The beach


Last year I went to the Netherlands again visiting my friend Chantal. Visiting her have become a yearly thing. The weather was so nice, we decided to bike to the beach again. Chantal lives in Alkmaar, 45 minutes north of Amsterdam. As the year before we decided to go to beach at Egmond aan Zee, it’s only a 30 minutes bike ride away.

As you can see it was sunny day, with a clear blue sky and it was warm. The sand was hot, too hot to walk barefoot in and it was the right amount of wind to cool you down a bit and play with kites.

The sea (the North Sea) was not super warm, it was cold when you just got into it, but it didn’t take long before the body had adjusted to the temp and you could float in the salty water.  I’m not a big fan of salty water, I like fresh water way better, but you take what you get. Salty water is way better than no water.

Apart from trying to get a tan and swimming, we ate lunch (fish and chips) at a local restaurant, walked around a bit spotting pretty flowers and of course beautiful bikes. How fitting that the most pretty bike I saw was a blue one, like a homage to the clear blue sky and the sea.

IMG_6827smallIMG_6784 dipIMG_6799smallIMG_6788smallIMG_6820smallIMG_6825 dipIMG_6808smallIMG_6842smallIMG_6844smallIMG_6852smallIMG_6837smallIMG_6838smallIMG_6835small

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