Foggy Oslo


January has been one foggy month. There might not have been foggy every day, but it sure feels like it. Two weekends ago, I went on a spontaneous  photo trip. When I woke up sunday morning, I saw that it was foggy again. I did not see the Oslo fjord from my balcony and I instantly wanted to go out and catch the fog on camera.

My plan was to go on a short trip, a few hours tops, since I needed to be back for lunch before going to the movies with a friend and see Manchester by the Sea (awesome movie, you should all go and see it) at 5PM. Things didn’t go according to plan, I stayed out too long and didn’t make it to lunch because I spent too much time photographing, so I had to eat downtown. I ended up eating a lukewarm burger at Burger King, which was a disappointment. The fries on the other hand, was delish!

I decided to go to this relatively new place down by the fjord, Sørenga. It contains new apartments, a few restaurants & cafes and a “sea-bath.” Down by the fjord, they have built a small beach, piers and a diving tower.During the summer the places is packed with people bathing, tanning and having a good time. It’s a perfect place to go if you want to have a dip in the water, but don’t want to travel far.

I thought it would be fun to explore this place during winter and esp. when it’s foggy outside. I was not alone being there. There were other photographers there too. But the most crazy thing, was the people taking a dip into the water. When I came, I saw a bunch of people who had been into the water and was getting dressed. Later I saw two girls getting into the water! Brrrr. They only took a short dip and got up again, but still… I don’t understand how people manage to do that. I remember once being in Denmark and me and a friend of mine, went into the water when it was like 12 degrees Celsius. We thought it was freezing cold and didn’t stay for a very long time. Taking a dip in Norway in January is a 100 times worse if you ask me.

Enough writing, lets show you the photos I took that day. I really hope you like them. Feel free to tell me what you think.


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