Sleeveface photos


I’ve been a fan of sleeveface photos for a long time. I especially love it when you use LP’s. Four years ago I made my first one. When Springsteen turned  I  used the sleeve of the album ‘the River’ to make a sleeveface photo – to honor him and his birthday. Not long after I decided to make more and hang them up in my bedroom. I had four photos up over my bed and I felt it was time to change them.

I have a few LP’s and two of them was suitable to use. You need a huge face on the LP to make it work. No all LP’s has that and if they do, it’s not certain it is the right face. I don’t want a random musician up on the wall, it has to be someone I have some sort of connection to – like Bruce Springsteen. Finding suitable LP’s is hard. I’m lucky to have a quite huge LP store downtown I can browse. I did spend a lot of time to find that last LP I needed, so I would have for photos up on the wall.

Since I removed a huge photo (poster) from one of my walls in the bedroom, it was space for one more sleeveface shot. For a while I’ve been thinking of what kind sleeve I would use. Last weekend I went to the LP store and browsed it without finding anything I liked. When I got home I suddenly knew what to use! One of my favorite swedish musician, Ulf Lundell, has an album cover with a huge face of himself. I had forgotten until it just popped up in my head. Mum is also a fan of Ulf Lundell, actually a bigger fan than I am, so I got to borrow her LP.

Today I took the sleevephoto with portrait of Mr. Lundell. It’s not easy to make everything match. You want the line of the clothing to match exactly. Well, everything should match or else the photo won’t be any good. Now if you don’t have anyone to assist you, it’s very tricky to make it right with just a remote control and a tripod. I’m glad I shoot digital, because I needed 147 shots to get things right!

So the next photo is the latest contribution to the sleeveface photo collection. Three old sleeveface photos follows.

280913- 147 bobdylan sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsen2 sleeeveface_kjersti_kim larsenDo you have a sleeveface photo to show me? Post a link in the comments section!

If you’re not tired of sleeveface photos, go to to see more. If you want to know how to sleeveface, here’s a tutorial video ;)

My shop is open!

I have always, ever since I started photograhing with a DSLR, wanted to sell my photos. It’s been in the back of my head, but I’ve never really acted on it. Once I created an account on Etsy, but after I’d created it, nothing happened.

A few weeks ago, a flickr friend, joined, a place where you can sell your art. For two weeks I’ve been playing with the idea of doing the same. Yesterday I investigated the site, to see what it was like / how it works. To my satisfaction, it works just the way I want it. I upload photos I want to sell. The quality of the photo (size etc) decides in which resolutions the photos can be sold. I pick the price I want the photo to be sold for. The great thing, is that I’m not the one who prints and sends the photo, Society6 does. They charge what it costs to print it, pluss a little handeling fee. So I have to take that into concideration when I set the price.

So I decided to try it myself. It took me a minute or so to set up the shop; a bit longer to make and upload a header.

I’ve gone through my photos taken the last years, trying to decide what I want to sell. I not only have to think of what I want to sell / what I think is a great photograph, but also what potensial buyers want. I knew right away that I wanted some food shots. In addition to some food shots, I’ve also added a few other shots. There is a limit on how many photos I can upload each day it seems, so I haven’t been able to add much. It will come, in time.

I don’t have any illutions about making big money on this shop; it’s mostly for fun. But I can’t help but feeling a little joyful about this shop; no matter how small and one in a million it is.

If you want to visit my shop, go here.

The new year

A new year has arrived. I thought it was time to blog again. It has been a while since last time, sadly. I don’t blog nearly as often as I want to. There is many reasons for that. Lately I’ve been quite pre-occupied with other things. There was Christmas and Christmas always brings a lot of preparations to do. A week before Christmas I still had Christmas cards left to make and I hand’t started on the gift tags I had planned to make. There were gifts to buy and gifts to wrap. There were also a social happenings; the offices Christmas party and a friends birthday party. I entered the new year being sick; had a severe cold. So there hasn’t been much time for blogging and being creative.

