the girl behind the blog

Facts about the creative soul behind this blog:

Woman.  A sister. An aunt. A friend. Second name is Elisabeth.

Got two steel bars in my back. Right handed. Brown eyes. Never smoked; not even tried.

Shy. Creative. Great fantasy. Ofte lazy. Loves to write. Giving person. Loves to make people laugh. Night person. A cat person. Have lots of ideas in my head; only a few leads to something. Design-freak.

Hate peas. Chocoholicer. Drinks white wine. Milk addicted.

Afraid of walking in the woods alone when it’s dark.

Love good ‘ol Twin Peaks. Bruce Springsteen lover. Can’t live without music. Adore Anton Corbijn. Love a good book.

Can’t draw.  Adore candle lights.  Loves handwritten letters.  Don’t have green hands. Fave color is green. Shoe and bag/purse fetish.

Want’s to  publish a childrens book. Would love to be a full-time photographer.

So if you want to see more of my photos, you should head to my place at flickr.

12 responses to the girl behind the blog

  1. WOW!! I love the way you have written this definition about yourself. So mysterious yet so involved! I can imagine a life filled with shoes, bags and purses. :) I am blogger of

  2. Hiya, very nice blog, although you should perhaps warn people that if they check the box “Notify me of follow up comments” it means all comments by all and any readers, (hundreds of them) and not just comments by your good self. Worth knowing. You might even consider going onto dashboard/widgets section and just getting rid of the button. (it s easy to click by accident and hard to get rid of, and you won’t want your readers getting annoyed) I doubt any of your readers want to know about every single comment. Just an idea. But Great bog though, keep it up. A.

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :)

  3. You take absolutely beautiful photographs. From that alone I decided to follow your blog, but then I went and read your ’60 random facts’ and ‘the girl behind the blog’ and I loved what you wrote. Im excited to start reading your blog more :)

  4. Claire

    Enjoy reading your blog, “The harvest” and colander idea is wonderful. Will check in regular!

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