Bikes in Gothenburg pt. II

In my previous post I told you about all the bikes I found in Gothenburg last time I was there. As promised, here is the second batch of the bike photos I took. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

140713- 225s 140713- 226s 140713- 230s 140713- 243s dippy 140713- 244s 140713- 247s 140713- 250s 140713- 255s 140713- 260s 140713-264s dippy 140713- 273s 140713- 285s 140713- 322s 140713- 394s 140713- 326s dippy 140713- 338s 140713- 339s 140713- 389s 140713- 390s

Bikes in Gothenburg pt. I

140713- 004sThe photo above shows the first bike that attracted me after arriving Gothenburg. I spotted it just as we left the Central Station upon our arrival. That tiny little purse caught my attention and I knew I had to photograph it.

There was many more awesome bikes around Gothenburg. I had to stop quite often to photograph them and I think my friend more than once thought ‘oh, here we go again, stopping beside a bike’. When you’re on vacation with me, you got to be prepared to stop a lot when I got a camera around my neck / in my hand. Yes, I looked like a real (Japanese) tourist with my camera around my neck all the time. Taking my camera out of my purse every time I saw something worth photographing, would be too exhausting. It’s better to place it around your neck and pay attention to it so no one tries to steal it. Well, Gothenburg is not a metropolis like other big cities (London, New York, Paris etc), so I wasn’t so worried.

Well, back to the bikes. I saw a lot of them and photographed all the cool ones. That resulted in a lot of photographs. So many that I think it’s best to split it in two. Don’t want you guys to get a bike-overdose, do I?

Enjoy the bikes of Gothenburg, part one.

140713- 019s 140713- 028s 140713- 039s 140713- 080s 140713- 082s 140713- 086s 140713- 091s 140713- 111s 140713- 113s 140713- 163s 140713- 177s 140713- 180s 140713- 181s 140713- 182s 140713- 194s 140713- 202s

This years collection of Dutch bikes

220613- 097s It’s no secret I travel to the Netherlands a lot. I’m there once a year, visiting my dear friend Chantie. Every time I’m there I photograph a lot. This time I mainly focused on bikes. Because of the weather and because we went to see Bruce Springsteen in Nijmegen (loved, loved, loved seeing Springsteen!), I didn’t have that much time to photograph and therefore I decided to focus on one subject. The Netherlands are full of bikes so it was easy to pick that as a subject. And you know, I love bikes!

Here are this years collection of bikes. 220613- 112s 220613- 110s 220613- 105s220613- 058s 220613- 061s 220613- 069s220613- 075s 220613-101 dippy220613- 122s 220613-099 dippy 220613-103 dippy 220613- 114s220613- 126s 220613- 129sss 220613- 130s 220613- 141s 220613-067dippy 220613-100 dippy 220613- 147s 220613- 145s 220613-151 dippy


Krakow is such a pretty city. I had no expectations when I left for Krakow, so I was pleasently surprised. The old part of town was beautiful. The old buildings were pretty and the churches – oh boy! I’ve never seen such pretty churches before. The inside was so, so goregeous. It wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so I don’t have any to show, but you just have to take my word for it.

Before I left, I didn’t think that Krakow would be a city I would love to go back to, but it became that. I will recommend Krakow to anyone who asks and I wouldn’t mind going back there. There was this restaurant, where we had lunch, that served the best veil I’ve eaten in a long time. It was so  yummy. The beef I had the same night at Starka was the best beef I’ve eaten in years. So tender and just bloddy enough for me. Oh man, I get hungry just by talking about it.

Well, here is some photos of this lovely city. They were taken on a very sunny and hot sunday. I couldn’t have asked for a better weather to photograph in.

190513- 099s 190513- 038s 190513- 053s 190513- 048s190513- 094s dip190513- 035s190513- 056s dip190513- 074s 190513- 076s 190513- 077s dip190513- 096s 190513- 092s190513- 067s 190513- 062s190513- 044s 190513- 095s190513- 070s 190513- 089s190513- 085s 190513- 101s 190513- 083s

Back in bizz: more bikes!

Oh boy! It’s been a long time since I blogged. Way too long! I am not surprised, because my blogging is like a yo-yo. Sometimes I blog a lot and then there are periods where I hardly blog at all. I put my lack of blogging on my ‘being-uninspred’ account this time. I hope I can, with this post, slowly come back and blog more regularly again.

Quite often I feel like I’ve captured what there is to capture of Oslo. I know that’s not true, because there are still parts of Oslo I haven’t photographed. There are still things to see that my eyes haven’t catched yet. Knowing this, still I’ve felt a bit uninspired. One of the reason is that there isn’t anything new and grandiose to photograph. It’s the same old things. There isn’t any Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate, Brookly Bridge, La Familia Sagrada, Spanish Steps etc in Oslo.

What I seek is something new, something spectacular to photograph.

I think that will change this summer! Last fall I had a ten years anniversary at my office. That resulted in a 5000 NOK gift certificate from a travel agency that needed to be used within a year from mid September. I could’ve spend all of it on one trip somewhere far away, but I chose to do it differently. In stead I’ve spent it on two trips:

  • The Netherlands: 6 days trip to Holland visiting my friend and going see Springsteen! Woot! Will spend a few days in Alkmaar where Chantal lives and then a few days in Nijmegen.
  • 4 days trip to London with my friend Bjørg. We will stay in a apartment hotel in Notting Hill. It’s been like 12 years or so since I was in London last time. It will be great visiting London again!