A new year always makes me… I don’t really know how to explain. I am full of ideas and got a big urge to be super creative; I want to do all sorts of stuff and blog about it. There is nothing like being creative. It makes me happy. It keeps me alive.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year.


  • I want to start on a new project. I am not thinking of a big project like a 365-challange (366 this year, since it’s 366 days in 2012), but a smaller one. It would rather be a 30 days of… or something like that. I’ve done a food themed project and that was fun. My 90 days of summer project was also fun. I need to ponder a bit more on what my new project’s theme will be.
  • Start up my door project again. I think I’ve talked a bit this before. I want to continue shooting doors. My plan is to make a book out of it called ‘doors of Oslo’. Oslo is not as great as Ireland/Dublin regarding doors, but there sure is some great doors in Oslo as well. All might not be as colorful as the doors in Ireland, but I’m sure I will find more great doors.
  • Take more black and white photos. I want to take monochrome photos on a more regular basis.


  • I want to finish my 2010 in photos book. I’ve started it and has choosen almost all the photos I want in it. I miss some fall photos, but they are not on my computer, but on my dads actually.
  • Create a book about doors of Oslo. I still need to shoot some more doors. I don’t have nearly enough. I want more special doors.


  • Start making Christmas cards early. I already have an order on 10 Christmas cards. And I know mum needs 20 this year too. My plan is to make some cards every month. Then it won’t be so much to do in November and December. It will prevent me from being tired of making the cards either.
  • Make more cards. And send more cards. I know I love getting cards in the mail. I also love giving. So I’m going to send more cards; not only for Christmas and birthdays, but also surprise cards like ‘happy holidays’, ‘happy Easter’ or just a ‘happy friday’.

I also wish to blog more regularly. Where have I heard that before? I’ve said it more than once before. I’ve proved to myself and this blog that blogging regularly is not easy. So I shouldn’t talk too loud about that. Many times before have I thought that ‘now I’m going to blog more often, at least twice a week, if not more often’. It has last only a few weeks and then I’ve fallen back into old habbits.

This reminds me of what I was thinking about when I wanted to write about the start of 2012. I wanted to write about not making any New Years resolutions. I always fail keeping them, so I think it’s best not to have any. I know that’s a bit defensive and that a very enthusiastic, optimistic, motivator / coach would say that if I’m thinking negativly like that, I surely won’t acomplish anything at all. I agree, but when history has repeated itself over and over, it’s hard to have high hopes.

Reading what I’ve written so far, makes me see I have hopes for the new year. I don’t want to call it New Years Resolutions, because it sounds so formal. I’m just gonna keep this as my wishes for the new, creative, year. This blog will tell me if my wish comes true or not.



The missing light

I live so north that during the winter months I have to deal with little light/sunlight. As you can see from this link, in Oslo in December the sun is up around 09.00 and gone around 15.00 in the afternoon. It’s dark when I get up early in the morning (06.20 ish)  and it’s dark when I leave the office at 16.00. The whole afternoon is dark and that is quite depressing.

Living so far north has an effect on my photography. I photograph way less in the winter months than I do during the summer. During the weekdays, the only possible hour to photograph anything with a decent amount of natural light / sunlight is when I’m at work. That is not ideal for a person who loves to photograph all the time.

Weekends is the only time I have a chance to photograph anything at all these days. And it’s not always I get a chance to photograph anything then either. Busy weekends or bad weather prevents me from picking up my camera and go out photographing.

I haven’t picked up my camera since the 27th of November. It’s almost two weeks. That might not sound long to someone using their camera once in a while, but for me it’s a long time; a very long time! I feel something is missing. The possibility to bring my camera when I go to work and pop it out of my purse on my way home, is something I miss a lot. During the spring/summer/autumn, I carry my camera where ever I go. Now I don’t even bother bringing it, because I know it’s not possible to photograph when it’s close to pitch black outside.

