The Vigeland Park

IMG_3379 dip

I went to Vigelandsparken (the Vigeland Park) a few weeks ago. It was a sunny afternoon and I wanted to photograph here. I had been there a few days earlier, at a picnik, but at the time I didn’t get time to photograph a lot.

The sun was shining and it was quite warm. The turist had already found their way to the park, like they do every year and you could spot tourguides and people stopping at every statue. Every statue in the park portray naked people, kids and grownups, and some photographed just them and some placed themself next to the statue and recreated the statues pose while someone else photographed them. It happenes all the time.

I didn’t pay much attention to the statues, I’ve seen them so many times before. In stead I photographed other things in the park that caught my attention; like the beautiful fence/door at the main entrance, the  tall trees and the mini-lake inside the park.

IMG_3422 dipIMG_3550 dipIMG_3501 dipIMG_3439 dip


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