Out in the streets

20161019_171108-dipIn my last post I talked about street photography and how I wanted to do more of that. This time I actually followed through and did what I said I would. There are evidence of me not doing that lots of times in the past. Positive feedback from followers here and on my Insta account made it easier to follow up. I can admit it, it’s no secret, I’m a sucker for positive feedback. 

So the  last two weeks I’ve been out photographing after work. Still I’ve only used my cellphone. Being out in public and photographing strangers with my huge Canon 7D camera… that’s too scary, haha. It would be too obvious that I was  photographing strangers and I would be way more exposed to awkward situations. With my cell phone I can be more secretive.

As you can see, I mostly photograph people from behind, that way they don’t notice anything.

Babysteps, babysteps. I’m out there, doing something, trying to do better, and hopefully I improve. I am determined to do better and I really hope that will show in my photos eventually.

Here is some photos I’ve taken the last two weeks. I hope you’ll like them. I’m now on my way out to photograph some more and  I got to hurry before the rain comes and the light disappear (Hello fall!).

20161014_171337-dip20161014_163353-dip20161017_164409-dip20161019_171117-dip20161016_163539-dip These two last photos were taken at the Central Station in Oslo and I could not turn them into black & white. The colors are half the photo, don’t you agree?



4 responses to Out in the streets

  1. Dude! don’t be shy.. Get out the 7D. You won’t regret the quality of shots. I use an old 5D full frame with a massive 70-200mm tamron workhorse lens on it. it has a big lens hood. everyone for a mile can see I am taking a picture. you either have to be discreet or.. look like a pro in plain view. no one will mess with you if you are using a high end rig. I carry business cards and simply hand them out when people walk by after I have taken their photo. I hand the card and say you can download your photo. That usually makes them happy. Its quick, no extended convo and I get some free marketing even if they don’t pay the $3 to download their pic. A few people have emailed me using my card and even later signed a model release form. lol. so I could keep using their photos for marketing. https://rebelopticsblog.wordpress.com/

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