Before the sun sets


Inspiration can come from many places. One big source of inspiration is Instagram. I spend a great deal of time there. I recently started to follow this young photographer, Weston Kloefkorn, on Instagram–look him up on Instagram or his website. He had taken a photo from the roof of the Operahouse in Oslo and it was such a beautiful photo. It made me wanna go photograph there too. Simultaneously I was craving some sunny photos, since 2017 so far have offered too much fog and too little sun in my opinion. What better than combine the two and catch the sunset down by the fjord and at the roof of the Opera?

So the two last weeks I’ve been chasing the sun, looking for evenings where I can go downtown straight after work to catch the last rays of sun of the day. It hasn’t been easy, but when I’ve made it, it’s been so rewarding.

Let’s wish for more sunny days!




8 responses to Before the sun sets

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you. Oslo is indeed a beauty. I’m looking forward to see you photograph it more. I believe compliments are to be given when it’s due and you deserve it!

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