Forest of my childhood


Last weekend I went to the countryside, to my parents place where I grew up. It’s always nice to be there, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s so much more quiet there. I was visiting a friend of mine, an uncle and spending a some time with my parents. I grew up close the the forest, it’s just a minute away from our house.

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Colorful Oslo IV


The three last weeks I’ve been glued to the TV watching the Euro2016 (soccer for those who don’t know). There have been football matches every day and I’ve been watching at least one match a day. I’ve also been  hooked on photographing the last month, so I’ve had to work around the time there were matches on TV.

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Polaroid love


I love to bring my Polaroid camera on photo trips, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like to. Right now I got a black/white pack of polas in the camera and  it’s not easy to shoot with that. Much harder than I expected. I’ve tried four times and only one got decent (look at the bottom photo).

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Visiting Svartdalen


During lunch at the office last week, we talked about what we’d done that weekend. My colleague Lise said she’d been on a bike ride with her boyfriend to Østensjøvannet and getting there they had passed this park/forest and I knew exactly which ones–it was Svartdalen and Svartdalsparken. I’ve been to the park once before, many years ago and I’ve walked the trail along the river Alna. What I didn’t remember, was that the trail started at a different place than I where I started.

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Bits and bobs from Oslo

IMG_1012 dip

Colorful buildings isn’t all I love to photograph, even though I’m hooked on that these days. I thought it would be nice to spice up this blog with something else and why not use my 35mm lens as the main lens to capture other things? It’s ridiculous that I haven’t used that lens more than I have, because it’s absolutely brilliant.

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Colorful Oslo III


The fascination for colorful buildings haven’t stopped yet and when you walk around Oslo you’ll see many of them. You just have to go to places that’s not in the middle of Oslo, stay away from the parade street Karl Johan’s gate and the streets where the shops are located. If you avoid the inner city, there are many of beautiful building with different colors.

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Colorful Oslo II

IMG_0087 dip

June has really graced us with great weather here in Oslo. For days now it has been warm and sunny. Early this week the temp was close to 30C; it has cooled off a little bit now and today I think it was 23C.

I put on a summer dress this morning, ready to embrace the city. First on my to-do list was to run some errands downtown and I had planned to meet up with my friend Ellen. We stopped by a few stores, bought a few things, walked around time, devoured an icecream each and sat under a tree and played a geography quiz on her phone. After three hours together we parted, she had another meeting.

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Colorful Oslo

I’ve been fixed on colors and buildings lately–colorful buildings to be more accurate. I’ve posted quite some photos of colorful buildings on Instagram lately. Today I thought it would be nice to shoot something with my camera and not just the phone (even though I have a brand new Samsung S7 Edge that takes quite good photos).

It’s been very sunny today and hot, I guess like 27c and it was almost too hot to photograph. But just almost. I grabbed an icecream before I pulled my camera out of my backpack, just what I needed.

I went to a place close to my home called Rodeløkka. There are lots of wooden, colorful houses in that area. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there photographing, so it was fun coming back. I took a lot of photos, there was so many lovely colors and color combinations.

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