Polaroid love


I love to bring my Polaroid camera on photo trips, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like to. Right now I got a black/white pack of polas in the camera and  it’s not easy to shoot with that. Much harder than I expected. I’ve tried four times and only one got decent (look at the bottom photo).

I need to go downtown and buy some more film, with colors. I don’t have any left. After I’ve done that and finished the four last polas I need to bring it with me to the forest. I’m going to put that on my todo-list.

In the meantime,  you have have a look on my latest polaroids. It’s a random collection of things I found worthy capturing.

img038small dipimg039smallimg037smallimg041smallimg043smallimg044small



2 responses to Polaroid love

  1. e

    I love this, so beautiful. What kind of polaroid camera did you use for these shots?

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