Oslo is colorful


I’ve been working on a project to showcase Oslo as a colorful city. My main subject is colorful buildings. Well, it’s not really a new project, I did photograph a lot of colorful buildings last summer (see this post and this post for instance). Now I’m at it again and this time I’ve even created a #hashtag so you can see all my post at once on Instagram. #osloiscolorful is the hashtag I created. (It was not easy, since I needed to find a hashtag no one had used before.)

After scouting for colorful buildings all last summer, one might think I’ve covered all the colorful building there is in Oslo. That’s far from the case. There is a lot more colorful buildings I haven’t photographed yet.

Here is some of the colorful buildings I’ve found so far this year. It’s only the last weeks I’ve been really looking for them. First up to grab my attention photography wise this year was the everlasting fog, then it was all the scenic views by the fjord that made most of my photos blue. Now I’m addicted to colors and I post a colorful building on Instagram as often as I find something colorful to showcase.

Here are what has grabbed my attention so far:

IMG_0853 dipIMG_2207 dipIMG_1331dipIMG_1273 dipIMG_1342IMG_3024 dipIMG_2712 dipIMG_1524 dip

Oh and I have to mentioned a funny thing. A while ago I was out taking photos and suddenly I recgonize some buildings from a photo I had seen on Instagram a little while ago. I was like ‘hey, I know those buildings from a picture I saw!’ I had to get my phone and find that photo. It made so much immpression on me that I remembered who’d taken it. It was the guy that gave me so much inspiration that I told you about a few posts ago. I knew I needed to capture that moment somehow, so I decided to take a photo of the same buildings and include the picture that he’d taken.






19 responses to Oslo is colorful

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for stopping by 😙 Yes, I agree. Beautiful buildings 😊

  1. you capture the unique character of the city in such a beautiful way! love the colors and the hustle of the local people as they go by. love it!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you. It’s not taken with a smartphone though. I’ve used my Canon 7D camera and a 35mm lens.

  2. Omg, such a beautiful presentation! Imagine, I used to think of Oslo as a gray city, but it is totally contrary, you are right! Thank you for this beauty!

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