I always fall for fall


It’ a bit strange that I’ve been so hooked on black and white photography l lately. I’m quite a color person, weather it comes to dressing myself (I own pants that are yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple and black and I have 6 different colored Converse shoes) or interiour (my kitchen cabinets are RED, I have a yellow wall in the livingroom, a blue wall in my bedroom and the inside of my front door is bright green).

It would be a shame to turn everything into black and white when the colors have been poppin’ left and right. Fall does colors so perfectly. In the winter, which arrived last weekend when it snowed quite a lot, everything is white and during spring and summer, things turn green. But when the fall arrives, the colors explode.

My mind hasn’t been on fall when I’ve been out photographing, but I do have captured some of those magical fall colors and it would be a shame not to show you. When I was out photographing a few weeks ago I looked down a street and saw two large buildings and it hit me that they were colored the same way fall is. I knew I had to photograph it. It’s not often I see buildings color coordinate with the seasons colors.

20161022_131251-dip20161022_131005-dip20161019_173103-dip20161022_140151-dip20160930_185650-dip20160930_183831-dip20161027_16292820161028_161718-dip20161028_16203720161028_162301-dipI’ve only used my cellphone for these photos, which really is a crime. When I got a kick-ass camera and a variety of lenses, I shouldn’t reduce photographing the awesome fall into mobile photography. The fall is sadly over and winter is already here and I promise to make up for it,starting this week, when I’m going on a photography trip around town with Ian, the guy with one of the best beards I’ve seen. See his photos here.

So stay tuned for some “real” photos–hopefully soon (fingers crossed).

5 responses to I always fall for fall

  1. Wow! Now, I’m in love with fall and we don’t even have it where I’m from! Lucky you! These shots are all very pretty. My screen is also exploding in colors!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. It’s not so much what I can do with my phone that I’m ashamed of, it’s just that I’ve got gear I’ve paid LOTS for and it would be a shame not to use it. I also take better photos with my camera and various lenses, they give me more options.

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