Visiting Svartdalen


During lunch at the office last week, we talked about what we’d done that weekend. My colleague Lise said she’d been on a bike ride with her boyfriend to Østensjøvannet and getting there they had passed this park/forest and I knew exactly which ones–it was Svartdalen and Svartdalsparken. I’ve been to the park once before, many years ago and I’ve walked the trail along the river Alna. What I didn’t remember, was that the trail started at a different place than I where I started.

The lunch conversation lit a spark inside me. I needed to walk that trail and visit that park again soon with my camera. So I planned to go there right after work ended last monday.

In Svartdalen, by the river Alna, you can get a feeling on how Oslo looked liked before the city was built. Because this is a real native forest, where you you can hear the birds sing in springtime and you can study lots of plants.

The trees you find there is left alone without human intervention. That goes for dead trees as well. They play an important role in nature. You will discover a lot of different types of trees, there is over ten different ones living side by side.

There is also a lot of different plants in this forest.

If you’re lucky, you might see foxes, squirrels, venisons and badgers. I wasn’t lucky enough to see any of those animals, but a lot of different birds are living in this forest and I spotted / heard some.

The trail is about 1,6 km and it’s estimated that you use around an hour to get from start to finish. I spend way more time, because I had to stop every two meters to photograph something. But it was sunny and warm, so it was just a  lovely trip.

I met a lot of people on the trail and most of them were running. If I’d get an Euro for every runner that past me, I would’ve earned a decent amount of money.

Enough writing, let’s get to the photos. It was hard narrowing down the photos to show you, since I took over 400 photos. Therefore you’ll get a lot of photos from this trip.

IMG_1167smallIMG_1282 dipIMG_1123smallIMG_1127 dipIMG_1179smallIMG_1503 dip
IMG_1391smallIMG_1633smallIMG_1500smallIMG_1514 dipIMG_1624small
IMG_1361 dipIMG_1452smallIMG_1410IMG_1445 dipIMG_1313small
IMG_1597small.JPGIMG_1505smallIMG_1528 dip
IMG_1609smallIMG_1383 dipIMG_1492smallIMG_1239 dip

4 responses to Visiting Svartdalen

  1. I love the pics. Incidentally, I’m quite like you in respect to the number of photos I take and face a hard time selecting the ones I want to feature in my post. Am glad to have the choice though.
    There’s this park in Mumbai called Borivali National Park, which is nowhere close to say Central Park in New York, but it’s like an oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for your kind comment. I agree with you, it’s good to have the choice to choose because if you only have a few of the same subject you can guarantee that the photo you got isn’t good enough. I love green lungs in the middle of the city. I bet Borivali National Park is lovely.

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