Flower Power

We’re almost half through May. The nights are not cold anymore and it’s time to plant. My plastic flower boxes were not in a good shape. I hadn’t taken good enough care of them. After a short inspection a little more than a week ago, I found out I needed new ones if I wanted to plant anything this year. I thought they would cost a lot and I wasn’t sure if I would put money in flower boxes and flowers this year.

Last weekend when I saw my friend Linda and shared my thoughts, she told me I NEEDED to have flowers on my balcony. “You are going to spend time on your balcony, yes?” Before I got the chance to answer she continued: “You need flowers”. And when thinking about it, I realised that I do need flowers. What would my balcony be without flowers? Boring! Last sunday I went to the garden center with Linda and I bought two flower boxes. It didn’t cost much at all to my big surprise. No flowers were bought.

When I left wor today, I went downtown. There is a square downtown where they sell lots of flowers. They have all kinds of flowers and I wanted to fill my boxes. It was very hard to pick what to buy.  Very, I tell you. I love so many types of flowers. I walked around for quite some time before managed to decide on what to buy. One of the seller, a female, she asked me twice if I was ready to pay.

I bought a pack with ten lobelias (picture above). I always buy them. They are pretty and good to fill up the boxes with.

This is a new flower to me. Never had it before. It’s English Pelargonia. Tiny flowers. Oh, so pretty. And the colors are awesome.

Dianthus. One of my favourite flowers. Pretty!

Empty plastic flower pots on top my outdoor table.

Dirty hands. That’s what you get when planting.

Flowes need water. This is my watering can from IKEA. It’s an elephant and the trunk pours out water.

This is how it turned out.You see the flower boxes from both sides. Pretty flowers. Im happy with my work and can’t wait to spend hot summer days on my balcony. It’s not big (almost 6 m2), but it works great for my purpose; breakfasts in the sun, reading in my chair and tanning.

The one, last thing I need now is a flower on my table. I think I will go for violas. I love, love, love violas!

New chair & books

I bought this colorful chair today. I needed something to sit in while reading out in the sun on my balcony. The original chair I wanted, was sold out at IKEA. That’s what I get for being so late! This chair, which I bought at Åhlens, is second best. I could get it in light blue with flowers on, but I fell for the stripy one.The blue table is a bucket turned up side down. It was all I could find that would fit as a table to my low chair. Creative, huh? I could place a glass of cold water there. Or maybe some cava? mmmm.

Here are the chair in full size. It will be perfect for hot summer days when I want to spend hours in the sun reading.

All I need now is some good weather and I’m ready! Today it’s been raining a lot. When I picked up the groceries for the office, it rained so much. The umbrella I had, hardly worked. My shoes were soaked and my pants were wet. So was part of my left arm too. Gosh! I walked around barefoot in the office the rest of the day. haha.

I’m taking good care of my flowers as you can see. When I was processing the flower shot, I recogniced that it had the same colors as my chair; green, red/pink, blue and green.  And a bit of white too. I instantly knew I had to make a diptych out of it.

I bought two books of Mankell yesterday. YAY! I had to stop by a few book stores before I found what I was looking for. All of them had Mankell, but not all had the ones I was looking for. I could’ve bought several more, but I thought two would have to do for now.

I haven’t started reading them yet. I need to catch up on some sleep and then I can’t be reading… I’ll probably start this weekend. Tomorrow Ellen is coming over after work and we’re headed out for a little bbq on the lawn outside my apartment. On friday I’m going to her; to help dye her hair. No time to read either of those days.

Good things comes for those who waits. It’s a saying that goes like that, if I’m not mistaken. And a great Mankell book is waiting for me.

Shopping & shopphing & shopping

Friday was crazy! I had planned a shopping day with my friend Linda. We’re great shopping companions, because we think alike and like the same things.

We met at IKEA at 10.00 and wasn’t home until 19 ish. My main goal for the day was to buy tiles for my balcony. That didn’t turn out as easy as I had thought. We stopped by four different tile-stores trying to find the perfect tile. And I did. But guess what? The first tile I wanted, they only had a few left. And they weren’t making it anymore. So I went to another store and a tile that was almost the same. Guess what? Same thing happened!

I happened to find another tile in the same store and went for that. The lady looked it up. It was sold out for the moment! Oh good lord, why? It would take a week and a half before they got another shipment. So I ordered 6 m2 of tiles and will pick it up some time after the 7th. Luckily I got vacation then, so I have time to do it.  

