Sunny side up – Oslo


November usually is dark and this november hasn’t been different. After the snow we had weeks ago, melted because it got a little warmer, it got even darker. The sun hasn’t been very present lately and when it’s dark when you go to work in the morning and when you leave, there isn’t much time to photograph. 

The saturday a little over one week ago was different. It graced us with a beautiful sunny morning / noon. Checking the forecast right before going to bed the night before, I got quite happy seeing that the sun would come visit. So I set the alarm for 8 AM and jumped out of bed when the alarm went off, eager to get out and photograph. Sun makes me happy, photographing makes me happy, so there wasn’t anything not to love.

I love to be out early in the morning photographing, so by 9AM I was on the tram, eating my breakfast. The camera was around my neck, resting on my stomach like a true Japanese. I walked around the harbour / fjord for a long time, photographing everything I found interesting. I even tried some more street photographing, which was a bit scare, but also fun.

This is some of what I caught on the camera:



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