60 random things about me

60 things about me:
  1. Middel name is Elisabeth (after my mums middel name)
  2. Mum wanted to name me Eirin. Thank god she didn’t, I don’t like that name at all!!
  3. If I was a boy my name would’ve been Kjetil (most likely)
  4. I’ve seen the movie Waterdance over 10 times. LOVE IT!
  5. I’ve never smoked.
  6. I was 19 the first time I got drunk.
  7. I’ve never met my mums father, something I wish I had.
  8. I love collect things. Now i’ve started to collect beer-costers. I got three. haha.
  9. When I was a kid I collected napkins and erasers.
  10.   Me and a friend, once stole 25 emtpy soda bottles from the college with went to. Went to the grocerystore and got money for them.
  11.   I was once addicted to IRC (chatting). My screenname was tigerkvin (could only use 9 letters, wanted to write Tigerkvinnen (tigerwoman))
  12.   I’m extremely picky when it comes to food.
  13.   I hate peas.
  14.   I have two iron bars in my back.
  15.   I can not juggle. Have tried lots of time, but can’t figure it out.
  16.   I only eat regular salty potatochips. I hate the one with paprika.
  17.   The cellphone I got now, is my 4th. I’ve only had (Sony) Ericssons.
  18.   I don’t have a VCR anymore, which is annoying!
  19.   When I was young I wanted to ride a Harley-Davidsson.  I thought they were SO cool. Now that I’m older, I know that most likely never will happen. Too coward. haha.
  20.   I went to college when I was 18.
  21.   Cats or dogs? CATS!
  22.   I’m, in periods addicted to Kvikk Lunsj (chocolate).
  23.   I can’t live without milk!
  24.   I bite my nails.
  25.   I can’t stand lipgloss or lipstick on my lips.
  26.   I own more than 15 bags.
  27.   I got lots of dust-bunnies under my bed.
  28.   I love to puzzle. 5000 pieces is the biggest I’ve laid. Did it with a friend.
  29.   I love crosswords.
  30.   I don’t like my handwriting. Wish it was prettier.
  31.   When I was younger I was sometimes mistaken for a boy. I had short hair (and a boyish look I guess).
  32.   I’ve always wanted to learn a language, preferably something odd / something not everyone knows.
  33.   I’m very fond of sneakers.
  34.   When I was young I wanted to be a vet.
  35.   I’ve always been proud of telling other that my father was the coach for the goalkeepers at Lillestrøm SK (football club).
  36.   I don’t have ‘green fingers’, but I like to plant flowers etc.
  37.   One of my fave movies is Man On the Moon (about the late comedian Andy Kaufmann)
  38.   I didn’t touch / held a cigarette until I was 19.
  39.   I love to play board-games.
  40.   I always feel great when I win quizes  etc. (where knowlegde is required)
  41.   I honestly wish I wasn’t so lazy.
  42.   One of my dreams is to publish a childrens book of some kind.
  43.   I got a signed t-shirt from Per Gessle (the man from Roxette)
  44.   I’m VERY bad at cleaning my windows.
  45.   I rarely use bodylotion.
  46.   I’m very stubborn.
  47.   I’ve only had one cellphone number in my whole life.
  48.   My birth was filmed and showed on TV (a documentary). I guess that was my 15 mins. of fame.
  49.   My teeth were crocked as a child (because of a biking accident when I was six years old). I had braces to correct them.
  50.   I love watching The Hills on MTV.
  51.   I’m very impatient.
  52.   I love winter and snow.
  53.   I find watching tennis utterly boring.
  54.   When I was a kid I had a neon-pink fake Hugo Boss track-suit that I LOVED!
  55.   I own a tennis-racket.
  56.   When we played volleyball in school, I was always good at serving (the ball).
  57.   I find the norwegian flag very pretty.
  58.   Bruce Springsteen has once walked right by me. I was standing outside a hotel with lots of other waiting for him to get out.
  59.   When I was 14 I said that when I died I would like to bring a picture of Springsteen with me into the grave!
  60.   I love the following actors: Sean Penn, Clint Eastwood and Natalie Portman (among lots of others).
  61.   I cry every time I see Dead Man Walking. The first time I sobbed for over an hour straight!

5 responses to 60 random things about me

  1. I don’t know why, but I read this list like a wonderful mystery story. I wish I could come up with a list like this. Honestly! Your blog is fantastic!

  2. Such a great blog! You are very talented at writing stories in a mystery style which leaves the reader guessing, it left me guessing and I still am guessing! I will be clicking follow to receive your updates. Would you mind checking out my blog – stitchmode.wordpress.com – Thank you. I am based in fashion.

  3. I know nothing about fashion. Although, I have to say that I pay attention to it a lot. For 40 years now I advise my beautiful wife what to wear and get great pleasure from doing that.

    I started to read blogs, any blogs, just to see what other people have to say. The “äbout-page” is always so interesting. I would find it pretty hard to say 60 random things about myself. I mean random but substantive. If I’d contemplate characteristic things of myself I would immediately come up with heavy, meaningful issues, which would be far from random. I liked your list. It is obviously random and yet most likely true and meaningful. What else makes us interesting but those random things that ‘others‘ put meaning in? Just like in fashion.

    I once had a good friend in Norway: Lars Hochlin. (I always thought that all people know each other in small Norway). He was originally from Tromso but settled with his wife Nora and two daughters in As near Oslo. He was one of the last professional dogsled drivers in Norway. He was in Antarctica, a mountain range there is named after him. I met him in university in Germany while he was becoming an architect. If he’s still alive he must be in his 80s now.

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