In addition to that I’m going on a 3 day trip to Stockholm to see a band called Gyllne Tider with my friend Linda and a bunch of other people. Chantal is also coming to Norway and then we’re going to go to Gothenburg and spend some days there.

I migth go to Krakow in a months with some people from my office. It’s not decided yet, we will decide tomorrow. I’ve never been to Poland and Krakow. If we go, it will be very interesting!

So I think I will have lots of opportuneties to photograph new stuff this summer. I’m so looking forward to it.

Well, I’m none of those places right now. I’m in Oslo. To get my inspiration back, I turned to what I love – bikes! Bikes always makes me smile and cheer me up. Seeing an beautiful, old bike makes me giddy. No kidding!

So here they are, today’s bikes. Enjoy!

210413- 294s 210413- 242s 210413- 236s 210413- 223s dip 210413- 213s 210413- 207s 210413- 202s day  210413- 172s 210413- 152s 210413- 126s 210413- 124s

…and we have more bikes!

This weekend has been cold, really cold. On friday I went to a town two hours away from Oslo. It’s called Elverum. I got a friend living there and went to visit her for the weekend. When I came there friday evening, it was about -18 C outside (0 Fahrenheit). Saturday the temp. was stable on -18 C., but this morning when I got up, Bjørg’s husband told me the temp. had dropped to -24 C. (about -11 Fahrenheit). That is friggen cold. Thank god it wasn’t as cold as that when I arrived Oslo today. It was ‘only’ -15 C (5 Fahrenheit). Have any of you experienced this cold weather?

It has been perfect winter weather to photograph in. Yesterday we were out on a hourlong walking trip. It was so nice, even though it was cold outside. You only need warm enough clothes, and then you’ll be good to go. I took some photos while walking. You couldn’t walk outside and not capture that lovely winter day. I have used my camera today too. First on my way back from Elverum. I took photos from the bus.

When I arrived Oslo today and I walked out of the Bus Terminal, I saw a pretty bike. I knew I had to photograph it and in the next second I found out I wanted to go hunting for bikes. As you know, I can’t get enough of bikes! On my adventure, an old guy spotted me standing on top of a concrete brick trying to photograph some stairs. He was going down those stairs and blocked my photo opportunety. When he saw me, he stopped and stared at me. I turned around to photgprah something else, because I could sense the guy wasn’t happy. After a short while, I turned around again and took a glance at him – he was still there. Then he pierced his eyes into me and yelled ‘YOU’RE A SPY’! Then he walked away… I had to bite my lip not to laugh ;) Have you ever experienced such things being out photographing?

After nearly two hours outside, I came back with quite some bike photographes. I  had to search extra hard, since it’s wintertime and there isn’t as many bikes outside as in the summer. On my walk, I saw some bikes I’ve seen many times before. Some bikes are definitely abandonned.

Here are what I found today:

130113- 130s 130113- 167s 130113- 178s 130113- 196s 130113- 210s 130113- 213s 130113- 220s 130113- 237s 130113- 239s 130113- 251s 130113- 257s 130113- 296s 130113- 311s 130113- 313s 130113- 324s

Next time I will come with the winter photographes from this weekend.

Stay tuned! :)



Let’s start the year with bikes

060113- 149s

I ended 2012 and started 2013 photographing some of the things I love the most; bikes! It wasn’t planned by me, it just happened. Well, the photo trips were planned, but not that bikes would be my focus. It’s not a big surprise though, since I love bikes. I’m thinking that I have to make a book full of bike photographes some time. Well, I have that thought about many things, ‘that needs to become a book’. So far not many ideas has turned into books.

Maybe these photos one day will end  up in a photo book. In the meantime, you’ll just have to watch them here.

060113- 190s 060113- 189s 060113- 186s 060113- 154s 060113- 148s 060113- 077s 060113- 072s 060113- 071s 060113- 042s 060113- 040s 060113- 033s
This is the first post of 2013. Lets hope there will be many more in the year to come. That is my plan at least.

My next plan, photo wise, is to finish my book with 2012 photos. I started on it right after I finished the book of 2011 photos. Sadly I didn’t take that many photos the last months of 2012, so there won’t be that much to add. Anyways, it has to be finished and sent off to be produced. I make my books over at I can highly recommend it! The quality of the books you get is very high. My uncle got a book with photos from Christmas and he loved it.

I love Dutch bikes

While spending a week in the Netherlands, I saw a lot of bikes. When I say a lot, I really mean a lot. There is bikes everywhere! The bike paths are awesome and so different from what we have in Norway. In Oslo we barely have any bike paths at all. It’s a joke really, the bike paths we have here. I would not go biking in the city center of Oslo. I find it scary. In the Netherlands on the other hand, the bike paths are everywhere.

Biking in the Netherlands is nice. Not only because you have all these bike paths everywhere, but also because it’s so flat there. There are practically no hills, so biking gets easier than here in Norway. We have lots of hills that makes it harder to bike, at least for me who has no condition at all.

Bikes in the Netherlands are prettier than in Norway. We have lots of new, boring bikes, but it’s very different in the Netherlands. Lots of bikes get stolen, so lots of people have old bikes. Some people might not think they look very pretty, but I do. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while, knows that I love old bikes. Even though there are a lot of black/grey/dark-colored bikes in the Netherlands, I saw a lot of colorful bikes as well. I spotted brigh red, orange, lilac and light blue bikes. Oh, even a hot pink bike, that you can see at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy these photos. I think I like the green bike in the third last photo (in the diptych), just because of the awesome green color. Which one do you like?


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