Lofoten – Henningsvær & Svolvær


On the forth day in Lofoten Linda and I went on a roadtrip again. This time it was only the two of us. There was going to be some shopping included so Glenn didn’t want to come, he wanted to walk in the mountains in stead. We asked Linda’s mother-in-law to join us, but she wanted to stay at home. 

We took of early in the morning to get the most out of the day. Two places were on the list to get visited; Henningsvær and Svolvær.

First stop was Henningsvær. It’s a fishing village located on a group of islands and islets, and it’s all connected with bridges, but that only happened in 1983. About 500 people lives there and the main industry there is fishing, but in the summer  months there is a quite big tourist industry.

Next and last stop on the roadtrip was Svolvær. It’s a city with a little under 5000 people living there and it’s the post populated place in Lofoten.

We went shopping in both places, but had our lunch at Bacalao in Svolvær where we both ate a lovely burger with fries.

I didn’t let my camera rest either of the places and I took pictures as we walked around. Here are some of what I saw.

IMG_2563 dipIMG_2568smallIMG_2573 dipIMG_2612 dipIMG_2584 dipIMG_2601smallIMG_2593 dipIMG_2590 dipIMG_2605 dipIMG_2623smallIMG_2654 dipIMG_2624smallIMG_2678 dipIMG_2672smallIMG_2680smallIMG_2685 dipIMG_2695small


6 responses to Lofoten – Henningsvær & Svolvær

  1. Lovely photos, Kjersti, helt herlig! Looking forward to lots more, I’m your new follower. :-)
    Warm greetings from Fredrikstad,

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