scream when I saw it…

I took quite a few photos of it; both standing straight up and crouching. A lot of people stared at me, but for once I didn’t care. I’d gotten a second chance with this bike and I couldn’t let it  pass.

Another blue bike; presented by its spokes and seat.

Last, but not least a straddel not in its best shape. But the not-perfect is nice too. At least with some yummy gloomy November bokeh in the background.

Stay tuned for part two.

Oslo by day pt 2.

This is part two of my phototrip from yesterday. Now I’ve gone a little closer and the bokeh is present.

Outside the restaurant New Orelans. Last year I took a photo of their door for my door project.

Empty coffee cup; was filled with espresso. And a Napolion’s cake. This was Ellen’s treat.

Croissant and some danish pastry. Photo taken outside the cafe we visited. A woman inside the cafe, in front of the counter, looked strangely at me. I guess she was wondering why I was photographing the pastry. It annoyes me when people start staring.

A restaurant. Nobody sat outside; it was too cold. It’s still just the beginning of February. Inside it was more crowded.

A pile with chairs stacked up against the wall.

Old Kodak sign. Very pretty.

Pepper mix and black pepper. This goes into my food project. My letter to shoot was P and this was a perfect subject. I honestly didn’t think I would find something that would fit my food project. I didn’t even concider it.

Outside a flowershop own buy a famous Norwegian guy (Finn Schjøll). I love pussy willows.

From a tourist shop. A Viking-ship.

A newspaper reader. This is taken outside the building where the tabloid VG has their office. You can read todays newspaper in the background. Akersgata used to be the ‘newspaper-street’, but it’s not anymore since two newspapers have moved.

Advertisement. You could see the Swing Shift Side Show at Blitz on friday.

I’m planning a new phototrip soon. It was so much fun and I would love the explore new parts of Oslo. Yesterday we visited St. Hans Haugen and Bislett. I would love to go to Sagene eller Torshov. I’m pretty sure we can find great things to capture there too.


Wide angle love

Last weekend I went to a photo fair. I saw a lot of great photographes. I hadn’t really planned to buy anything; just look. But when you see all the equipment you instantly get in a shopping mood. And since I had got a raise a few days earlier, I felt I could spend some money. First I thought about buying a photo-printer. Canon had a huge stand and they had lots of printers. I decided which one to buy and went to FotoVideo to pay for it. While standing in line I looked in the fair-magazine. They had wide angle lenses on sale! 10% off.

A colleague of mine talked to me about lenses last week, when we were out drinking beer, and he suggested that a wide angle should be my next lens. When it was my turn I quickly changed my mind, pointed at the Sigma 10-20 mm lens F4,0-5,6 and said I want that. He went to find it, but came back with no lens. They were sold out at the moment. A new shipment would arrive 1,5 hrs later. I hadn’t time to wait that long. Luckily I could buy it online for the same price until Sunday night. So that’s what I did. Later that evening I went online and bought it. On monday I  picked it up! YAY!

I have only tested it a few times. The sun/light is absent when I come home from work, so it’s not easy to use it. I tested it one morning on my way to work and I’ve tested it by shooting my living-room. Tonight I took out my tripod, put on my jacket and hat, went out on the balcony and tested it for some night shots of Oslo. I had an idea of taking photos in focus and out of focus.

This is what I ended up with:

To bokeh or not to bokeh? I say a little bit of both!

Part one of the diptych.

Part two of the diptych.

So this is my view from the balcony. It’s pretty in daylight, but also pretty when it’s dark outside too.

A bit darker. Lots of bokeh-love!

I have plans to use this lens a lot more in the coming weeks. This weekend I’m visiting a friend in a city two hours away. Probably won’t be able to use it so much when I’m there, but on my way home on sunday I’ll try to take some  photos from the bus. Next weekend I might spend a day in my hometown Lierfoss and if so, I’ll definitely will take it with me on a walk. And the first weekend in Februar I might go on a photowalk with my friend Ellen. So hopefully there will be lots of new photos up on flickr or my blog where my wide angle lens is used.

I think the next thing on my wishlist is a tele-lens. Like a 200 or 300 mm lense. Or wait… what’s really next on my wishlist is a Polaroid camera. But they’re not easy to find. I could by one online (ebay etc), but I’m a bit skeptic; there is a chance you’ll get ripped off. But I guess, if the seller got good reviews the chances are slim.

Well, before all these new camera/lens wishes, I think I’ll end up buying a photoprinter. I really need one of those. But I have no idea what I want. Should it include a scanner? Does it have to be 5 seperate ink-cartrigde? I’ve heard that’s the best. I should go talk to someone who’s a pro.

Right now, I’m going to go talk to my bed! No wait… I have to talk to Flickr first… What else is new?

No more posts.