Lofoten – Ramberg beach, Sakrisøy & Reine


I’ve come to the last day on my vacation in Lofoten this summer. Previous days can be read about here, here, here and here.

My flight back to Oslo was scheduled to leave at 7 PM. Since the airport was only a few minutes from where I stayed, you could see it from the terrace, and it’s VERY small, I only had to be there like 40 minutes before takeoff. That meant I had quite some hours to spend before I left. 

Linda had planned for me to see  Reine, a fishing village and a lovely little place. Islands in Reine are linked together by bridges. A little over 300 people lives in Reine. On our way there we first stopped at Ramberg Beach, a lovely beach with finely grained, white sand. It was a beautiful beach, had it only been sunny, I bet it had been even better. Next stop on our way was at Sakrisøy, which is located next to Reine. We visited a shop where Glenn bought some dried fish, wandered around is quite big second hand store and I took photos. Next stop was the end-stop, Reine. It’s a tiny village so it didn’t take long before we had explored all there was to explore. We bought coffee and stopped by a few shops before we headed home again.


The last photos on my trip to Lofoten was taken at the airport, waiting to board and when I was up in the air. We had a stopover at Røstlandet (Røst) which was amazing. It’s a tiny village in the middle of the ocean which has an airport! When we were about to land, it looked like we were going to land in the middle of the ocean. Røst is over 360 small islands with no connection to the main land,  you only get their by boat or plane. About a 550 people live there.


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