New, old friend and a phototrip


I met my new, old friend Ian in mid November. He put it so well when he said we were new, old friends. The thing is, we’ve known each other for ten years, but never met until now. Ian, who is from Minnesota, US, studied 6 months in Oslo ten years ago and he became friends with an ex-colleague Lars. The three of us shared pictures on Flickr and I got to know Ian through Lars/Flickr. We became friends after he left Oslo, so I never met him while he was here, but we stayed in touch via Flickr and mail. After we stopped using Flickr, we used Facebook and lately Instagram to keep contact. It has been very sporadic.

Ten years after he first was here, he came back and we finally met. First I invited him for dinner, the next day we went out to drink beer (cider for me) with some friends of Ian and the day after that we went on a long day photo trip, which was very fun!

Lots of places were visited: the Opera house, the Barcode buildings, the Central Station, Brenneriveien with lots of street art, the cute Damstredet which is pictured to the left here on the blog and Holmenkollen. We even found this tiny, awesome art gallery, Shoot Gallery, that had lots of cool photos.

It was lots of fun walking around with Ian and photographing. Here are some of the photos I took while we hung out:


That seagull was very friendly, maybe too friendly. It’s like he enjoyed being photographed.

img_4422-dipimg_4400smallimg_4406-dipimg_4417-dipimg_4440-collageimg_4492-dipianhanson-dipThe six photos above is taken with Ian’s Nikon camera. Such a great camera. Really loved that you can adjust the focus with one button as you’re looking in the viewfinder. Not like my Canon camera where you have to push on several buttons to change where to focus. img_4447smallimg_4482smallimg_4496smallimg_4500smallimg_4515smallimg_4542-kopismallkjersti-46smallimg_4569-dipimg_4561smallimg_4567-dipimg_4599

When a guy from Minnesota, US, finds a burger-place from Minnesota in Oslo, he gives us this face. I think this is the “I-can’t-believe-I-found-something-from-Minnesota-outside-Minnesota / I-can’t-believe-how-expensive-these-burgers-are-here-in-Norway-face”. According to him, the burgers at Jucy Lucy is good. I have yet to taste them, but I will have to eat there soon.


Ian even photographed me. I must say that I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, but I think it’s like that for many photographers. He sent me lots of photos that he’d taken of me. I look dorky on lots of them (not his fault, all me!), but he managed to get some nice shots where I don’t look like a total fool.


You should check out Ian’s photos, they are great. Go have a look at his website, Hanson Photography.

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