Sunny Oslo


Janauar 2017 has been one big foggy month. I don’t think I’ve experienced so much fog in such a short span of time ever before. Luckily I had no plans when the sun graced Oslo with a visit two weeks ago. It was sunday and went early home to Oslo from my parents place at Lierfoss, after having attended a friends 40th birthday that weekend. For the record, the birthday party was a real blast–I had such a great time and danced a lot to old classics, ate a VERY GOOD chocolate cake and wasn’t in bed before 4 AM in the morning.

Anyway, I went early back to Oslo and as soon as I had put down my bag, I filled up my yellow backpack with photo gear and some water, then I headed out again. I did not want to miss the beautiful sun. I decided to go down to the harbor to catch the sun there, maybe get a beautiful sunset. The Oslofjord is so beautiful when it’s sunny and I can spend hours just looking at the water.

Oh boy, it was such a beautiful day that sunday. I don’t think I need to say it, the photos speak for themselves. I hope you like what you see.


3 responses to Sunny Oslo

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      The light is indeed wonderful. Yes to more sun and less fog! Thanks for the kind comment!

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