A-HA: farewell tour (ending on a high note)

Yesterday me and my friend Linda went to see A-HA on their farewell tour. This is their last tour, before they split once and for all. (Allthough I think they might come back when the urge is too big or the money offered is something you can’t say no to)

I was excited about this concert because I’d read that the stage would be huge and the screens behind the scene too. I read somewhere that the screens were around 600 square meters and the stage would be 1200!

It was a lovely evening, the sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. We arrived the arena with lots of other people and the queue to get in was not bad, concidering there would be around 28.000 people there (the newspapers have stated between 25 – 29.000, so god knows how many it actually was…)

The warm-up acts were two norwegian band; first a jazz-heavy-metal band which only did two things: played the guitar insanly loud and screamed. Not my cup of tea. It was aweful! Then there was a strange group named Polka Bear. It was a funny band; playing polka and jodl.

From A-HA’s first song, The Sun Always Shine On TV, the stage which looked like a butterfly, blew my mind. It was friggen awesome. During that song, multiple pictures were displayd rapidly. The lights, the colors, the pictures… ah! It was magic. A-HA isn’t the band that does the most on stage;t they don’t rock around like crazy. So the screen and the lights helped them out to make magic. A reviewer in a online newspaper said there had not been anything like it in Norwegian Rocks history! And I believe he was right, saying that.

A beautiful backdrop.

The hits came one after one. They played 21 songs which included hits like Scoundrel Days, Manhatten Skyline, Hunting High and Low, Stay On These Roads, I’ve Been Loosing You and Move To Memphis. Linda and I, we were looking at each other so happy! We praised the songs and the stage not only once, but several times.

I recorded Hunting High And Low. I have still no luck with embedding videos to this blog, so you have to go check it out on youtube.

Half way they calmed it down a bit and played their new single Butterfly, Butterfly (the last Hurrah) in which Morten Harket forgot the lyrics. He had to stop for second and just smiled to the audience.  Along with that one,  and a sencere thank you for coming and following them all these years,  they played a few songs from their albums released in the early 2000.  Minor Earth Major Sky, Forever Not Yours and Summer Moved On is such beautiful songs and they are awesome live! The only thing missing in the calm section, was Velvet; a beautiful, beautiful song.

The backdrop for Living Daylights (song from the James Bond movie)

The Living Daylights was a sign that the concert was coming to an end. They often play that song as one of their last songs. Everybody were singing a long to the chours: Ooooh oooooh oooh, living daylights.  We knew that their monster hit Take On Me was around the corner. Before they started the song Mags (Magne Furuholmen) said: Here it is; like we had waited for it all evening. Even after all these years, this song still kicks ass! It’s a stadium breaker. Everyone went crazy; singing out loud, jumping up and down, waiving their hand in the air.

The song ended, but it wasn’t over yet. The fireworks started! That’s how you say farewell in a propper way!

The show as two hours with pure awesomeness. This concert was better than my last, mainly because of the stage. The newspapers agree with me (and Linda) that it was a great concert. The online newspapers I’ve read has all given them 5/6. I will give them 6/6. 6 because of the stage alone.

I ♥ A-HA


Yesterday was the day of the A-HA concert with Ellen. I’m so glad I everything worked out and I was able to get a ticket, because it was a super show.

To my big surprise the warm up act before A-HA came on was Donkeyboy – a new Norwegian group who has had at least two singles playing on the radio constantly for several months. I like them and was happy to see them live. But they didn’t beat A-HA of course.


I just love Mags’ (Magne Furuholmen) synth! We were standing to the left of the stage and had a clear view to Mags. Paul was on the other side, so we didn’t see that much of him. He came over to our side once though. Morten was most at the middle, but wandered around from time to time.

I wouldn’t have expected it, but Mags was the one who talked the most. I think that was a good thing, because Morten has a tendency to get lost in his own words. And something that can take a few seconds to say, often takes a few minutes. heh.

I haven’t had time to listen to the new album that much. I’ve sort of forgotten about it. So there was a few new songs I didn’t remember. They weren’t bad, not at all. Foot of the mountain is a new and really good song.  But I like the old hits the most.

The stage was great. I loved the visual part of the concert. They had big screems behind them and everything matched with the songs. That makes the concert so much better.

