Forest of my childhood


Last weekend I went to the countryside, to my parents place where I grew up. It’s always nice to be there, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s so much more quiet there. I was visiting a friend of mine, an uncle and spending a some time with my parents. I grew up close the the forest, it’s just a minute away from our house.

Before visiting my friend I wanted to take a trip to the forest and photograph. I love walking in the forest and I love photographing it. I decided to walk up to a lake, which is a 15 minute walk . I of course, spent a lot of time photographing on the way, so it took me more than half an hour to get there.

The forest has changed a lot since I grew up, mostly because a big part of it has been chopped down and not replanted. So trees have be replaced by high grass, wild raspberry plants and tiny  wild trees. I liked the forest better how it was before, but I know that nothing lasts forever. Still, it was a lovely time out in the forest.

Walking in the forest, made me think of a wedding session I had there two years ago when I was photographing a friends wedding. The forest is a perfect place for wedding pictures.

I got told to watch out for animals like moose and wolf. There are lots of moose in the forest and we have spotted a wolf close to where I live once. I didn’t encounter any of those animals. All I saw was some birds, butterflies, a toad and LOTS of different bugs. I didn’t get attacked by a moose, I just got some big mosquito bites.

Walking in the forest is meditating.

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