Lofoten – Unstad & Eggum


The third day in Lofoten didn’t grace us with the best weather. It was foggy/cloudy and it rained a bit. Still, it didn’t stop us from going on a little roadtrip. Linda, Glenn and I we went to Unstad and Eggum.

Eggum is a fishing village where around 100 people lives. It got a cluster of small houses on each side of the road. On the right side of the road, you got the sea and on the left side you got big mountains.

Unstad is an even smaller village. Less than 20 people lives there. Still the place is famous and you can thank the beach for that. Unstad Beach is an international know beach, famous for surfing. I read somewhere online while digging up info about Unstad / the beach, that Unstad Beach got the world’s northernmost quality waves. 

We didn’t spot any surfers out when we was there, the waves weren’t present.

The wind was a bit stronger when we came to Eggum, as you can spot on the pictures of me and my wavy skirt. I felt a bit like Marilyn Monroe, minus the elegance she posessed.

After roadtripping for a few hours we picked up Glenn’s grandmother and drove home to celebrate Glenn’s parents 40 years marrige aniversary with a feast. The day was ended with some football (Euro 2016 – Englannd-Iceland) on TV.



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