What to photograph when in Oslo


A while ago, while spending time on Instagram I had a short communication with a guy who were going to Oslo this summer and he said he collected info on where to photograph by looking at my photos from Oslo. That gave the idea to make a list of things to photograph in Oslo.

I’ve been thinking a lot, trying to find the best spots to photograph in Oslo. You know, Oslo is not a big city, at least not the city center. Most of Oslo is forrest and if you look up Oslo on, lets say google maps, you will easliy see that. There is like 600.000 people living here.

I’ve made a list of places I like to go to photograph and where I would bring people who want to photograph in Oslo.

Brenneriveien (Blå):

In the street Brenneriveien, you will be able to photograph a lot of great wall art. The club Blå, which started up a jazzclub, but now gives you music from lots of other genre, is located in that street.


Barcode buildings:

The Barcode buildings is a set of buildings down by the fjord that looks like a barcode. It might not be very unique for people living in huge metropolis like Tokyo, New York etc, but it’s very unique for Oslo. Each building is different and very beautiful. You can see the Barcode buildings from the fjord, but not for much longer. The buildings will be boxed in, because the new Munch museum and a new, main library is being built there as we speak.



Ekebergrestauranten is located on a hill. You take tram number 19 to Sjømannskolen and walk up to it. The restaurant is from early 1900 and was closed for many years, before someone bought the building and renovated it. From the restaurant, you will be able to see the city from above. It’s a pretty view.




Havnepromenaden is a 9 km promenade along the fjord. You start at Sørenga, where you will find a ‘sea bath’ and then you walk along the fjord. First stop is the Opera.The Opera is a must-see. You can walk on the roof of the Opera and you’ll have a great overlook over the fjord. Be sure to take a look inside the Oprea too.  


As you walk along the fjord, you will eventually walk underneath the Akershus Fortress. You should stop and visit the fortress. It’s pretty at the fortress.  

Continuing along the fjord, you will arrive at Aker Brygge, where you have several places to eat (food and ice cream) and drink. From there you can take a boat, either to one of the islands located close to the fjord (Hovedøya, Gressholmen, Bleikøya, Nakholmen) or to Bygdøy. The islands is relatively small, but it’s very beautiful there nonetheless. If you take the boat to Bygdøy you will be able to see Oslo from a different angel. A very popular beach is located at Bygdøy. It’s called Huk. Just be careful, one part of the beach is reserved for nudists. While being at Bygdøy, you can visit some great museums: 1) Kon Tiki (About Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions), 2. Fram-museum (about the boat Fram that was used in Polar expeditions) 3. Viking museum (About Viking ships) and 4. Norwegian Folk Museum (Shows how people lived in Norway from 1500 to the present through its collections from around the country. There is lots of old buildings to see.)


If you don’t want to take any boats from Aker Brygge, you can just keep on walking and go to Tjuvholmen, it’s a tiny island where you have a great view of the fjord. While you are there, you could visit the Astrup Fearnley museum, which have lots of great art. Right now you can see Murakami by Murakami there.     


Nydalen and Løren subway station:

If you like cool subway stations, I would recommend both Løren and Nydalen subway stations.



Damstredet is a tiny, but very cute street at the east side of Oslo. At each side of the street made of cobblestone, you will see cute, colorful houses. It’s photographed a lot.



If you want to be a proper tourist, you should visit Holmenkollen. At Holmenkollen you can see the Norway’s biggest ski jump. I think you can pay to go all the way up to the top of the ski jump and get a great view over Oslo. You will also have a great view of Oslo if you go to Holmenkollen Park hotel. To get to Holmenkollen you take the subway number 5 going west.



The forest Svartdalsskogen, is a tiny forest in the middle of Oslo.It’s a lovely forest with lots of different trees and the river Alna runs through it. I love to walk there and photograph–you forget you’re in the city when you’re there. I like to take the subway east to Brynseng and start there. You will walk along the the river Alna. The path is signposted.


Walk along Akerselva:

A walk along the river, Akerselva is always a nice thing to do. It runs for the city center and then goes east all the way up to Maridalen (forest). It’s a long walk, but you’ll see lots of Oslo on the way. You can start the walk from the city center, but I like to take the subway to Nydalen and walk from there and towards the city center. That way you will be walking downhill.


The forest:

Like I said, Oslo is filled with forest. Most of Oslo contains forest and you can access it from almost several angels (east and north). Walking in the forest is very calming and something I love to do. You can take the tram to Maridalen and walk in the forest. If you got some time, you can walk around the lake Maridalsvannet, which is the lake that provides Oslo with water. You can also take the subway number 1 to Frognerseteren and walk in the forest from that location. At Frognerseteren, there is a restaurant where you can eat. Another nice walk is around the lake Sognsvann. You’ll get there by taking the subwsy number 5 west.


Grefsenkollen is a hill that will give you a great view of Oslo. There is also a restaurant there. The adresse is Grefsenkollveien 100. You’ll have to take two busses (nr. 31 + 25) or tram/bus (nr 11 or 12 +  25 or 56) and bus to get there. Neither goes all the way up, so be prepared to walk for a while.

The Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden is located at Tøyen and it’s a garden full of big trees and flowers. There is also a few museums there (Geological and Zoological musem). If you fancy flowers and tall trees, be sure to stop by. All subways going East stops at Tøyen and then it’s like a five minute walk from there.

The Vigeland Park:

The Vigeland park is filled with sculptures made by Gustave Vigeland. It’s all naked people. It’s a famous park and very pretty. You’ll get there by taking the subway to Majorstua and walk from there or take tram number 12 going west. The tram stops right outside the park.

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  1. Lovely post! Makes me wanna grab my camera and get out for taking photos! I would also add the area of Rodeløkka, Kampen and Vålerenga for the old Norway feeling :)

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