And then… there were more bikes

011213- 453sHere are part two of the bikes I shot on sunday. I found lots of beautiful old bikes. People are speding lots of money on new and fancy bikes, but apparently there are quite some people that loves the old ones as well. I like that. The old ones has way more charactere and they areway prettier than the new ones. Don’t you agree?

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I’m back…. with more bikes

011213- 014sIt’s been ages since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy the two last months and I haven’t been very inspired to pick up my camera. Lately though, I’ve been missing working with my camera–aim, focus and shoot all those beautiful/interesting¬† things around me.

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Bikes in Gothenburg pt. II

In my previous post I told you about all the bikes I found in Gothenburg last time I was there. As promised, here is the second batch of the bike photos I took. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

140713- 225s 140713- 226s 140713- 230s 140713- 243s dippy 140713- 244s 140713- 247s 140713- 250s 140713- 255s 140713- 260s 140713-264s dippy 140713- 273s 140713- 285s 140713- 322s 140713- 394s 140713- 326s dippy 140713- 338s 140713- 339s 140713- 389s 140713- 390s

Bikes in Gothenburg pt. I

140713- 004sThe photo above shows the first bike that attracted me after arriving Gothenburg. I spotted it just as we left the Central Station upon our arrival. That tiny little purse caught my attention and I knew I had to photograph it.

There was many more awesome bikes around Gothenburg. I had to stop quite often to photograph them and I think my friend more than once thought ‘oh, here we go again, stopping beside a bike’. When you’re on vacation with me, you got to be prepared to stop a lot when I got a camera around my neck / in my hand. Yes, I looked like a real (Japanese) tourist with my camera around my neck all the time. Taking my camera out of my purse every time I saw something worth photographing, would be too exhausting. It’s better to place it around your neck and pay attention to it so no one tries to steal it. Well, Gothenburg is not a metropolis like other big cities (London, New York, Paris etc), so I wasn’t so worried.

Well, back to the bikes. I saw a lot of them and photographed all the cool ones. That resulted in a lot of photographs. So many that I think it’s best to split it in two. Don’t want you guys to get a bike-overdose, do I?

Enjoy the bikes of Gothenburg, part one.

140713- 019s 140713- 028s 140713- 039s 140713- 080s 140713- 082s 140713- 086s 140713- 091s 140713- 111s 140713- 113s 140713- 163s 140713- 177s 140713- 180s 140713- 181s 140713- 182s 140713- 194s 140713- 202s

This years collection of Dutch bikes

220613- 097s It’s no secret I travel to the Netherlands a lot. I’m there once a year, visiting my dear friend Chantie. Every time I’m there I photograph a lot. This time I mainly focused on bikes. Because of the weather and because we went to see Bruce Springsteen in Nijmegen (loved, loved, loved seeing Springsteen!), I didn’t have that much time to photograph and therefore I decided to focus on one subject. The Netherlands are full of bikes so it was easy to pick that as a subject. And you know, I love bikes!

Here are this years collection of bikes. 220613- 112s 220613- 110s 220613- 105s220613- 058s 220613- 061s 220613- 069s220613- 075s 220613-101 dippy220613- 122s 220613-099 dippy 220613-103 dippy 220613- 114s220613- 126s 220613- 129sss 220613- 130s 220613- 141s 220613-067dippy 220613-100 dippy 220613- 147s 220613- 145s 220613-151 dippy

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