Down by the fjord – pt III


One thing I like almost as much as water, is the sun! Almost two weeks ago, I woke up to a sunny and beautiful day, so I brought my camera to work. I had a workrelated meeting downtown at a hotel with some colleagues. My office main supplier had their release of their new catalogue and we were invited. When the ‘release party’ was over at 17.00 I was really tired, so it was perfect to go on with my plans–photograph while the sun was out. What a nice way to unwind after a busy workday.

I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to photograph, but I eventually ended up by the fjord as I often do. Before I got there, I got these two photos of the streetlife in Oslo.

IMG_0514 dip

It was very sunny by the fjord and I caught the sun setting, which always is a beautiful view. I never get tired of it. And I wasn’t the only one gazing at the sun. There were quite some people at the ‘sea-bath’ at Tjuvholmen. As you can see four people kindly (unknowingly to be honest) lend me their back for a couple of photos. Thank you strangers.

IMG_0588 dipIMG_0653 dipIMG_0677 dipIMG_0691 dip

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