Lofoten – hiking to the top of Offerøykammen


This is Offersøykammen, seen from a distance.

When I woke up the second day in Lofoten, the sun was shining and the weather was warm. It set to be a  beautiful day and we could go forward with the plans that were laid the evening before–hiking to the top of Offersøykammen. 

After eating breakfast, doing a few errands, visiting some people, making lunch to bring and buying some snack, we were ready for our hike. It was Linda, Glenn, Glenn’s father and me who went on the hike.

Offersøykammen is 436 meters above water and you can access it from two different places. We went for the longest route and it was a reason for that; we didn’t want to start where it was the steepest, we wanted get a little warm up before we started on the steep path to the top. So we walked on Karifloget to get to Offersøykammen.

The hike up to the top takes about two hours (or less), depending how fit you are and how many times you have to stop to photograph something. I am far from fit and was a little bit worried about how hard it would be. Linda encourage me, saying it would be OK and that she wouldn’t take me some place she knew I wouldn’t be able to walk. The first part of the hike went well, it was when we reached the steep part of the trail I started to get tired. The camera had to be put in my backpack since I would need both my hands to climb with. I was soon out of breath, just like I had foreseen. My company told me to walk baby steps, just put on feet in front of the other and take my time. Linda offered so kindly to carry my backpack the last bit and I gladly handed it over.

At one point I considered stopping, telling the others I could wait for them to reach the top, but I didn’t. The thought escaped my mind as soon as it had arrived. I needed to get to the top and witness that spectacular view with my own eyes. It was no way I could quit. So I walked baby step, in silence since my breath didn’t allow me to talk much, and before I knew it, I had reached the top. I will have to thank my own determination / willpower and the encouraging words from the best hiking company I could wish for.

Happy at the top

This is how happy I was after reaching the top of Offersøykammen.

Reaching the top was rewarded with food, more water and snacks, and a breathtaking view of course. There was a book in a box there where you could write  your name and date, as a proof that you’d been on the top. I did that. Standing on top the mountain, it’s a bit hard to believe this actual is real. I sent pictures to people I knew. One replied me said it looked like a painting, which is true. When I was looking through the photos I’ve taken, on a few photos of myself (and Linda) it looks a bit like a painted backdrop.

IMG_2309 dipIMG_2304smallIMG_2312smallIMG_2327 dipIMG_2320smallIMG_2336smallIMG_2337smallIMG_2314smallIMG_2341smallIMG_2358 dipIMG_2392smallIMG_2360smallIMG_2403smallIMG_2397 dipIMG_2364smallIMG_2366smallIMG_2332smallIMG_2335smallIMG_2440 dipIMG_2385small



3 responses to Lofoten – hiking to the top of Offerøykammen

  1. Beautiful landscape! Congratulations on not giving up and reaching the top :) Out of curiosity, what’s the meaning of the dice you’re holding?

    I find it funny when you wrote “The hike up to the top takes about two hours depending how many times you have to stop to photograph something.” :D hahaha I can totally relate to that!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you! Oh the dice… it’s my friend that always roll an imaginary dice and rate everything she does. Like that movie got rated 5/6, this new jeans is a 6, this burger ia a 2 etc. So I got her a dice and we brought it on holiday 😆
      I imagine you can relate to stopping a lot photographing. Hihi.

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