They started with the sun always shines on TV which is a great opening! We also got served Hunting high and Low, Manhatten Skyline, Scoundrel Days, Stay on These Roads and Forever Not Yours.

In the middle of the show they had a little sequence where they slowed down and played a few low-tempo songs. I liked that. I love when I get surprised by a song. I got that yesterday. I had forgotten about the song Velvet. It is so utterly beautiful. And they played it. Ahh. I was so happy.

The encore was great. They started with Cry Wolf, the song I’ve been singing on all week. I texted Linda with the words Cry Wolf oooh oohh ;). Then they played Analogue. The second last song was The Living Daylights which kicks ass live. Everybody sang together on the chorus.

When Take On Me came, after 1 h. and 45 mins, we all knew it was the last song of the evening. They always end with the monsterhit – the song that made them superstars world wide.

I missed a few songs like Touchy and Early Morning, but you can’t get them all. The show couldn’ve been longer. We all want more, you know! 1 h. and 50 mins didn’t seem enough.

Place: Oslo Spektrum
Audience: 8500 (sold out)
Playing time: 1 h. 50 mins
Number of songs: 21 songs
Score: 5 / 6

I ♥ concerts


It feels like eons of times since I last went to a concert. Good lord, I don’t think I’ve been to any since the Pink Pop festival in late May. Jeeze Louise. It’s about time I go to one then.

Today I got hold of a ticket to see A-HA on saturday. They are playing at Oslo Spektrum.

I had thought about going since August. On monday I thought ‘oh I have to buy the ticket NOW!’. Then it was sold out. Not good. Ellen, who is also going, was not impressed with me. I found a guy on finn.no who sold one ticket. I was able to buy that. So today I went downtown to pick it up.

Something strange, is that today I saw there were tickets left. Maybe they added more tickets? Or maybe they relisted the tickets no one has picked up. I don’t now, but it doesn’t really matter.

I’m really looking forward to see A-HA again. It’s been years since last time. It’s so long ago I don’t remember. Maybe it was 2002 or 2003? I’ve been going around singing on Cry wolf all day.

And if that wasn’t enough. Next week I’m going to see Lars Winnerbäck again! That will be great! I absolutely LOVE Winnerbäck. He’s fantastic.

I aslo might have another concert to attend this month. It depends if a friend is avaliable. Can’t say much about it now, since it’s gonna be a surprise for her. Hopefully it will work out!

So, two concerts in one week. And maybe one more this month. About time! It shouldn’t go several months between my concerts.

Even though it has rained some days now,  it’s been very grey outside and the prospect of cold nights is present, november won’t be that bad! It will be quite good actually.

A-HA singing: foot of the mountain


I acted out the teenager in my today. Ellen sent me a mail in the middle of the day and asked if I wanted to join her downtown after work. A-HA is out with a new record today and they had a two-hour signing at Platekompaniet (record store) at Oslo City today.

I was in doubt of going, because I was so so tired. I have been that all day. But I ended up going. I reconed it couldn’t get any worse.

So we met at the third floor around 17.30. I was already in line and Ellen came right after I had gotten there. It was almost two weeks since we last saw each other, so there was a bit of catching up to do.

The queue got longer and longer behind us. I guess there were something like 30 people in front of us, not more.

I felt really dorky standing there in line waiting to get new CD signed. I seldon do things like this, but thought ‘what the heck, lets do it’. A-HA is big. They are one of the few Norwegian musicians that have made it in the USA and hit the billboard-list. Their smash-hit ‘Take On Me’ was HUGE!

As you can see I took a few pictures. It was close to impossible to get any good pictures. I didn’t become any easier since I only had my 50 mm lense with me and that has no zoom. With the other lense (18-125 mm) it would’ve been easier. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I got a few half decent shots. It’s enough to post on this blog.

I didn’t really say much when it was my turn to get my sleeve signed. I just said thank you to each of one of them (Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) and smiled.

After we both got our CD’s singed, we hung around for a short while. I wanted to get a picture of Paul Waaktar-Savoy, since I only had the two others. I gave up to get a decent shot and we left after a short while.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the CD yet. I’ve been stuck in front of the TV all evening watching one of my fave shows, Top Model. And I’ve been cleaning a bit and chatting with Chantie.

No more posts.