Not being able to photograph as much as I want to, has resulted in lots of unused creativity. All the creativity I used to let out while photographing is bottling up inside me and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s like I want to do something, but when I sit down and try to find something to do, I can’t think of anything. I have spent quite some time making cards, most of all Christmas cards. I’ve also spent a little time sowing a few new pillow cases. I would love to sow more, but I don’t have anything to sow. I def don’t need any more pillow cases and I can’t think of anythign else to sow; at least not anything I would managed to deal with. When it comes to making cards, I’ve mad so many Christmas cards that I’m a bit fed up making them to be honest. I’m happy I only have a few more to make. I am making some birthday card as a Christmas gift to someone. Yesterday my friend Linda said she would love to get some birthday cards as a birthday gift in March. But I think after I’ve made the cards for Christmast, I need a little break. Making cards is not like photographing, where I can go on and on and on and on without getting tired.

Not being able to photograph as much as I want, has affected this blog as well. I have an urge to blog more, but I don’t have much to blog about. This blog is a creative blog and I want to share my creativity. I want to share the photos I take and write stories that goes with the photos. It’s not that I did that very frequently earlier this year, it’s just that I really want to do it now, but don’t have the chance.

All in all I have two problems. I can’t use my creativity nearly as much as I want to and it’s so dark outside, I only have limited time photographing. These two things are closely related. If I only could photograph whenever I wanted without having to do it when it’s dark outside, then I would’ve solved the photography problem and the creativity problem. That is not going to happen, so I have to find other things to use my creativity on.

The big question is what?

If I find the answer to that question, I will let you know. But don’t hold your breath.

Where does the photos end up?

In 365 days there is a lot of time to take a lot of photographes and I take a lot. I usually bring my camera with me where ever I go, because I wouldn’t miss a big photo opportunety.

So what happens with my photos after I’ve taken them?

I  upload all my photos to my laptop. They are devided into dated folders. I go through all my photos and delete the worste. Some I don’t touch but some are good enough to be processed. After I’ve done my post processing, I move the photo into a new folder called ‘the real deal’.  Photos that turns up in that folder either get posted on my blog or uploaded to flickr. A few of my photographes get printed and hung up on my wall.

But what happenes with the photos after that?


After I’ve uploaded the best photos to my flickr account and put them on my blog, they kind of get forgotten. I never print photographes and put them in albums anymore. Recently I looked at my photo albums and I think the last photos are from 2002 or 2003. I know I have a quite a huge batch of photos that’s not in any album; they’re just collecting dust in a drawer. Putting photos in albums are such a boring job and that’s why the batch of photos now is collecting dust. That is also why I haven’t printed any photos to put in albums after 2003.

The fact that all my photos only can be found on my computer or somewhere on the www, is sad. It doesn’t do my photos justice. I’ve spent so many hours photographing and I don’t do anything with them. Of course they serve their purpose on flickr; people can see them and comment on them. I share my photos with the entire world so to speak. But after they’ve been posted, theyget forgotten in a way. The end up like one of many photos in a line.

Last week I came across the blog of a flickr-contact called Cindy. She blogged about making a yearbook; a book containg photos taken a spesfic year. What a brilliant idea.  Instantly I wanted to make one myself. I found her blog during a five  minute break I had at the officed and got so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home and could start on the book. It took a while before my mind could stop thinking about the book and focus on my job again.

Now I’ve started on making a book containing photos taken in 2011. I’m printing my book at; they are good. There are a lot of photos to choose from, so only deciding what photos to pick is a huge task. Then there is the arrangement of the photos. In which order to put them. Not to make complete mess, I’ve decided to put them in categories like food, animals, Oslo in b&w, Oslo in color, bikes etc.

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. Photos I’ve already forgot, is popping up. It is fun looking at this years photos. I know it will be fun to stack it in my bookshelf too. Or maybe I should leave on my sofa table? Everyone visiting me will be able to see it then.

What are you doing with the photos you are taken? Are they hidden somewhere in a hard disk, hanging on a wall or have you done something else with them? I would love to know.

No more posts.