Two weeks in one posting

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. It’s been two weeks since last time I blogged. So what has happened the two last weeks? Well, this…

I went to a festival with these girls. It’s in Stavern; south in Norway. There were several Norwegian acts and one international – Simple Minds. The festival was fun. Taning, sunburn, eating icecream, a little drinking, bbq-ing, sleeping in a tiny cabin, belly laughing moments, toes in water, breakfast out in the sun, rain early in the morning, 4 minute prepaid shower & a handfull of great concerts.

When I came home that sunday, I watched the World Cup finales (football). I rooted for the Dutch team, since I got friends there. It was a very exciting match, but unfortunately Spain won 1-0. My orange tanktop and the photo above didn’t help. To my BIG surprise I found out that my friend Chantie who is Dutch and hates football, even watched the match!

My balcony has started its makeover; tiles on the floor. The first time we (dad & me) decided to do it, it started to rain. So we had to change the date. Second time we had planned to do it, it started to rain again! Third time is a charm. Yesterday we started. I had to cary 20 kg bags and boxes with tiles (which were heavier than the bags) five floors up with no elevator. OMG! It almost killed me. haha. Hopefully the balcony will be ready this weekend.

I’ve finished my second Henning Mankell book and started on my third. Oh how I love Mankell. The book I read now, the Fifth Woman, is a book about a serial killer like the last one. I’ve just started it, but feels it will be a good story this too.

Talking about reading; this magazine greeted me when I looked into the kiosk window as I was on my way home the other day. Hello Bruce! Happy to see you! I always look inside the window to see if there is any new cool magasines I can buy. I went inside and bought Mojo + Q. A bit expensive, but what the heck?! It’s enjoyable reading. Talking about Springsteen. I bought this amazing map(poster) here the other day. It’s a map with with +200 lyrical references to Springsteen songs. Awesome! I can’t wait to frame it and hang it on a wall!

Other gems bought online is this necklace from this Charming Girl. It’s very pretty and suit me perfect!

The weather has been both good and bad! One day the weather was so great I invited dear Ellen over for a bbq.We had a fun evening eating hot dogs with cheese inside & hamburgers, eating strawberries,  drink water, play a quizgame and talk.

I start my two weeks vacation tomorrow at 16.00. Ahh. That will be great. Two weeks off hopefully means blogging more often. So see you later!

A day in the park


It sure is hot outside. Today it has been been around 28+C. Very hot! What do you do to not melt away? You pack your bag and leave your sauna of an apartment and go to the park! That’s what I did.

280609-5This is what I brought for the park.

I met Ellen in a small park near her apartment at 15.00 ish. The park is quite small, so we decided to go to another. The plan was to go to Tøyen Park and directed where to go. And I’m happy we did, because if not, then we would’ve ended up in the Botanical Garden which Ellen thought was Tøyen Park. hihi. And in the Botanical Garden you can’t lay on the grass or have a bbq.

We found a nice spot near a chestnut tree in the shadow. It was too hot for our liking to sit in the sun. Gladly we sat just outside the danger-zone of getting chestnuts in our head. We heard a few falling!

First thing we do is to fire up the grill. It took about 20 mins until it was hot enough to grill anything on it. In the meantime we turned on some music. I got this handy little speakers I can plug into my mp3 player. The player was now with some new music from Gaslight Anthem, (more) Bruce and some of Michael Jackson’s hits. The mp3 player was cleared with music from Per Gessle/Roxette/Gyllene Tider. I was a bit fed up with them and I got annoyed everytime one of their songs came up when I played random songs. We had a little movie-quiz going on aswell.


We ate these lovely burgers. Two each. They tasted good with the cheese and some cucumber. The bread was a bit burnt on one side, but that’s how it supposed to be when you’re out bbqing. Not everything is perfect!

After we finished the burgers we went on eating the bag of grapes we had opened while waiting for the food to get ready. And we played some more. This time, two games of Rummy Cub, which I won both! It was fun playing. We also had a new quiz, this time music quiz. Oh boy I sucked. I like to think I know a bit about music, but there sure is a hell of a lot I don’t know. That’s for sure!

We were in the park for about 3,5 hours I guess. Before we went home, we decided to go and have a look in the Botanical Garden. Ellen has never been there and it was about time to show her the beautiful garden.

botanical square

After we finished the Botanical Garden we headed home. Ellen walked home, but I had to take the bus. It stopped nearby. And for the next half hour (or a bit less) I was on the phone with Linda. Most of the time we were just complaining on the heat. haha.

No more posts.