Brithdaycards vol. I

I’m making a set with ten birhtday cards for someone. I’m not gonna tell who, even though I’m pretty sure that person isn’t reading this blog.

I started on saturday, did some yesterday and finished two cards today.  Some of my lovely new pattern paper have been used. And finally I got to use some of those ladybugs I bought months ago. They are so utterly cute!

Up: outside. Down: inside.

Up: outside. Down: inside.

So what do you think?

That paper-pattern inside the last card is so pretty and I thought I might wanna use that pattern later. Then a clever little idea popped into my mind; lets make a sample of it. So I found a paper and and draw around the lines. Now I just have to cut it out and store it some place safe.

Seeing these cards and other cards I’ve made, tells me I got a certain way to make my card. I have my own style. I’m not filling my cards with lots of different papers, flowers, brads, ribbons, rubber stamps etc. like I see others do. I keep it quite simple.

One reason for that is because I do simple best. I don’t know how to “do” cards that are not simple. I can not visualize them in my head and I would have a hard time trying.

So I do what I can best. I make it simple.

Birthday cards as presents

I’ve decided to make some birthday cards and give away as Christmas presents. I have two friends that are getting five cards each. In lack of ideas of what to buy them, I thought this might be a good idea. Brithday cards is something you always will need and it’s good to have some in store.

So yesterday and today I’ve made some cards. Today I even went down to Steffens to buy some new pattern paper. I needed to go there and buy a Christmas gift anyway, so why not buy some paper too?

I’ve managed to make eight cards in two days. Not bad. The two friends who are getting them, is not online that much and they surly doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe when I post them.

The three last ones I made today with the new pattern paper. I’m really satisfied with them.  I don’t really wanna part with them, haha. But I have to. It will make nice gifts.

I have two more cards to make, which will be made sometime this week I think.

Birthday card

My friend Linda asked if I could make her a birthday card for her boyfriend who is turning 30. Of course I said yes. Birthday cards are fun to make. I had no idea what kind of card to make. The only thing I had planned was that it was going to be square. I love square things!

So after going through my cardboard/ pattern paper and doing some thinking I came up with this (funny) card.

This reminds me, I should start on the birthday cards I’m giving away for Christmas soon too. Next friday the first batch need to be ready! I might start tomorrow. Lets hope so.

Birthdaycard for Ellen


I had to go back to the scrapping shop I visited yesterday. I had to buy some brown cardboard for a few cards I have in mind. There was also need for some basic light cardboard. Of course I ended up with a few more pattern-paper. And I bought two more of those really pretty snow crystals.

Ellen works at a travel agent and she’s been working at Swiss Air in London for several years. She’s also worked at an airport for a while. Therefor I wanted a travel team for her birthday card.

bursdagskort ellen

This is not a traditional birthday card with baloons, gifts and sparkling letters. It says happy birthday and that have to do. I hope and think Ellen will like it.

Birthday card and music

I got little to report from today. I had a busy day at the office. Lots of work came my way. I’m not really complaining. It just became a little overwhelming at first. haha. A colleague dumped 45 jobs in my inbox. And my boss gave me things to do yesterday afternoon. I didn’t finish as I said I would, but I will continue tomorrow. Well, it’s better to have too much to do than to little.

050109-12I finished Linda’s birthday-card. This is how it turned out!I’ll be writing on the blue circle.

I’m quite happy about it. I’ve never used circles before. My friend Sissel’s Christmas-card gave me the inspiration.

I made the circles with a very cool circle-cutter. It’s amazing and an very handy tool! Every card-making people should have one!


After I’d finished the card, I organized my cardboard and papers. I found things I didn’t remember I had. Ahem… I won’t be needing any new cardboard soon I think. If I’m gonna buy something, it has to be something birthday-related. But I don’t really need that either!

Oh! I found out something awesome last week! The September When is going to hold a concert in Oslo in March. I think it’s the 6th. Today I asked Ellen if she wanted to go. I wasn’t sure if she knew the September When that well and wanted to go. But to my big surprise, she said she’d been meaning to ask me if I wanted to go, but she had forgot. Hah :) So we’re going. I’m gonna buy the tickets as soon as my salery comes. That will be on the 10th.

While searching for the TSW tickets, I realised that I had forgot that Oasis is coming this month. I wanna see them badly! But I have no one to go with so far. Mabye I can trick Ellen to come? Hmmm. I can try at least. I should listen to their new album. I’ve only listened to it once or twice.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. So much music, so little time.

Christmas cards and a birthday card

Finally! Here is the five christmas cards I’ve made so far.

And here is my birthdaycard for dad. It’s not that he’s a monkey or anything. LOL.


Now I’m gonna go make some more cards. Got one hour, then I have to prepare for bed. I’m already tired.

Mums birthday

It’s mums birthday on saturday. And of course I’ve made her a card. Since it’s summer, I chose a green and yellow theme. I like this card a lot.

As a birthday-gift I’ve put together a few things:

– a dvd with Trond Viggo Torgersen. (funny comedian / tv guy). It was on sale.

– two pictures of Lierfoss. Taken by me, choosen by mum.

– four square plastic things to have under your plate when you eat. I have no idea what it’s called. I don’t even remember the norwegian word for it at the moment. Total blackout. lol. They were on sale :)

– a cake with candles on top. One candle for each letter in her name. Very cute!

I’m making the cake today and I’m going home tomorrow to celebrate her :)




Yet another new card

This card is for my friend Bjørg. She had her birthday yesterday. I haven’t been able to give it to her yet. I haven’t got a present either. I’m a little clueless on what to buy. A gift certificate is an easy solution, but I don’t know… it’s a bit boring. I’ll see what I’ll come with.

I’ll have another card to make too. Ellen is moving these days and I need a card that goes with the housewarming gift I’ve bought her. I’ll try to make the card today! Let’s hope I’m inspred!  


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