Buy my prints

Do you want to buy any of my prints?

I have a shop over at Society6. Go see it here. If you see a photo here on my blog or on my flickrstream that you would like, but you can’t find it in my shop, let me know;  it depends on the photograph, but most likely I will put it up in the shop for you to buy.

I’m nice like that.

I’m a Getty Artist Contributor

Some of my photos you won’t be able to buy via Society6, because they’re licenced by Getty Images. You can see my collection of Getty photographs here. If you want buy any of my photographs via Getty, you can go to my Flickr stream and request to licence it from there. If it’s not up on Society6, I’ll concider putting it up on Getty. They have to aprove the photo if I do of course.

If you have any questions regarding my photos, feel free to contact me on kjersti @

5 responses to Buy my prints

  1. Antoinette Clinton

    I like your work. If you like romance stories, you should look for my upcoming short story, Tahoe, set in 1983 LA – that’s right, no beepers, cell phones, or high speed internet AND this is the year a tornado surprised LA…a photographer falls in love with an attorney overcoming post traumatic stress disorder…

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      I’ve never done that before, why do you ask? :) I’m not that much of a designer I think.

  2. bladyjunk

    love your work. Its so expressive!

    Do you use a filter on most of your pictures? Would love to get that same faded grain in my photographs!

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