Oslo, early in the morning


Last weekend I had a long weekend because of Whitsun and the celebration of our Constitution Day on the 17th. I was busy on saturday and sunday; visiting a friend out of town, celebrating her birthday. On monday I hadn’t made any plans at all. I knew the weather would be nice and since I’ve been inspired to photograph lately, I wanted to take advantage of that and decided to go on an early photo trip.

The plan was to catch the sunrise and get up at 5.30AM, but I was too tired and wasn’t out the door before a little before 7 AM. The sun was already up, but it was still nice to witness the city wake up. The city was quiet and I sat on the bus downtown wondering if the people I saw where going to work or going home from a night shift. Or maybe they were on their way to an adventure like me? Underneath is the view between the bus stop at Rosenhoff and Carl Berners Plass.

IMG_9716 dip

My first stop was the Opera house, walking on the roof of it, and I was almost all alone when I got there. I saw a few other people. One was a man on the same mission as me, photographing. I was lucky and was on my way to leave the Opera house, when a bus loaded with tourists walked towards me. I was taking my last pictures when suddenly the tourists were swarming around me, just like what happens if you poke a stick into an anthill.

IMG_9750smallIMG_9740smallIMG_9763 dipIMG_9792 dip

I walked a little bit around the city center after I left the Opera house. I even found a few doors to photograph. My main goal was to catch something else than doors on camera, but I just had to photograph those two doors you’ll see underneath here.

IMG_9727smallIMG_9802 dipIMG_9725smallIMG_9832smallIMG_9816 dip

4 responses to Oslo, early in the morning

  1. Really cool photos! And since you went so early it looks like an empty city ;) The one I’m living in right now, in Switzerland, is like that on Sundays – you don’t see a soul!

    • Kjersti Lier – Author

      Thank you! It looks like every citizen has left the city, yes. 600000 gone like poof. Haha. Expect the Asian tourists :p

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