Foggy Oslo pt. II


A little over a week ago, I got a phonecall while being at work. I was superbusy had chance to answer. It was from a unknown number too and I rarely take those calls, since it’s most likely someone who’s going to try sell me something or someone who wants me to take a survey. Right after I got a text message. It was from a guy from Visit Norway that asked me if I could call him back before noon. I texted him back saying I was busy and asked why he wanted to reach me. He texted me back saying he’d seen quite a few ‘fog pictures’ on my Instagram account that he really liked. He was planning to write a piece for about fog in Oslo and wanted to showcase some of my photos and have a little interview.

You can tell I got pretty excited. Who can say no to such a thing? I couldn’t. After a little forth and back, we agreed that he would call me later that evening, some time after 7PM.

I was excited, but also nervous, because I didn’t know what he was going to ask me. I knew it had to be something photography related, but that’s a wide subject. I’ve never done an interview like that be fore, no wonder I was a bit nervous.

The guy called me at 8PM and I felt like I waited forever for that phonecall to happen. We talked for a while and he asked me lots of questions, some that was easy to answer and some that I found very hard.Some of my answers probably didn’t make sense. It’s hard to know what to say when you haven’t prepared for what he might ask and you don’t really know the answer. Like when he asked me ‘why do you like this photo of yours so much?’ and ‘what is is about this photo that you especially like?’. I got all uhm… uh… well… and then I ended up saying something weird.

Well, I survived and what he ended up writing was OK.  You can read the thing  here if you like. With that said, I guess it’s a good idea to show you some new foggy photos I’ve taken. March is here and spring is hopefully not far away. I’ve enjoyed the fog, but I hope the sun is on its way and that these foggy photos will be the last one for this season.



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