Colorful Oslo III


The fascination for colorful buildings haven’t stopped yet and when you walk around Oslo you’ll see many of them. You just have to go to places that’s not in the middle of Oslo, stay away from the parade street Karl Johan’s gate and the streets where the shops are located. If you avoid the inner city, there are many of beautiful building with different colors.

Sunday was a beautiful day and after having a slow morning with getting up late and having a long breakfast among other things, I decided in the spur of the moment to go on another photo trip. I wanted to explore an area of Oslo I briefly saw on saturday with Ellen, trying to locate a pet shop we never found. I saw some colorful buildings on our hunt and made a mental note to go back with my camera. I did bring my camera on saturday, but it wasn’t they right time to photograph. I needed some devoted time and not a few minutes to snap some shots here and there.

The sun was shining and the weather was great. I felt like going on a solo trip, just me and some music on my ears. I love photographing with others, but sometimes going solo is just as fun. In addition to colorful buildings, I’ve been hooked on music lately. I listen to music whenever I can. My new faves are Dave Hause and Hurry. So I put on some music and took the bus/tram downtown.

This time I used my 35mm lens a lot more. I really need to use it more often, it’s such an awesome lens and I didn’t buy it to collect dust–that’s for sure. From now on, every time I’m out photographing, I’m gonna bring it and use it!

Enough talking, lets get to the good stuff, my photos. Let’s hope you like them as much as I do.

IMG_0421 dipIMG_0380smallIMG_0395smallIMG_0414smallIMG_0525 dip4IMG_0508 dipIMG_0410smallIMG_0590IMG_0577 dipIMG_0554 dipIMG_0629smallIMG_0637smallIMG_0640smallIMG_0476 dipIMG_0503 dip

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