Bits and bobs from Oslo pt. II


The past two months, I’ve been out photographing in  Oslo. There hasn’t been anything in particular I’ve been aiming to shoot, I have just wanted to shoot things I that catches my eyes and I find pretty / interesting. I’ve also wanted to spend more time with my 35mm lens, so that have been my primary lens when I’ve been out photographing. I’ve been walking around different parts of time, both the center of Oslo and the west side.



5 responses to Bits and bobs from Oslo pt. II

  1. Really nice shots! I like how everything seems to have a structure and although you didn’t have a specific subject in mind, it all makes sense together. :) (someone forgot to empty the garbage can though lol)

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you :-) And yes, someone sure forgot to empty that garbage can, haha.

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