Cannes, the French riviera


This summer I got the opprtunety to go to France through work. We’re a sales business, selling office supplies and more, and we do sales campains for the sales people all year long and in June you can win a trip to Cannes, France. The backoffice people, like me, can also win. For every third sales guy who wins, one backoffice member win a trip.

I’ve been working in this company for four years now and finally it was my turn to win a trip. This is the best thing I’ve ever won! A 5-day trip to Cannes, France, all included. And when I say all, I mean flight,  hotell, breakfast, lunch and dinner with lots of wine included.

This was my first real trip to France. I’ve been in France a couple of times before, but it has only been short period like the time I took the boat from Dover to Calais and drove straight to Belgium or that time I drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel and stayed half an hour in Chamonix (at a café) before going to Italy.

Cannes is a fancy city, full of rich people and exclusive shops along the Croisette. But you also have the old town where you can find cheap things. I really liked the Old Town with the small shops, where you could find unique things.

Apart from lunch and dinner which we had to attend (I ate LOTS of GREAT food, nom nom nom nom), you could spend your days as you liked. We spent the days at the beach and did some shopping and the evenings were spent eating dinner and then drinking at some bar / disco, often ending up late in bed.

I brought my camera wherever I went, either it was shopping or sightseeing. One day I allowed myself to go on a solo photo trip while my colleagues were either tanning,  swimming or shopping. It was lovely to walk around while the sun was shining (maybe 27 degrees) and the sky was almost free from clouds.

Here are some photos from the beach:

IMG_6471smallIMG_6871smallIMG_6466 dipIMG_6768smallIMG_6692smallIMG_6565 dipIMG_6544 dipIMG_6847smallIMG_6823 dipIMG_6836 dip

I also took some pictures of the old town and the buildings and such around Cannes.

IMG_6721IMG_6909 dipIMG_6958smallIMG_6613smallIMG_6600smallIMG_6641 dipIMG_6583 dipIMG_6713 dipIMG_6640 dipIMG_6937smallIMG_6892 dip

A day at the beach

Two weeks ago, I came home from a weeks vacation in the Netherlands, visiting my friend Chantie. With me, in my bag, I had a memory card filled with over 700 photos. Yes, you read it right, over 700 photos.

On my seven days vacation, we did various of things like going to the zoo, visit a petting farm, visit the beach, bikeing, shopping, eating delisious lunches at cosy cafes/restaurants, watch movies, play Rummy etc. I brought my camera where ever I got and that is the reason for my 700 photos.

The vacation started off real good with 27 degrees celcius, sunny and not a cloud on the sky. We could only do one thing, go to the beach. So we packed our bags, found our bikes (I borrowed Chantie’s mums bike!) and set off to this little place by the North Sea called Egmond aan Zee. It was about a 10 km. bike trip to get there and it went faster than I had imagined. The Netherlands is flat, so that’s one reason for the bike trip to go so fast.

We stayed at the beach for a long time. It was nice to relax and soak in the sun. I even dared to take a swim in the North Sea. It was a bit cold as soon as I got into the water, but once my body got used to the temp, it was pure fun to be out in the water. Since it was so hot, it was quite refreshing to take a swim. The water wasn’t as salty as I thought it would be. I prefere to swim in fresh water, so I was very pleased it wasn’t as salty as expected.

I brought my camera to the beach and I’m so happy I did. When we arrived, had locked our bikes and headed towards the beach I got the feeling I was heading to a beach I’ve only seen in tv-series / movies. I felt like being on a American beach. It felt good! I popped out my camera imideately and snapped away.

Here are some of the photos from my day at the beach.

After being at the beach for a while, we had to get something to eat. Egmond aan Zee is a fish-town, so we had to eat fish. I ate fish and chips for the first time in my life! I’m not very fan of chips, at least not the thin chips you’ll get at the fastfood chains like McDonalds or Burger King. The chips at this tiny restaurant, however, was thinker and yummier. I ate a  lof of them. The fish, don’t remember what kind, was delish. I woudn’t be surprised if it was fished today, that’s how fresh it tasted.

The bike ride home took a bit longer than the bike ride to the sea. That’s because we took a different route home, so we could see other parts of Holland. I also had big pain in the ass because I’d biked so long, but I’m not gonna talk about that!

All in all, a lovely day that I will cheris for a long time, since we’ve had such a crappy summer in Norway weather wise this year.

Next on the Netherlands-menu, I think is either bikes or animals from the zoo. Stay tuned to find out.

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