Colorful Oslo

I’ve been fixed on colors and buildings lately–colorful buildings to be more accurate. I’ve posted quite some photos of colorful buildings on Instagram lately. Today I thought it would be nice to shoot something with my camera and not just the phone (even though I have a brand new Samsung S7 Edge that takes quite good photos).

It’s been very sunny today and hot, I guess like 27c and it was almost too hot to photograph. But just almost. I grabbed an icecream before I pulled my camera out of my backpack, just what I needed.

I went to a place close to my home called Rodeløkka. There are lots of wooden, colorful houses in that area. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there photographing, so it was fun coming back. I took a lot of photos, there was so many lovely colors and color combinations.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

IMG_9959 dipIMG_9866smallIMG_9852 dipIMG_9892 dipIMG_0056smallIMG_0034 dipIMG_9909smallIMG_0003 dipIMG_9937IMG_9945 dipIMG_9984smallIMG_9902smallIMG_9932smallIMG_9921smallIMG_0039 dipIMG_0062small

8 responses to Colorful Oslo

  1. The photos are very nice! It looks so different from Switzerland or any other country I’ve visited so far :) I hope to be able to go there one day.
    Aren’t you a bit hesitant when photographing other people’s houses? I ask because I’m always afraid that someone will come out and tell me to leave :p

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you. I’m not very hesitant. I’m standing on the sidewalk and not on their property, so I feel OK. I’m not afraid they’re gonna ask me to leave. That said, I do walk away if I see someone coming. It feels awkward photographing someones house if the owner is watching. I should just start a friendly coversation, but I’m too shy.

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you for your comment. I would love to visit Canada some day :)

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you, Lucy :-) It is a very pretty area of Oslo.

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