Lofoten – the midnight sun


Last week, on friday afternoon, I went on a mini vacation to Lofoten. My dear friend Linda’s boyfriend Glenn is from Lofoten. They were there on vacation and I came to visit. I had the pleasure to stay at Glenn’s parents house during my 5 days stay and it couldn’t have been better or more welcoming.

Lofoten is an archipelago and is known for a distinctive scenery with mountains and peaks, open ocean and sheltered bays, beaches and vast untouched lands. It offers surfing, cycling and many rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities.

In the summer there is 24 hours with daylight. It never gets dark, which is very special and it makes it hard to go to bed–at least I thought so. When it’s daylight all night long, you feel like staying up.

The weather in Lofoten can be very unpredictable and often changes. When I arrived friday evening at 21.15 the sun was shining and it was quite warm. It was one of the nicest day in a long time and we had to take advantages of that. So after settling in and enjoying the sun and the amazing veiw at the terracce, we took the car and went to see the midnight sun. It was Linda, Glenn & his parents and me. We drove to a place called Utakleiv, it was about a 20 min. drive.

We weren’t alone at the beach we visited. There were lots of other tourists camping there, either with tents, caravans or RV’s and some of them were photographing the midnight sun like me.

Normally there would be a lot of wind and a bit cold at the beach, but when we arrived the wind was not to be felt at all, it was windless and my company said they didn’t think they ever had experienced it before. I guess the windless and lovely weather was due to me coming and Lofoten’s way of saying welcome. Despite the lovely weather, the ocean was cold as ice. Glenn dared me to dip my feet in the water and I wasn’t slow taking off my shoes/socks. A few seconds after my feet got wet, they nearly turned to icecubes. Brrr.

The pictures below was taken between 23.00 and midnight.

IMG_2146smallIMG_2144 dipIMG_2149smallIMG_2166 dipIMG_2160smallIMG_2150smallIMG_2161smallIMG_2274 dipIMG_2190smallIMG_2199 dipIMG_2168 dipIMG_2226smallIMG_2221 dipIMG_2216smallIMG_2219 dipIMG_2217smallIMG_2249 dipIMG_2186smallIMG_2185smallIMG_2164smallIMG_2278smallIMG_2248small



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