I’m so looking forward to get the tiles. My balcony will be so much cosier after they tiles are in place. It will be ten times easier to clean the balcony too.

After we’d finished looking for tiles we went to IKEA. We had only met there in the morning; we didn’t actually go inside then. I bought two pillows for my outdoor chairs.

I saw this really cool chair that I wanted. You can fold this chair so it won’t take up so much space if you’re not sitting in it. It was really comfortable to sit in too. I can see myself sit in this chair reading a good book. I am going to buy it, but first I have to registrer to IKEA Family, so I can buy it cheaper. If you’re a member of IKEA Family you get a 100 NOK discount on the chair! Brilliant, huh? Yes, I think so :) I did just registrer, so now I can go buy it. I’ll do it in a week or so when I got vacation again.

Linda and I, we also went to a mall to look for clothes & shoes. I bought:

  • black ballerina-shoes
  • dark brown high heels
  • flowery skirt on supersale (only 50 NOK!)
  • black leggings
  • pink nailpolish

When we came home, we were exhausted! Our feet were hurting! It was bad! But we got a little work-out and that’s good. Because we both need it. Well, that… that is a topic for a new blog entry!

Flowers on the balcony

I’ve been to the garden center twice in a week. First one back home where parents live on sunday and yesterday I went to a bigger one closer to Oslo.

I needed to buy some flowers for my balcony. I have a few fave typses of flowers; pansies are one and clove pink is another. So I knew I had to have some of them. I also bought some flowers I think are named Edging Lobelia and Marguerite Daisy in English. I’m not so good with flower names; especially not the english names.

I can’t wait for them to fully blossom. It will be a pretty sight!

A while ago I went to IKEA with Linda. And then I bought a table cloth for my outdoor table. I saw this fabric which was red with big white polka dots and I instantly knew I had to buy it.

Isn’t it pretty and fun? I think so.

And to keep the table cloth in place when it gets windy, I have cute, little steel fishes attached to the ends of the cloth.

Tomorrow me and Linda going to look for tiles for our balconies. We’re both tiling up our balconies. So why not go look together? It will be a lot of fun.

I would really love dark, almost black tiles, but it won’t work. I’m on the top floor and there is no roof on my balcony. The sun will warm up the tiles quite well, so it will be impossible to walk on them when the sun is there.

I guess I’ll land one something red- or brownish to match the brick wall. We’ll see…

Operation: Balcony


I don’t have green fingers, but aparently I got green feet! ;)

It is time to get my balcony in order. The summer is on its way and I want my balcony to be nice and clean by the time I’m gonna have my first breakfast out there.

A week ago I cleaned it. It was quite a job. Lots of dirt had found its way to my balcony. Since i’m living at the top floor (5th) I don’t have any roof over my balcony to protect it.

balcony dip

This is how it looks now. There is a few things I need to get rid of. Like the leftovers from my kitchen, which I should’ve tossed away almost two years ago. haha.  I also have to put on the table cloth (vax-cloth) back on. It’s a bit discolored since I had it out there all last summer with the sun shining on it for a looong time. If I find something on sale I might buy a new one.

First I need some plants. My plan was to sow some seeds in the balcony-pots. But I haven’t found any seeds yet. The didn’t have it where I bought it last year. I talked to Lisbeth there the other day (she got green fingers) and she said it might be too late to sow things now. Maybe i need to buy actual plants in stead? I dunno.

I do have one flower, which are from last years seed. One single one who thought it would be nice to come up this year :)

2009-05-21 007

I’m gonna go to a plant-store or two this weekend. Will have mum with me. She’s a lot of help. And if I really wonders about something I can call the ‘flower-phone hotline’ which is Lisbeth. I hope I can find some good buys. Lots of flowers which doesn’t cost much. Flowers are expensive.

I’m also gonna look for a  huge pot for my green plant. All I got now is the brown plastic pot it came in and that’s not very nice. But those huge pots are so expensive! I dread using much money on a pot. But I guess I should do it… if I want my balcony to look good. Oh well… we’ll see.

To summarize things, I’m gonna make a list (you know how I love lists) of what needs to be done.

  • buy flowers or seeds
  • look for some strawberry plants
  • look for a huge pot for the plant
  • get rid of the kitchen leftover
  • make dad pick up his stepladder which is on my balcony now
  • try to find a new cheap vax table cloth.

I think that’s it. I have to write this down in my awesome notebook, so that I have it when I need to look at it.

Tic, toc. I have to end now. Have to rush downtown to meet Ellen. Movie-time! YAY!

No more posts.